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Part and parcel of Obama’s initial allure, was his ability to paint the picture that he was different, “not the same old tired wore out ideas”, “change we can believe in”, “hope and change”. Now that we are nine months in to his term it is becoming clear that nothing could be further from the truth.

Obama’s rise to the top parallels a made for TV movie which is all to common in Hollywood and now apparently so in Washington as well. First step in building an image, choose a profile you think you can market, hire a skilled script writer, teach him how to deliver his lines with passion, and stay in front of the critics, all key ingredients to to the success of developing a sell-able image.

Some of overnight sensations make it onto the big screen and some fail miserably, but that is in the world of fantasy, when it comes to Obama’s manufactured success the results of his failures could prove to be both catastrophic and highly dangerous to our national security.

When we weight the “facta non verba” IE; action not words of our sophomore president a troubling pattern has developed, his focus has been on feeding the mouths that fed him in his path to the oval office. Rather than address the numerous needs of our country, he focuses on paying back the agents of his success, or “feeding the beast”.

When Obama has been called on the carpet for his blatant politicizing, and wasteful ways, he hands the ball off to one of his minion attack dogs, being so enamored with the protection of his own image he cannot be seen as lowering himself to the daily political process. This lack of character and failure to stand up for who he really is and represents is proving to be a glaring flaw, when in political reality as seen by his peers Obama is an inexperienced social driven leftist liberal, not the moderate he sold on the campaign trail.

What we have, and are witnessing is an individual lost in equivocation, skilled at distortion, wrapped up and sold as an exaggeration, to say that truth is feigned when Obama opens his mouth is an understatement.

In Chicago terms, Obama is a made man, and deeply over his head within the beltway power elite, in an effort to distract from these obvious shortcomings, Obama has surrounded himself with a plethora of highly skilled lawyers from his past escapades, they are tasked with protecting and building the image of the Obama machine and take on all detractors using their revisionist interpretation of the law.

The goal of this team is to divert or subjugate the glaring weaknesses, character flaws and radical views of the anointed one. There methods are highly organized, very well funded, and headed by the Medusa herself Valarie Jarrett, who’s talking heads spew venom in all directions to protect her pet project President Obama.

Given that a large portion of our Nation bought into this circus, it is no wonder the uninitiated are up in arms, they thought they got a Lincoln but sadly they ended up with Carter 2.0. Obama’s shirking of responsibility and projection of blame at past administrations has lost traction, Obama continues to blame Bush for the current budget expansion and unemployment is pure fabrication.

When Obama took office he was left with a deficit of 459 billion, in his first month two bills were signed, first the stimulus bill for 787 billion, and then the 410 Billion omnibus bill leaving the 2009 deficit at 1.58 trillion, all of which did not include the expense of the Olympian health care program being pushed without support nor clarity. Now the last Republican leadership did not champion fiscal restraint very well either, but Obama’s spending efforts dwarf them in that 2009 budgetary figures have increased the deficit 3.4 times over the 2008 total!

The old saying goes, “liars figure, and figures lie”, President Obama, your speeches do not motivate anymore, your credibility is dismal, the reasons for your spending are transparent and becoming more obvious each day, your associations with radical ideology (sic) radicals is front page news, and lastly your constant visibility will not hide the truth.

Time to reboot Carter 2.0 before the system crashes, and while your at it, add that moral code, I hear it will assist with the accountability problems your apparently experiencing!!

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