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It has been reported that Nadal Hasan weapon of choice was the FN five-seveN USG a highly specialized and efficient armament that is not in current military service. The FN 57 is the specific weapon of choice for the presidential protection detail for the Secret Service, also the FN has limited use in several SWAT teams. So specialized is the purpose for this gun, ammo is next to impossible to obtain, with the armor piercing round only being available to select police and government services.

What is the importance of focusing on the weapon and not the individual? By choosing the FN 57, and extremely efficient tool in design and purpose leads to the conclusion that the shooting was premeditated and planned. Fact two, Hasan also carried a revolver or wheel gun, this is also telling in that the only reason to carry an additional weapon aside from the obvious (shoot more people) is if the FN 57 were to jam a back up would be readily at hand. It is not know if Hasan procured the armor piercing shell, that has not been released, but if so, given the fact that this specific round can penetrate the best body armor available, is low recoil, and can cycle 900 rounds per minute further adds to the mounting evidence that the attack at Ft. Hood was clearly a motivated terrorist attack.

More information is being released each day which clearly supports the notion that Hasan’s motive was to send a clear message in his personal Fatwa to the radical Islamic community, also clear is someone or some agency dropped the ball on Mr. Hasan and good men and women were killed or injured due to this oversight. Mr. Hasan actions were no different than the attack of 9/11 just a different venue, and before we can all live as brothers in the utopia the current administration is trying to create, many more senseless deaths will take place due to ideological and religious differences, I suggest it might be time to pray to our individual gods rather than kill for them.

FN Five-seveN Pistol

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