This brilliant little title was originally a blog to be written December 9th 2009, I seemed to have a lot more time to write in 09, these days less.

They say a quiet man is a deep man, or is it your just numb? I have in one form or the other been entrenched in this spirit quest political gluttony since 2007, Moonbat Patrol was an effort at a daily blog that morphed for the most part onto Twitter. It’s a hell of a lot quicker to flash a thought in a 140 characters than it is to try to keep up a active blog when you spend 50 hours a week already on the computer, call it a time crunch cop out if you will.

But the embers were stoked by a moment of clarity, the mere frequency of the of catastrophes on the world stage as of this period of time is dazzling. This perfect storm of events is whipping to a cataclysmic stir, there is a global reboot underway, and what may shake out is nothing more than conjecture, uncertainty abounds danger lurks.

The catyalic events stoking the unrest in no particular order , global financial melt down, heightened instability of fringe dictatorships, religious jihad, move closer to home and you are faced with, total collapse of the housing market, massive government consolidation of power through exponential growth, and the byproduct of all this mess is a whole lot of pissed off people who are scared, and they should be, the finger is on the trigger. Things, keyword unrest, could go bad, ready up and stay in the information flow.

The one consistent promise from Obama is change, on that he has delivered, his handlers have coached him well, the seats at the bar have shuffled. Thankfully the forces for a free society have been inflamed and awoke the great beast of the less government of which I am member, the time of slumber and blissful ignorance is over.

Reality of the moment watch your six, gone are the times of trust in the political system. The system is corrupted and machines along with nothing less than a war or natural catastrophe getting but a turn of the head, the process of fundamental change is underway. We are being spent into oblivion by the men and women of want at all costs with little care about freedom as long as the power remains.

Some understand this is not about religion, economy, fairness, or party, its about power, and the accumulation of that power, of which does and will sit secondary to truth, enjoy the ride this is history and we are living it.