You have to wonder what could the Obama Administration, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the rest of the pile on group be thinking? Could it be that they know something we don’t? Is the world going to end in 2012, or are they just plain greedy opportunist, I believe the latter. Over the last two weeks, we have seen the continued drive to pass health care regardless that the issue is polling 61% against, cap and trade is being worked, financial reform has passed the house, the debt ceiling is being raised by 1.8 TRILLION and Obama visited the left side of the world in Copenhagen pledging the United States is “on-board” with carbon reduction beyond reasonable and economically damaging levels.

It is important to note that none of the proposed legislation is necessary, nor wanted per the latest polls, but the democratic leadership along with President Obama continue to drive on pel-mel, risking party seats, and possible control over both the house and senate. Many a pundit have tried to rationalize this aberrant behavior and find the trigger or root cause for this massive redistribution of wealth and expansion of government, read on.

Theory one: Ivory towers, the leadership and members of Washington see themselves as untouchable, they have become detached from the reality outside of the beltway, their focus is so narrow that their narcissist needs for power, validation and conquest is blinding them to the real purpose and foundation of their job description. The constituency has allowed this damaging detachment and in fact has enabled their idiosyncratic actions for decades allowing the career politicians to become deeply ensconced into sub-segments of power groups or gangs, with clearly delineated corporate favoritism and causes being implemented for pure personal gain.

Theory two: Opportunism, the Democratic party has been the whipping boy to the Republican party since Bill Clinton, they have begrudgingly played the game all the while developing the strategy unfolding now. They have not had a serious presidential candidate that could appease the segments of the population required to carry the election. Along came the spider, Obama with the assistance of Soros, ACORN, big labor, and a top notch media team packaged the new hope of the left to appear as a moderate, they campaigned on change knowing full well that the people were weary of politics as usual and were growing tired of Americas involvement two wars of which after the weapons of mass destruction were not found slid to abysmal levels of public approval. With the added assistance from Hollywood liberals, a full blown media attack took place, the message was precise, consistent, and droned in to the hearts and minds of anyone in earshot. It also was of great assistance that President Obama was a bit of a ham and natural actor, he carried the moderate message to the people every waking moment for close to two years prior to last years election. As some late comers to the party are now beginning to realize, this message was nothing more than an effort to pull the wool over the eyes of the American public, and our new leader is not what he said he was, but a left of left liberal with his own personal agenda, or in other words, President Obama and his handlers lied to get the prize, the oval office, trust be dammed they pulled it off.

Theory Three: Aliens, as was witnessed in Copenhagen, our supreme leader was in contact with his Grand Poo Bah who called him while in Europe and forgot to put the sky mute button on and left a huge distinct circular cloud. Knowing no evidence was to be left behind, Russia came to the aid of Obama and pawned off the cloud as a test missile gone awry, for their help the Grand Poo Bah gave them Mars.

In reality only those behind closed doors know what the grand plan is, so much for transparency, but one clear truth is evident, the middle class or worker bees will bare the brunt of the aftermath, and that my fellow Americans is not freedom!

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