As is becoming clear to the Obama administration, close inspection uncovers many flaws. In an effort to quiet the new governance’s detractors, quick and immediate attention was offered in the form of  a frontal attack on Fox News, with benignly chatty Anita Dunn.

Dunn’s attempt to silence the negative slant of Fox primarily Beck, and Hannity is  a clear effort and attempt by the administrations “legal rights” division (or deep bench of staff attorney’s), “they are  coming after Fox for spreading lies, anger”, and some pretty darn good observations from the pundits on the right.

This strategy of Dunn coming out and attacking Fox for close to 9 minutes in a hyper paranoid screechy delivery is a clear sign of  mounting desperation .   This is a critical element for the press now playing out, the administrations attack on a specific news site is new territory, and this new strategy in clearly testing the latitudes of first amendment.

It has long been rumored that behind the scenes Cass Sunstien is  testing the limits of the press, including internet, and blog activity, this fact has been long documented.  Sunstien per his writings, believes in small bites, similar to a Parana, the bite may sting but the host gets over it until the next bite, and so on and so on, until bone.  By implementing strategy’s to shift control over to the governments side of the fence, any effort must be covert, behind the scenes, for the simple fact Americans get nasty when they are continually lied too.

So alas, the rest of the world can be numb to the fact that as a Nation we are in a power grab, which is coming from both sides of the isle. This is a nasty little game of propaganda the new leadership team is brewing, of which the end result is yet to be seen, odds are 50/50 they can pull it off, if not stopped.

But never underestimate the general public when it comes to sorting things out, they know when action and words don’t match, they also can witness these brash overstatements of political diatribe on any of the state owned media outlets, where only “good and happy news” is put forth.

We are a resourceful people when our backs are to the wall, and each of us can come to there own conclusions, and from the tone of the argument someone better start stepping up and getting this nation back to work, in due haste.

Now is the time to set aside personal agendas, this battle wages here at home, and we have two overseas, focus on the ball Mr President, the economy is in dire need of some confidence, and the unemployed grows short for few long for many, don’t stand under the hoop and just get rebounds, play some defense, and shoot!! And oh yeah, quit with the air balls!


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