While the American people enjoy the trappings of freedom, good men and women are dying protecting that very right. We can all stew and fuss over the direction of our economy, the health scare bill or the current path of a government take over by the current party, but at the end of the day we don’t live in constant fear of loosing our life thanks to our military.

What gets lost in the self absorbed shuffle of our daily lives and personal drama is what is going on in Iran, and even more critical Afghanistan, good men are risking there very breath regardless of what the politicians think, why, because it is there duty!

Whatever the reasons, circumstances or even causes that we are in two wars the simple fact is we are, and even thought Afghanistan is “the war we should be focusing on” per President Obama, it is clear that the Presidents attention has been focused on a more self serving agenda.

Granted the influx of an additional 21000 troops that were deployed to the front lines was a great relief, but it is also clear the move was not enough to insure the protection of the existing troops in country. It is also obvious that President Obama’s rhetoric about establishing a focus on the Afghanistan war was nothing more than empty words, and and effort to garner an image of being the “great protector”, that type of rhetoric endangers our troops, is fool hardy, and life threatening if not backed up with action.

My opinion is the war is not winnable, the ideology is too ingrained, the enemy is motivated, and they have nothing to loose, but none of that matters, now is not the time to play politics.

Leadership is said to be more about doing the right thing than doing things right, you stand up and make a decision not concerned with polls or how many seats you will loose in the next election, there are lives on the line, get it done.

Much can be said about the parallels between Afghanistan and Viet Nam, escalate and you will loose more men, walk away, you admit defeat, but the striking similarities are this war is being waged in Washington rather than the battle field, a lesson most thought we learned.

Time for action, right or wrong, but at all costs do not risk the warriors of our country on something as menial as image and politics, protect our boys President Obama, that sir is your job!

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