McChrystal Affair

Looks like in addition to the firing of Gen McChrystal the Obama administration is looking to replace the civilian leadership support team if they cannot develop a working relationship with Petraeus. It should be noted that Obama hand picked McChrystal, (who is beyond qualified) to run the Afgan insurgence, and the events of the last two weeks show that not unlike the general population, Obamas insiders have little respect for the detached President.

Second to pick Petraeus to run the operation can be seen as a double edged sword. Petraeus is highly suspected to run for the Republican nomination in 2012, and has clashed with Obama and the Democratic party in the past, if it were not for the fact that few individuals have the ability or are dumb enough to take on the Afgan push shows that the administration has painted itself in yet another un-winnable corner.

Financial Reform

Financial reform being one of many causes in the Obama arsenal took a step forward with it’s slim passage this week.  Conspiciously absent from the bill is addressing Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, two of the left’s sacred cows and the singular cause for our economic downfall.  The Obama administration continues to brush over and ignore the plight of the two debt creation giants.  Both Dodd and Frank, Fannie and Freddys ardent supporters, talk of the need of financial reform and lay blame on “the greed of Wall Street” totally ignoring the huge white elephants that will continue to cost the US taxpayer for years to come.  It should be noted, more than sufficient regulation was in place to avoid the housing crisis that was created by the Clinton administration when the decision was made to open up lending to “under-served” segments of the population, but it was ignored, unattached, and just plain in the pocket of the Democratic administrations of past, present and future.  Experts who have reviewed the bill are consistent in the argument that by creating additional levels of oversight, commissions, and increased liability for Wall Street and the secondary mortgage market will only result in the costs of such regulation being passed on to the consumer via higher interest rates and fees.  Complete and utter political window dressing that John Q Public will end of bearing the brunt.


This weeks meeting of the G20 with the goal of the continued Keynesian stimulus model was less than a success, the EU and other members are headed the other direction.  Obama is pushing additional spending to create a short term bump is being seen as short sighted and politically motivated.  Obamas economy is his largest problem, coupled with unemployment and his ardent support of “public” employees while jobless claims continue to rise is political suicide for the current leadership.  Obamas efforts have been labeled as shallow and do not cover the fact that economic growth in the government sector is no substitute to the creation in public sector jobs.  When the growth of the government sector is reviewed, along with the massive pension funds and cushy retirement plans paying 100 Cents on a dollar plus benefits it become apparent the best careers are now based in the government sector, which is based on support rather than growth of the economy.  If this growth continues the outcome will bankrupt and bury the nation to such a level that total collapse is not out of the question.

Oil Spill

Yet another week has gone by without any tangible results being achieved.   With the focus on the spewing well, and the political ramifications of the crisis response, an unknown possibility is gaining little traction in the press.  Via scientific reports that are readily available on the web from validated sources is hinting at a much larger issue with the spill.  It has been shown that methane hydrate a common byproduct of deep well drilling was not only the cause of the explosion but also the reason that the well might NEVER be tapped!  It has been estimated that the pressure at the well head is in the area of 50000-100000 pounds per square inch, if this revelation is deemed true, no current technology is available to withstand that pressure levels, ie; the leaking at the well head has been created on purpose to avoid the coupling from shooting off if the seal were oil tight.  Secondly and not beyond practical science and deduction, the amount of methane in the oil deposits tapped into by BP is massive.  The concern being when the well was tapped the potential for a massive release of methane in the form of a bubble estimated to in the trillions of tons range could occur.  If this were to happen, end of days scenarios are completely valid, for all of us residing in the state of Florida the possibility of a tidal wave of 100 meters due to the “sudden” release of the trapped methane would completely cover the state killing millions, fun stuff huh.  Secondly, as anyone knows, methane is highly explosive, and the resulting explosions given the size and volume of the deposit, is being linked to the dinosaur extinction where 95% of all life was eliminated.  It is simple to understand why these “remote” but plausible scenarios are not being covered, but are a distinct possibility.

Political Climate

As Moonbat Patrol predicted last year at this time the political process and its leadership has fragmented.  With the elevation of the Tea Party, Obamas performance, and stand back politics of the Republican party no majority is in control of our nation, this is a problem.  Republicans are expected to gain sufficient seats to quell the massive spending of the Obama administration but elicit no plan going forward other than blocking Obamas spending efforts.  The Tea Party although powerful is devoid of a core platform that differs from the Republican platform, (no spending, no socialized HC, ect), Democrats except for the far left which consists of radical liberal element are estimated to be in the range of 20-30% of the overall constituency, so fragmentation and placation to other groups is stagnating the political process.

The primary issue with this stagnation is that in reality 20-30% of our constituency is running the country and will continue to do so until the playing field is leveled.  This radical left agenda cares little for the republic process, and demands socialization of many of the systems and programs that built the success of the United States all of which place the responsibility and burden on government to carry.  Not unlike the free market greed and excess we have experienced over the past 50 years the socialization process is rooted in power, greed and corruption but now its justified as spreading the wealth for the good of the people!  Neither is good, focused on the well being and wealth of the people, or altruistic in nature, just a shift from unsustainable free market economic growth to one of unsustainable government growth and responsibility.

With no endgame in site, the coming months and years are going to be entertaining in observing the political jockeying and mudslinging, but one fact is certain until both sides meet in the middle, this school yard brawl could end up killing us all, as past history has shown, we are a nation that always has stepped up to the challenge, my hope is we can continue that history in so much as we will have one for our children to study.

MoonBat Patrol Out…  See you next week