The decision to hold the 9/11 trials in New York is playing right into the hands of the terrorist who see our Nation as the preeminent cause of universal evil. The Obama administration under the guise of bringing the “evil doers” of the 9/11 attack to justice, are covertly trying to place the blame on the Bush administration and distract the nation from it’s dovish stance. Due to the law of discovery, and the differences between a military trial and a civil trial the prosecutor will have to release any and all information gathered supporting the charges since detention of the offending members.

The Obama administration is willing to deal with the blow-back and anger that will be surfaced by the highly visible trial in an effort to further cement there cause that America is the great devil and Obama is here to change that perception by holding the military and anyone else who stands in their way accountable. So basically Obama is saying regardless of due cause and clear reason, under his leadership they will not stoop to the level of the last administration in the protection of the United States, even if our sovereignty is in danger.

Clear message here? You Betch YA, and every single Americans threat level will be increased by this selfish grandstanding by the Obama administration. With the onset of this trail we are, one showing the enemy our methods of counter intelligence, and two setting a new baseline for the rules of war. The obvious byproduct of this action is it will empower every nut bag with a truck of fertilizer and a drum of ammonia to attack our sovereignty without the fear of retribution.

The administration will offer the production and access to the world stage by utilizing the full power of the liberal press and its voice. This kind of attention cannot be purchased on the cheap, and now like everything else in this administration the access will be provided for free by the growing bureaucracy of Obama’s vision of the United States government. In other words turn the tragic event of 9/11 into self serving political theater.

The hypocrisy is clearly evident in that the most recent terrorist attack by Nadal Hasan at Fort Hood was addressed by Obama himself with the following comment, “President urges Congress to hold off on shooting rampage investigation, asking lawmakers “to resist temptation to turn this tragic event into political theater”.

The transparency and motives of the new administration are becoming clearer each day when the individuals in charge will attack the efforts of the CIA, military, and the past administration for there actions in a time of war on one hand and then protect a Muslim terrorist attack on our soil by using the office of President to steer opinion!

The continued inconsistency of words and actions of the Obama administration continue to puzzle its ardent admirers, and incite its critics, and most damming of all, empower it’s enemies.    The lack of action, right or wrong in Afghanistan further adds doubt as to what or who the United States is and for what it stands for.   This clipping of the eagles wings is creating hope and change in the terrorist community, and grounding the Nation by its weakening of the standards and morals that built our freedom.  War is never fair, nor do the actions of individuals fit into a neatly defined box under its duress, by the metaphorical “dropping of our pants” to the world stage we further endanger our status as the paragon of freedom, that my friends could be the end of us and the U.S if allowed to continue..

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