Say what you will about the quick and decisive action taken on Rep. Jim Wilson and the politics involved, but in six days the House, huddled, wrote and censured Jim Wilson in a quick and efficient manner!! So now when motivated politicaly or otherwise the House can “get er done” when need be, the question is WHAT ABOUT RANGEL!

Rangel, who is chairman on the Ways and Means Committee and Vice chair on the Committee on Taxation, the latter being the ultimate irony, has managed to go unscathed for his egregious actions on tax evasion and general falsehood in his financial filings. Being a founding member of the FOP or as it is commonly know Friend of Pelosi, Chucks faces the following charges.

Controlled four rent-stabilized New York City apartments, one of which he illegally turned into a campaign office

Took a homestead exemption on a Washington D.C. house, which is only available for a primary residence. Under New York law, a rent-controlled apartment must be your primary residence

Solicited donations on congressional letterhead for the Charles B. Rangel Center for Public Service at City College of New York and worked to preserve a tax break for an oil drilling company after its top executive donated $1 million to the center

Failed to report to the IRS and pay taxes on $75,000 in rental income from a beachfront property in the Dominican Republic

Underestimated on his House ethics statement the value of a Florida condo he and his wife owned

Violated House disclosure rules by failing to report the full details of some privately sponsored trips

Also Charlie in an attempt to stave off any further review of his finances filed an amended House financial disclosure form reporting profits on the sale of his Harlem townhouse, added thousands of dollars in his mutual funds and checking accounts valued at $250000-$500000 each.

So in essence we have the following, YOU LIE, YOU LIE, YOU LIE, YOU LIE, YOU LIE, YOU LIE, YOU LIE, YOU LIE, YOU LIE!!! Count them, NINE times Rangel blatantly falsified his financial dealings, seven of which are formal charges with the remaining two a clear effort to cover his tracks!

Why is this important, first, Chuck as stated above is in charge of the purse strings for the Ways and Means Committee which is RESPONSIBLE as the chief tax-writing committee for the US government, under it’s control is: Social Security, Unemployment benefits, Medicare, child support laws, welfare, foster care, and adoptions programs, is Rangel the fox we want watching these hens??

Even of greater importance, and a consistent theme in the Pelosi run House when it comes to Democrat’s, why are such serious charges allowed to go unanswered!! Joe Wilson, “you lie”, Rangel, a consistent foundation of untruth of which the total depth is unknown!

Thirty eight years Rangel has served in the house, his actions and reaction to the charges have been contrite, and have show a total lack of candor. Evermore reason for a total reboot of the political system, including term limits, many of the transgressions over the past two decades have come way of career politicians, who are so entrenched by special interests, they are dug in deeper than an “Alabama tick”! Chuck, do us all a favor, you are loaded, you are 79 years old, time to go lay on the beach in the Dominican Republic and enjoy, retire, that is the best service you can do for your Country!!

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