What What! A 44 year old man (at the time) gives a 13 year old girl a bottle of champagne and a gorilla biscuit and has her take her top off for a photo shoot, then rapes and sodomizes her, sure sounds like rape rape to me Woop! I guess I should not be surprised that the Hollywood liberal elite see nothing wrong with Polanski’s actions, they live in a dream world, never want for money, and the most difficult decision of the day is what type of purified water to drink. Also where’s Charlie Sheen, to my amazement he has not come to Polanski’s aid with his normal repartee, George Bush was behind Polanski’s arrest!!

Let’s look at the definition of sodomy as seen in the eyes of the law, “any sexual act which does not lead to procreation. It also has a range of similar euphemisms.[1] These acts typically include oral sex, anal sex and bestiality”, the actual act of sodomy which was rumored to be anal sex, initially was not released due to the effort in protecting the victim, and since no pets were found at the scene all signs point to that option. Given the above information it becomes clear that Polanski is just plain demented and his actions have no defense!

Now as Woopie puts it “rape rape”, “is an assault by a person involving sexual intercourse with or without sexual penetration of another person without that person’s consent”. This is a crime regardless of age, and considering a 13 year is basically defenseless, both mentally and physically to the advances of an elder in a position of authority, add to that she was wacked out on a Quaalude and liquor, does the word vulnerable come to mind? Any rationalization that the event was consensual is beyond comprehension when you keep in mind this is a young child, end result, this is perverse, a rape and a crime!!

The irony and madness of this crime was at the time Polanski got off with a 90 day psychiatric incarceration, of which he served 44 days, five other charges were dropped! The reasons Polanski performed the crime where never released, nor was his profile or mental evaluation, both were suppressed by his team of attorneys. Any person with any sense of morality and in their right mind cannot condone Polanski’s behavior, the fact that he ran from the event, and has lived in exile for the last 35 plus years shows a man of weak mental and moral character. 

What Polanski did was immoral and illegal, but the Hollywood dream makers have chose to defend his actions, I singled out Woopie Goldberg due to her ignorance and attempt at humor in a situation where it was totally uncalled for. But she is not alone, there is a petition making its rounds in Hollywood, which as of today 100’s of so called stars have signed with the sole purpose of having Polanski’s charges dropped. One can only wonder if we as a society have reached the decadence of Rome, is that fire I smell, or just a pack of smoldering self righteous narcissist Moonbats crowing?

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