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Frank and Conyers do the DC two step, and both retract the term “Lawsuit” from the ongoing language about ACORN’s escapades. Frank came out swinging stating all he endorsed was an CRS study on ACORNS funding, and that his position was not clear in THE LETTER HE SIGNED WITH CONYERS calling for the investigation! Apparently “higher up’s” got to both Conyers and Frank, and now legalize is being implemented in the form of “the measure may be unconstitutional by violating Article 1’s prohibition on so-called “bills of attainder.” WHAT?? Hide behind the law rather than implementing it when due cause is called for, these actions and retractions clearly show the inside power of ACORN, a full investigation should be performed in due haste, and no further funding should be issued until a clear and through understanding of the alleged fraud and misrepresentation can be fully brought out for public consumption! Quit the dance Barney, protect the constitution, and do the job you were hired to perform!

Posted 9/23/09 12:05 AM

If ever the metaphor “don’t shoot the messenger” applied, it is in the case of the undercover videos of James O’Keefe and his partner Hannah Giles. Due to the release of blatantly damaging videos John Conyers the chairman of the Judaical committees and for some unknown reason Barny “Fudd” Frank both asked for a, “non-partisan” investigation of ACORNS activities and bookkeeping.

The investigation also has language that includes an review of “individuals that have reportedly visited ACORN offices, misrepresented their identities and proposed activities, surreptitiously videotaped resulting conversations with ACORN workers, and widely distributed them.” As if this charge were not enough, the report went on to state, “conflicting allegations have been made about the propriety of these activities. Also to provide research and report on the federal and state laws that could apply to such videotaping and distribution of conversations without the consent of all parties.”

It appears that both O’Keefe and Giles have raised the ire of the Judaical chairman Conyers, and Barney Fudd Frank not one to be left out of any loony left charges that might garner him additional TV time has leeched onto this travesty. ACORN has fed many democratic mouths and as has been shown is the unofficial step child of President Obama, they collectively decided regardless of the obvious corruption, misrepresentation, and alleged fraud, clearly shown in the ACORN videos, they are “wee we’ed up they got caught by amateurs!

Following the credo, let no good deed go unpunished, Conyers and Frank are unleashing the full power of the judicial system to get there pound of flesh, at OUR expense no less! This is politics at it’s best and worse, or in other words, business as usual. This Moonbat activity is transparent, uncalled for, attempting to use the law outside of its purpose, and just plain bullying! Conyers and Frank have no honor, illicit no morals, and are acting like children seeking revenge. Both O’Keefe and Giles should be offered a reward for bringing this lawless group to its knees for its continued corruption against the United States, there is 58 million reasons to do so!

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