Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Albert Schweitzer, George C. Marshall, Martin Luther King Jr, Amnesty International, Mother Teresa, Lech Walesa, Desmond Tutu, Mikhail Gorbachev, Nelson Mandella, all past winners of the Nobel prize, and rightful partners in the history of democracy on the world stage.  Each gained this level of history by an unending library of work and devotion, clearly defined, fairly accessed, and deserving.

Our latest winner President Obama, has won by being two things, first as many have said, he is not George Bush, OK I accept that, second and the primary reason for the granting of the once lofty Nobel  prize, Our President is ashamed to be called an American.

You got it folks, burn the American flag and the world cheers, Americas global standing over it’s 100 years as the leader of the free world has made some a wee bit antagonistic.   You have to hand it to Obama, he has been very diligent and driven in pounding in the minds of the global community, America ain’t what she used to be, and I am here to tell you I will have it no other way.   This has been the modus operandi of the Obama administration which has been overtly, and overly apologetic and sees America as a Bully Nation, and takes every opportunity to say as much on the world stage.

Every opportunity regardless of forum Obama has “dissed” the United States, his Utopian vision of butterfly’s and blue sky’s, have been targeted at the youth of our nation which has bought into this premise hook line and sinker, us boomers are not as easily convinced.

While this transformative  moment is in its beginning stages, the seeds of change have been sowed by Obamas Czar’s,  farmers dedicated to spreading the grass roots of corruption, politics, double speak, and disinformation.   I continue to hark back  on Obama’s promises, (to numerous to list here) and the subliminal messages become more obvious, this man does want change, and that change is being driven by his overt liberalism and anger towards a society that rewards survival to the fittest, IE; capitalism.

Call it what you may, semantics is the way of politics, but the goal of this administration is to shoot down and admonish the success and standing of the United States to allow other developing nations the opportunity kick the top dog off the mountain.  In today’s politics the picture of altruism is always the desired overt goal, but the motivation is usually based on accumulation of power, and in Obama’s case the feeding of the mans narcissism, he actually believes his words can overpower and create his image of a world where wealth is equal.

This past week Obama was rewarded with the Nobel Prize, not for what he has done, and not even for being the antithesis of Bush, but for his words of damnation of America and promises to the world community that we are sorry we have stepped out of line with the liberal global thought base.  All one has to do is review the winners since 2002 to see the Nobles political direction, and one should not be suprisied of this direction when considering the deciding members uber left political affiliations.

Well President Obama you have gone down in history before history was made, you have done so by selling out your nation, you have also painted yourself in a rather difficult corner, in one hand you have the Nobel Prize for your ultra liberal view, in the other you have a downtrodden and bewildered Nation of which patriotism has led them through many a dark night, predicated on the past alone Mr President I take patriotism for that is what built this Nation, right or wrong that is what will save us as well!

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