Seems ole Henry is not happy staying focused on the largest power grab in world history, the Cap and Trade bill of which he sponsored, now Hank wants to wrap his moonbat wings around the media.  Accuracy in Media reported today, “Rep. Henry Waxman trekked from Capitol Hill to Federal Trade Commission headquarters today to deliver a message to journalists and news consumers: All of you need to reach a consensus about working with the government in order to bail out the struggling news industry”.

Waxbat went on to say, “this recent depression in the media sector is not cyclical,” Waxman said. “It is structural”. Ahhh Hank what do you know about the media other than to implement government intervention in yet another free market dancing on the constitution and the first amendment while you try to use the public’s money to buy left wing press loyalty.

Other brilliant observations and statements by Sen Waxbat, “but the government should partner with the media industry to ensure a sound future for journalism”, and lastly, “There needs to be a consensus within the media industry and the larger community it serves” before the government acts, Waxman said. “We have to figure out together how to preserve that kind of reporting.”

There are so many insane, biased, statements in the article that you have to wonder what color is the sky in the liberal moonbats world.  The tome goes on to explain due to market forces, and arcane management media outlets cannot compete, hmmm this does not seem to be a problem for Fox News?

At least one of the attendees at the FTC workshop had a grip on the issue when he stated, “Firewalls can work in private businesses when management insists that they be respected,” Tapscott wrote, “but it’s different when government is involved because nobody can say no to power-happy federal bureaucrats armed with regulatory authority or litigious Justice Department attorneys packing subpoenas and make it stick.”

If this attempt was not so obvious in its attempt to control the dissenting voice against Washington and its political members it would be great irony, but Waxbat with his, in the hip pocket followers are lining up for the gravy train of federal funds to cement their future job security. A reporter will now be tasked to speak a different truth, one that is acceptable to the food source. The cannons of journalism will be nothing more than a forethought, the message will be controlled, and propaganda based to the betterment of the sponsor our very own government.

Yet another bad idea from Hank who also brought us, Obamacare, Cap and Trade, now the media bailout, a thinly veiled attempt at controlling the watchdog. I do hope Sen. Hankbat will reconsider his pet projects, history has a long memory.

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