Obama seen here in our new 2010 election casual uniform, cements a deal with China’s top uniform company Zow’s Zoot Suits ordering 328 million in assorted sizes and color options.  With clause 7896 sub section L of addendum 89 of the new health care plan and I quote. “to better insure tracking of specific illnesses and age groups all participants (that means you) will be gifted by the United States government with three full length uniforms and an additional 50% discount on up to 6 more.

Obama sitting blissfully regal in his gray velor presidential Grand Leader uniform, at his latest meeting with Iran diplomats about a Disney theme park in Jerusalem, rumor has it demolition is planned any minute, offered a few words to the press on the Nations new Christmas uniforms.

“Since we have been digging deep in your thread bare pockets since I have been in office I, your leader, the boss, the big kahuna, your big banana feel it’s time to show the governments appreciation for all you have given, (there will be more) gladly offer you all this unprecedented gift of these uniforms”  Crowd cheers, teleprompter went blank, beads of sweat were visible on the Presidents head, he went on to say.  “Ahhhhhh guys can one of you get this thing working, guys…..aaaaaaaa, y’all enjoy the new skins, I’m out”

Then the President left the stage, a rouge unattended gun was later blamed for the outage of the teleprompter.  Citizens of the United States, (and all illegal aliens) will be notified as to the delivery of there new uniforms, and follow up chip implant appointment.  Those Americans living under bridges, alleys, subways, feel free to pick up your new outfits at the closest post office, special employees have been Contracted through ACORN and SEIU with multi-lingual associates available, free Sterno with proof of homelessness, quantities limited.


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