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Shocking revelation isn’t it, no you say? Well maybe not, I contend that Obama is who he always has been, a community organizer feeding off the fringes of society, employing radical, (yes I said radical) methods to cram down his policies on the very people that put him in power.

Here is what we know, Obama began his political career in Chicago in 1996, serving from 1997 to 2004, during this period Obama gained the reputation of using “hardball” political tactics serving the south side of Chicago. Obama’s focus then as it is now was to serve the disenfranchised, he actually did vote during his term of service, unlike his Senate voting record his direction and platform was clear and precise.

Several of Obamas pet projects were, homicide interrogations be recorded, reformation of campaign finance, and allocation of tax credits for the poor, and the elimination of racial profiling. Obama was also schooled in Chicago politics by several of the top known leaders of the Chicago political arena, his first run at political office he had his opponents knocked off the ballot by challenging the nominating petitions, Chicago politics 101.

After being elected to the Senate in 2007, Obama’s voting record during his short tenure was to vote the Democratic party line 97% of the time, or 10% more often than the Democratic average. Also during his short stay in the Senate Obama had 630 opportunities to vote on various legislation, he missed or did not vote 282 times or as a percentage during the time period of 12/5/2007-6/28/08 Obama showed up for 44.8% of the total available voting opportunities. In an attempt at fairness Obama ranks third in missed votes with Senator John McCain ranking second, and coming in first Tim Johnson who missed the 2007 Senate session due to a serious medical condition.

So in review of the above information, our President has seven years of state senate experience, served from 2004 to 2007 in congress, announced his run for presidency on 10/22/06, or less than 10 years after first being elected to office. Clearly not statesman street cred, and rather ambitious, some say arrogant that he even considered running given his lack of national political experience. So it should be no surprise that Obama continues to produce misstep after misstep resulting in his free fall at the polls and lack of public confidence.

So it is clear that Obama did not win the race based on his record, he won by following a script written by the power players in the Democratic party which took the majority in 2006, who had been held in check during most of the last 25 years by Republicans and moderate Democrats. The far left segment of supporters knew their candidate could not win the popular vote by pushing a shadow agenda of feeding the beast (government), they needed a candidate who appeared as a moderate, a uniter, or put simply an outsider.

If ever the metaphor fits it does in this case, “be careful what you wish for you might just get it”, now that Obama and his team of handlers won the holy grail they have nary a clue what to do next. Although the Obama consortium has been successful in pleasing the radical left with the Stimulus plan, and bank bail outs, done in the first months of the administration, their momentum has slowed to an impasse. Cap and Trade, health care, the two wars, financial reform, are all basically at a stand still, with once loyal members fleeing the ship in an effort to save any semblance of their political careers.

After one year here are the observations in need of clarity.

Health care although important is not the critical issue of the day, a 2000 plus page bill written with so many mouths to feed it will burn money like water through a sieve, leaving a monumental debt to for future generations which will further dilute America as a world power.

Cap and Trade, the new socialism under another name, what better way to spread the wealth than to tax the producing nations in to oblivion while feeding the fruits of that labor to underdeveloped nations. This is nothing more than a consumption tax focused on free enterprise.

Financial Reform, the proposed financial reform is ostensibly being put in place to “avoid” another housing melt down, real reason, centralize power under one roof to better control the flow of money and its uses. The fallacy of financial reform is the very individuals that created the problem are now designated to fix it, IE; Barney Frank, and Chris Dodd along with the assistance of Tim Geithner plan on reining in the abuses of the past housing bubble, really, no not really. Barney Frank was the leading advocate of freeing up the mortgage markets by offering financing to the underprivileged, his continued interference and stonewalling stopped reforms directed at Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac to tighten underwriting guidelines. Chris Dodd is the chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, where he along with other Democrats did their level best to keep the lending markets open and free to any and all types of financial instruments, (sic) sub prime lending, as well as get himself sweet deals from Countrywide on his personal residences, go Rob Simmons and Linda McMahon!

Unemployment, ask any economist what is the number one problem with our country today and if they say anything other than unemployment they are lying. Last count 10% of the workforce is unemployed, take into account that the remaining work force is either underemployed or have fallen off the ranks of unemployment and you have a critical world changing problem. Estimates have the actual number of unemployed taking into consideration the above criteria at 18-25%. If you only look at this percentage and how it effects the money supply you have potential for a free fall world depression. The worlds economies are based on consumption, and the confidence that the consumers will consume, at this point in history our world is within a razors edge of crashing, unemployment and money flow in the CONSUMER SECTOR not the governments is the key to the turn around of the global slowdown.

Shadow agendas, the following are based on strong rumors and mounting evidence, Obamas team, is looking to circumvent the Constitution, by structuring a limit on free speech, hold internet bloggers and political pundits accountable for speaking their mind, attempting to steer public opinion by attacking the dissenting opinion, Chicago politics on a national scale, funneling money to ACORN, SEIU and other community organizing groups who’s agenda is to further the political causes of the left, and lastly the capper, employ the Cloward-Piven strategy of overwhelming the system so justification of Marshall law will have cause to be implemented, a key component in the goal of total control.

The President and his team are basically left with two options, first the wrong assumption, that they can continue to spend tax dollars to push an agenda focused on serving the minority, or they can do what is right and focus on serving the people (majority) by fiscal restraint, and a reduction of government as they were hired to do. The choice is theirs, the results are ours, the future of the Democratic party is riding on this bet, now is not the time to double down President Obama, this is not an all or nothing game you are playing.

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