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Liberating Our Economy to Help Create New Jobs

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On Thursday night at CPAC 2011, Speaker Boehner discussed the new majority’s commitment to creating a better environment for job creation by liberating our economy from the shackles of debt, excessive regulations, and over-taxation. Boehner noted that this week the House will vote to cut $100 billion in spending over the next seven months – with more cuts to come. Read more about the past week below and check out Boehner’s remarks to CPAC here:


Stopping the Washington Regulatory Assault on Small Businesses & Removing Barriers to Job Growth

* In a series of hearings and legislation last week, Republicans focused on creating a better environment for economic growth by taking on the federal regulations that are creating uncertainty and making it harder to create new jobs – a key part of the Pledge to America.

* Small businesses called on Washington to stop the regulatory assault on the private sector, saying “The uncertainty being created by Washington is stifling a small business recovery.”

* One small business owner told the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee that, “Regulatory costs require business owners like me to devote more time and resources to government compliance, which means less capital devoted to investment and job creation.”

* President Obama spoke to job creators in the spirit of “being more neighborly,” even as he pushes for more “stimulus” and higher taxes, and his party fights to protect hundreds of job-crushing federal regulations. Read more.

* The director of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) testified that the Democrats’ health care law – with its maze of new federal rules, mandates, and penalties – will destroy roughly 800,000 jobs.

* A group of 28 Republican governors sent a letter to President Obama underscoring the impact of the health care law’s mandates on cash-strapped states and struggling small businesses.

* The head of the president’s own economic advisory panel is pushing for action on three pending free trade agreements to help boost U.S. exports by at least $13 billion and help create new jobs.

Cutting Spending and Ending the Job-Crushing “Stimulus” Spending Binge

* Here are some quick facts about H.R. 1, the bill that goes beyond the Pledge to America and cuts $100 billion in spending over the next few months.

* Speaker Boehner said “deficit spending is causing job creators in America to hold back,” and that’s why you’re going to see this Congress “cut, cut, cut” spending.

* Two leaders of the so-called “Blue Dog” Democrats broke with the White House and signaled they may be unwilling to raise the debt limit without “significant cuts” in spending.
* Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) introduced legislation to cancel unspent “stimulus” spending.

* Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told the House Budget Committee that the spending binge of recent years is hurting job creation.

* Washington Democrats all but admitted they don’t have a plan for helping create new jobs that doesn’t involve more “stimulus” spending and debt.

Also This Week

* Vivian Butler – a parent of one of the children in the landmark D.C. landmark school choice program – wrote an op-ed about what the program has meant for her daughter and her family.

* NOTE: Catch Speaker Boehner on NBC’s Meet the Press this morning.

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