Start gathering your stones, the fight has escalated between the liberal left and the righteous right media pundits and news outlets, all hands on deck bloggers! The current numbers on viewership and the telling poll’s on media trust are all pointing in one direction, conservative…ta daaaaaaaa! This being said, and with the previous “major network news”, sinking revenues, and diminished viewers you would think the talking heads would adapt to the changing times! The real news is, why the fringe media has not gone with the flow as its past history has shown?

Two possible reasons, first, and this has been the case for many years, the media is owned by its revenue source, advertisers. When advertising dollars are at risk, a passive, milk toast, don’t offend anyone approach is the model for the day, it is hard to sell Huggies if you are calling the President a socialist, so the byproduct of this fear is left of middle feel good read it off the wire teleprompter news. The same can be said for the print media, who’s struggle is even more dubious due to the rise of the internet.

Second, the major networks growing view that content such as offer by Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, Van Susteren, Levin, Wallace, and the like is below them! The main stream media has become comfortable in it’s role as news reader of the day. They have large staff’s gathering the headlines, clipped into short benign sound bites, elicited with the proper tone, head bob, and look of seriousness, focused on style rather than substance, or to sum up, just plain lazy!

Also apparent is the current administrations goal to shape the news to there advantage, in fairness this is not new, but according to Chris Wallace the Obama administrations efforts have been likened to a “bunch of whining crybaby’s!”

Primarly due to egos, the past popular talking heads are loosing there cool, and have shifted there objectivity so far to the left they have lost site of the voice of the people. Here Chris Matthews, does not even attempt to hide his disdain for the opposing view!

Beck hitting his stride!!

Let it be said I lean to the starboard in this brawl, in all fairness and full disclosure, I have penned numerous articles on the liberal “Fourth Estate, and its methods to control the hearts and minds it’s followers. For the total lack of vision, laziness, ego stroking, and ineptitude by the fringe media to date, they are here by ordained Moonbat of the Day, hey I wonder if this article will get any media attention, naw it makes sense, and how sorely we miss Tim Russert!
the-fringe-media-proof-socialism-fails-the-titanic-had-a-band-not-so-abc-cbs-nbc-cnn VOTINGFEMALESPEAKS!

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video-obama-wh-biggest-bunch-of-crybabies ED MORRISSEY

media-matters-dishonest-editing-in-support-of-their-smear-argument-exposed ED MORRISSEY

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