The latest from Harry Reid

“Democrats aren’t going to let the American people down,” Majority Leader Harry Reid said after a closed-door meeting called to discuss last-minute trade-offs in the legislation that President Barack Obama has made a top priority. “I’m confident that by next week, we will be on our way toward final passage.”

Harry please don’t do us any favors!  With 61% of the American population against this bill, and an estimated 10-15% undecided, who is Harry talking to?  Could it be the far left, me thinks so!

Now that we are within days of President Obamas one year anniversary his administration and most democrats are still kicking the can down the road on health care.  The amount of time and focus on a program that is not needed, wanted, nor affordable, and quite possibly the death knell for as many as 30 Democratic seats is astounding!

Nanny P.  AKA Nancy Pelosi came to the aid of her concerned democratic members stating today, she is willing to risk control of the house in 2010 to pass ObamaCare. Easily said by a woman who comes from the most liberal district in the free world, can ya hear the bus coming Blue Dogs!

You have to keep in mind the amount of time, money, and political blood that has gone into passing the holy grail of the left, why it has been rumored that some members are actually working 25-30 hours a week in their efforts to bankrupt the United States, here here!

The Democratic party and President Obama have painted themselves in a nasty dirty corner by spending practically all their political capital on this one bill, and doing so against the majority. It is rumored that the final legislation will have plethora of concessions that will water the bill down to the point of being ineffective, in essence passing health care will be nothing more than saving face for Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, quite a price to pay to satisfy ones ego.

The clock is running, the Democrats are on the goal line, but the crowd has left, what say we punt on the one yard line and try this again in 10-15 years?

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