How coincidental that President Obama (the king moonbat) choose to be out of town on the day of the widely successful 912 march. Even more amazing Obama chooses to continue to push health care in the middle of the worse economic downturn since the great depression. It can be assumed that Obama regardless of the dower economic times, is more concerned in feeding the mouths of his PAC contributeors than the public he serves. Way to go Boma, ignore the people, keep spending money, your Keynesian ways will bury this country, which is what you want anyway!!

Your claimed successes from the stimulus plan are just plain false, you deserve no credit for any economic turnaround, nor is can reducing rather than creating jobs be seen as anything more than baseless rhetoric!! More are noticing Mr. Prez, while the nation rots from neglect, your pandoras box is health care, maybe you should listen to what the really smart people are saying.

“The result is the continuation of the economic policy disaster we have suffered since the end of 2007. Mr. Obama promised that his stimulus would prevent unemployment from climbing over 8%. It jumped to 9.7% last month. Some 14.9 million Americans are unemployed, another 9.1 million are stuck in part-time jobs and can’t find full-time work, and another 2.3 million looked for work in the past year and never found it. That’s a total of 26.3 million unemployed or underemployed, for a total jobless rate of 16.8%. Personal income is also down $427 billion from its peak in May 2008.

Rejecting Keynesianism in favor of fiscal restraint, France and Germany saw economic growth return in the second quarter this year. India, Brazil and even communist China are enjoying growth as well. Canada enjoyed job growth last month.

Wake up President Moonbat, time is running out!!!