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Never let it be said the Democratic party is shy when it comes to spending other peoples money, but as of late their addiction has gone into overdrive. With the ink still wet on Stimulus I, which has spent as of 9/09 $84,587,463 or 14.5% of the total allotted $787 billion, now the Spendocrats are ponying up to the til once again.  It would appear that someone in the district falsification department needs to crack the whip and get busy creating the proposed 5000 additional districts to funnel the payoffs too.

With the continuation of the Keynesian economic process firmly ensconced in the hearts and minds of the Democratic leadership, it is difficult to catch a stray Democrat not smiling at their horn of plenty windfall.  The irony is that in real dollars the amount of real stimulus dollars that are targeted at projects that can actually create jobs is estimated at 3-5%, a paltry sum to say the least.

It would appear that the CBO was correct in February 2009 when it stated “the recession will slow down and reverse with or without stimulus intervention”.  Also per the CBO’s report the bulk of the monies are to be spent in 2011, or in other words one year before the next election, coincidence or deftly planned to create an image of growth by the Obama team at an opportune time?

The CBO reported 60% of the funds were to be allocated by the end of year one of the three year payout plan, so the current shortage of 45.5% in payouts can only lead to one conclusion, the plan is ineffective and has little or no measure on our current economic standing.  Shovel ready be dammed!

Stage left:  Nancy Pelosi entered the fray yesterday dropping the bomb that NOW history will repeat itself, “if we pull our punch” on job creation.  Definition, jobs are the new and I say NEW reason to support yet another stimulus plan.  Along with Nan’s tough talk, the new Democratic mantra is deficit reduction, so now we have the Democratic leadership focusing on jobs and deficit reduction on one hand, and floating balloons for yet more spending, hypocrisy, uhhh huh.

So the great creators of this mess, Obama, Pelosi, Hoyer, are now gleefully singing another tune, all the while they are planning on passing a health care plan, cap and trade, further financial regulation and the latest, a capital gains tax increase further hindering free markets, all in the guise of “creating jobs”.

Summary; the plan is to create an additional stimulus plan directed at creating jobs, (is this not what the first one was supposed to do), pass health care while not increasing the deficit (it will), adding numerous taxes via cap and trade, deflect the blame onto the financial markets with a consolidation of power to the FED by adding regulations on top of existing regulations, and lastly take any profit one might make (slim chance) in the remaining markets by increasing the capital gains tax?

Brilliant plan don’t you think, create jobs by increasing taxes and debt, eureka, Nan has created a new economic model, Pelosian Economic Theory, or PET, because that is what we will all be, pets under the watchful eye of our master the US government.  Excuse me I have to go for a walk, Nan grab the leash!!

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