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Coup d’état, an attempt to change a government by the threat or use of force, usually but not always associated with the military, although the willingness and ability or lack of it on the part of the armed forces to defend a government can be decisive in a coup d’état by others.

One year into the Obama administration the actual rather than the ostensible goal of the administration is becoming McCrystal clear, spread the wealth, and legislate free markets out of existence.

The original election platform was nothing more than a passion play of good versus evil played eloquently by the democrats key bit actor Obama.  Taking in the perfect storm of mistrust of the Bush administration, and the crash of the world financial markets a vociferous call for change was played out in the daily press.  Capturing this moment and exploiting the perceived issues and implementing the best of political opportunism, Obama presided over the pulpit spewing rhetorical minutia after rhetorical minutia in a designed effort to demonize the Republican leadership.

Due to the pinpoint focus on the “ills” of the times coupled with an amazingly organized media team, 53% of the American public bought into the empty promises of the new message.  Like a Billy Mays commercial, there was a respectable amount of skepticism, and general doubt, but the message hit home for moderates as did their vote for the new paramour of perceived change.

Back to today, the voice of the people and the polls have made it abundantly clear, none of the proposals out of the White House team of social engineers has the best interests of the people they serve as priority one.  Given the disdain for the current trilogy of new bills, health care, cap and trade, and lastly the climate bill and the Copenhagen treaty accord, the Obama team continues on, regardless of efficiency, understanding, or empathy for the damage they currently are spearheading at all costs.

Conclusion, as with most politics words and actions rarely meet, our Nation is currently under economic siege, with rampant unemployment, a devalued dollar, two wars, and a designed specific attack by the EU and other leading world economies to replace the United States as the global economic leader.  The question is, are our elected officials gallantly opposing this global power grab, or supporting it with costly legislation and regulation further facilitating an economic meltdown?

Much has been written and said about the motivations of the current party in power, a great deal of the discourse is nothing more than daily talking points given to the perpetrators in power to sell the message, in other words you have to think for yourself, and dismantle the message by stripping away the rhetoric to get to the root motivation of the thought at hand.

The end result of dissecting the message becomes clear when viewed outside the dogma and rhetoric of the moment, the current proposed path will bury us in debt, will allow no capacity or structure to amortize the new debt, and if anyone of the three key pegs in the Obama platform is passed the effect will be to weaken our Nation and its standing in the global economic community, not exactly the hope and change the Obama supporters thought now is it!

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