You can’t make this stuff up, two wars, an economy barely treading water, a congress and senate focused on a health care plan the majority of people do not want, Iran and Israel threatening war, a budget deficit in the trillions, and Obama goes to Copenhagen to pitch the 2016 Olympics? Maybe the two women in his life Michelle and Oprah gave him the ultimatum, “you can forget about that government thing we have to bring the Olympics to Chicago”!

Obama’s presidency has gone from disastrous to sublimely disastrous, Czars, radical associations, stimulus plan, Joe Biden, ACORN, Geithner, bailout plan for the banks and auto industry, name it, ALL Failures of the grandest scale! Who is running this show, the American frustration with politicians is at an all time high, not just the continued gaffes of Obama, but the wasteful, spending and pork barrel ways of the last administration. Obama campaigned as an agent of change, and things have changed, they have gone from bad to worse in less than a year, but now not only are they bad, you have a president that has polarized our national security. Obama’s “I am sorry I am an American” apology tour has galvanized our enemies abroad, his consolidation of power and increase in government threatens our childrens futures, his affinity to labor unions and the radical left decrease our standing as a financial world leader, and lastly his cap and trade bill is nothing more than a payoff to his left of liberal supporters.

And yet, a 52% approval rating because he is likable, and reads well? Patricia Hewitt said it best “50% of the country doesn’t know what 50% is”, well I guess everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some appear to be abusing the privilege! This is all happening right in front of each of us, and yet we stick to our prejudices, not borne of color, but from failing to see the mistakes of our actions. For too long a ruminating acceptance of politics and politicians has been allowed, where the gain has gone to the betterment of the individuals in power, and not to the masses who put them in that position.

Our nation walks a treacherous path, Jefferson knew this when he said, “when governments fear the people there is liberty, when the people fear the government there is tyranny”! President Obama, you continue to exhibit poor judgment, in fact it is difficult to find any issue or policy you have made better in your short stay, but you’re missteps continue to pile up. Lastly I will leave you with this thought “we know the system doesn’t work because we’re living in the ruins”, thanks for nothing!

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