Looks like the ACORN tree is about to be trimmed! ACORN along with its redheaded stepchild SIEU, have operated virtually unchallenged since it’s inception in 1970. Billed as a non-partisan community activist group, ACORN has been exclusively supporting the Democratic party for years. The Obama administrations efforts to distance themselves from the current fray is yet another instance of Obama continued policy to throw anyone under the bus regardless of past affiliations.

“I’ve been fighting alongside ACORN on issues you care about my entire career. Even before I was an elected official, when I ran Project Vote voter registration drive in Illinois, ACORN was smack dab in the middle of it, and we appreciate your work.” — Barack Obama, Speech to ACORN, November 2007

ACORN no stranger to lawsuits has sued numerous banks to offer risky loans for the last twenty years, case in point, Wells Fargo Financial, Inc on Monday June 28, 2004. The suit charges the company with a broad range of unfair and deceptive lending practices, including misleading borrowers about the real terms and conditions of their loans, “bait and switch” sales tactics, and routinely failing to inform borrowers with good credit that they can qualify for credit at significantly better rates and fees than those charged them by Wells. The lawsuit will be filed as a representative action in California state court.” This suit took place during the time Sub Prime lending was beginning to hit it’s stride, and lending guidelines were more than loose, so loose in fact that if you had a credit score of 620 you could simply state your income and little if any other documentation was required!

Other law suits pertaining to ACORNS voter registration program have been rife with misrepresentation ACORN stands accused and is currently defending the charge of voter registration fraud, suits in Pennsylvania and Florida are just two of the more prominent suits. The fact that the ACORN’S actions caused an official review and rejection of 400000 voter registrations as duplicate, incomplete or flat out fraudulent is cause for alarm, what is more troublesome is the Obama’s election machine funded ACORN with $800.000.00 of known funds further cementing his election success to ACORN?

Due to the deep penetration of ACORN’S tentacles into the Democratic party all past requests to John Conyers who sits on the committee of the Judiciary, the individual charged with the implementation such investigations have gone unanswered. Representative Conyers was more interested in chasing the ghosts of George Bush and spent a significant amount of the public money on his witch hunt, “Reining in the Imperial Presidency, Lessons and Recommendations Relating to the Presidency of George W. Bush”, a 486-page report detailing alleged abuses of power that occurred during the Bush administration, and a comprehensive set of recommendations to prevent recurrence.” I wonder if he can take the outline for that investigation and plug in the name ACORN?

It is important to note, ACORN has to date received an estimated 56 million dollars of unaudited government assistance, all the while the continued abuse and claims of corruption have gone ignored, now that ACORN is set to hit the “BIG ONE”, with 8.5 BILLION of promised funds from the stimulus package, a proper vetting of this organization is critical. If the events of the past four weeks are any indication of what 56 million dollars of corruption can buy, square that if this ACORN gets it’s hands on the promised 8.5 billion.

To use an old quote “where there is smoke there is fire”, this Moonbat cave (ACORN) of activists needs to be censured, a team of forensic accountants should be turned loose on this Ponzi scheme, and all affiliations and monies floated to career politicians or back room causes need to be publicly brought to light and prosecuted! There is clear cause for such action and any less could be considered treason against the people of the United States, it is time to cut down the ACORN tree and plant a seed of truth!

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