Pelosi Fist

With so much stupidity going on today it was difficult in choosing one individual who has displayed the most moonbattedness over the last 24 hours, in my search I could not help coming back to the queen bee of all moonbats Nancy Pelosi, in fact I could dedicate an entire blog to her exploits. For that reason, Nan beat out, ACORN, Barney Frank, Health Care, and Obama’s media tour.

Nan’s display of emotion yesterday and her continued missteps as leader of the House have lead me to believe that she is most likely experiencing Botox poisoning. Trust me that is being kind, Pelosi has become so far detached from reality she has become a paranoid schizophrenic in eliciting claims of “violence” and “assassination fears”.

Pelosi stated in her weekly news conference “I wish we would all curb our enthusiasm in some of the statements and understand that some of the ears that it is falling on are not as balanced as the person making the statements may assume”. Is it me or do you envision her saying that very phrase in her magic mirror every morning before she starts her day?

“Take responsibility for our actions and our words”, “we are a free country”, “concerns about the language being used”, “rhetoric frightening”, “curb our enthusiasm”, “ears that this is falling on are not as balanced”, “take responsibility for any incitement”, in one minute and sixteen seconds of Nan’s emotional diatribe she managed to sum up the very cause of the ruminating distaste for all politicians, let’s take a closer look and interpret Nan’s comments.

“Take responsibility for our actions and our words”: I actually laughed when I heard this, the first rule of politics is to be skilled at the very opposite of this statement, the current view of Congress as is clearly shown in there approval ratings is that, NO ONE IS TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR THERE ACTIONS! The common theme from both sides of the isle, but being masterfully implemented by the Obama administration is to blame the past, the party, the people, or the process, all this at the expense of truth and accountability!

“We are a free country”: This statement is listed at the top of “Basics for Political Diversion and Comment Making For Elected Officials”, we are a free country is used so often few question its meaning. Yes we still might have our freedom of speech, but that is being threatened by current proposed legislation of which will be covered at a later date. But are we truly free; our country now owes more money than it can pay, government continues to grow further infringing on personal rights, we have the most inefficient republic in history without any accountability, and most important, politics is now viewed as a career rather than a service to the republic, so rhetorically are we really free?

“Concerned about the language being used”: This is just plain stupid and a clear case of the pot calling the kettle black, (no racial overtones intended), in the very same sentence this quote was put forth Nan stated we are a free country, so if you are concerned about the TONE of the language, LEARN HOW TO COMMUNICATE, in a forthright honest manner, and don’t be surprised when you get called on the carpet for insane comments coming out of your pie hole.

“Rhetoric is frightening”: Read above!

“Curb our enthusiasm”: Why because you don’t care for the reaction your blatant political lies bring about? Suggestion, curb your stupidity, and quit insulting the intelligence of the American public.

“Ears that this is falling on are not as balanced”: Who’s ears, are you implying that anyone who disagrees with you’re politics is unbalanced? Or from your elitist pedestal do you see yourself as above the constituents you serve. The answer to this question is the key to our freedom.

“Take responsibility for any incitement”: I am glad Nan’s is now on public record stating she will take responsibility for the current incitement, does this woman have a clue? The public is Wee Wee’ed, (the now politically correct verbiage for pissed), at 40 years of lies, spending, pandering, waste, and is reacting to the misplaced trust they issued to the government! It is clear now is the time for all politicians to “take responsibility for any incitement”!

Didn’t think there was that much info in a short statement did you? This speaks to the core issues most Americans (as shown by the polls) feel about our politicians, they are detached, elitist demigods, with the primary purpose of gaining and obtaining power. The continued attempts to “hoodwink” the general public are now being called out and they (politicians) are finally being seen for what they are, self serving narcissists. I will leave you with this one note, WE ARE ON TO YOU!

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