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Health care has been an obsession turned ugly for Obama, last weeks sound bite and good news was the CBO review of the  Baucus bill, which floated (still unwritten) costs would be reduced and would not increase taxes or deficit neutral.  Since that time numerous changes have been made to blend all the bills into a form that has a whiff of bi-partisan, and that goes beyond Olympia Snowe’s decision today, of which was tentaive at best, the story continues.

The Health care bill has been morphing and has become co-dependent on individual polling results trying to mitigate party loss to the passing of this bill.  Lawyers excluded, and well rewarded with no whiff of tort reform, a gift from there politician brethren, and now an estimated increase of $4000 per typical family is rising the hackles of the insurance industry bean counters? There is a lot of money in Health care but with the average profit margin at 6.2% they are not the greedy mugwumps they are made out to be, so this will be a long drawn out process before any bill reaches a vote.

Just who is benefiting from all this Hopey Changey, peace love, administrations efforts to further inflate a bloated budget, the timing and focus of which is ill conceived and not the top critical need.

Let’s see, government and profit, no that’s not it, what the people want, no, nooo, will improve care, uhh nope, be more efficient, could you pass the $400 dollar wrench please!  News Flash, there is no benefit to the people, sorry but there is no other way to view it, post the bill and keep every aspect of the negotiations open, cameras everywhere, transparency, you would have a better chance at spotting a Unicorn!

We will need a historical record first for remembrance of all the lost political careers in 2010 and 2012, and second to assist with the selection of candidates who actually listen to the people who hired them!

Passage of a multi-trillion dollar anchor for the sole reason of cash flow for the pork lined K street suits, and to reward the foot soldiers for the stealing of the last election, both of which are hard to swallow, suggestion.

Jobs please, money flow please, stablize the mortgage market, build some confidence, and do not tax the middle class with a value added tax nor cap and trade, you would be the king stealing from the commoners, sad but I do not hold out much hope for the new hope.

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