Da House

Flip to C-SPAN on any given day and wait for the camera to pan to the House floor and what do you see, nothing! Once you get over the deafening sound of crickets chirping, or the cleaning staff dusting empty chairs you begin to wonder, hey where is everyone?? They are surely working considering the current state of our economy, two wars, unemployment, the health scare bill, or are they!

It seems now that the Democrats have gained control there is no urgency to address the mountain of issues facing the people, they saunter in a day late after happy hour around 6:30 on Tuesday, not exactly “burning the midnight oil”. The House schedule showed over the last 8 days 7 votes were to take place, of which only 5 were addressed. During that time the House members worked a total of 25 hours and 43 minutes!

Stepping up to the plate Steny Hoyer the number two (literally) member of the house stated when he released the 2009 legislative calendar, “The American people voted decisively for change this November, and we will work hard to make that change a reality”. I take it 25 hours a week is hard work to a politician, it isn’t easy spending all our money, time must be taken for reflection, gain one’s center, meditate, all hell let’s go over to Rangles place and play cards!!

With the current polls trending at 21% approval rating you have to ask what can they be thinking, have the Democratic members of the house lost touch with reality, or do they have an ace up their collective sleeves. The more accurate conclusion to draw is they have been acting this way for the last 40 years and the behavior is ingrained. The House has not been held accountable for decades and as long as the Rangel’s, Pelosi’s and Hoyer’s of the house feed pork down the mouths of their constituents, little change can be expected. All is well, no accountability, endless funds and lastly they have insulated themselves with the most powerful drug in existence, MONEY! There are so many greased palms in Washington, the house is floating the idea of putting a V.A.T on Vaseline!

2010 is right around the corner, then the dance is over, the career politicians of Washington will have to suffer through the golden parachute retirement and comprehensive health care that we the citizens pay for, and I for one will be glad to pay the price for that ticket out of town!

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