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Like a Carney barker, Obama took to the airwaves this weekend in an effort to “sell” his health care plan. The message was consistent, the questions all benign, the information all heard before, the delivery polished, so what was the motive? Like an actor in a hit TV show, the Obama administration plans on using Obama’s star quality when it comes to promoting their agenda. Even at the risk of overexposure, Obama drones on about health care, he comes off “cool” when asked about racism on Letterman, and continues to exploit his only strength, likability!

We are in an age where substance is secondary to image, and even the media is caught up in Obama’s glimmering delivery. Only one tough question was asked that strayed from the normal layup questions, and that was handled by ridiculing Stephanopoulos by stating he was wrong! The people have been waiting all summer for the answer to George Stephanopoulos’s question, what would the actual cost of health care be, and if new taxes would be implemented, what do we get? “George your wrong”, “it is not a new tax”, “I don’t think you know what your talking about”, all rolling off the Obama’s lips like a high priced litigation attorney in defense of his client!!

Come one come all, the Obama show is in town, short on substance high on cost, but no matter, everyone will smile while we are sold down the river as a nation so that this man can achieve his radically left agenda. I hear Obama is coming out with his own “huggie”, but once you put it on you can never take it off, it becomes a part you until paid for! Snake Oil be dammed!!

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