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It was reported by Johna Goldberg this morning that Newsweek  Magazine has enlisted the services of President Obama to write a piece on the current tragedy in Haiti. Although a noble cause, and truth be told Obama will have one of his staffers write the piece, this request is further evidence of the blurring of the lines between the press and the political process.

Also of note is the fact that in the past Newsweek has had a rather aggressive tilt in their coverage of Obama and his administration. The question that comes to mind is; why not just issue a press release which is normal SOP in cases similar to Haiti’s tragedy. Considering this point, the next viable question is what is the motive or payoff for the exclusive scoop to Newsweek?

Payoff:  Newsweek is one of Obama’s top supporters,  they have kowtowed and idolized Obama from the beginning, the bill is now being called due now that  Newsweeks redesign and change of  focus is coming out of the gate.  They need a home run to pull this off, what better way than to plaster Obama’s face on their newly redesigned rag.

Motivation:  All kidding aside, Obama loves Obama, no mirror is safe, I can see the Prez in 20 years (living in exile) paging through all the covers he garnered while in office, the man is a narcissist plain and simple.

Not to dilute the crisis in Haiti, but this is not the best use of office to be pandering to the media, I don’t think the subscription rate in Haiti will increase due to this article, and by now becoming Author In Chief it further degrades the office of President.

Now if I can only find that recipe  piece by Lincoln, or was that FDR, no Trueman, I am making the President some humble pie!

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Much has been said about the potential losses the  Democratic party will face in the 2010, what has not been addressed is who or what party will reap the perceived benefit of these losses.

With the Tea Party stumbling out of the gate, the lack of solidified Republican platform, the Democrats abysmal polling numbers and least we forget the independents, 2010 could ultimately result in the increased marginalization of all four platforms.

Obama currently garners an estimated 30-35% of the lefts support regardless of issue, call it blind ambition, Republicans continue to struggle with similar polling numbers, Independents are leaning right, the Tea Party movement is in its infant stage, so as they say in football, time to throw the hail Mary, and although political opportunity abounds, so do the associated risks, read on.

Given the above scenarios along with an increase in each of the platforms protectionism to assure it’s ideological growth the potential for stagnation and inability to proffer any useful legislation will surely follow.  This fractionating of the former two party system into what appears to be four distinct groups is dangerous in that no clear consensus can be obtained when one is so sorely needed.

The current and proposed infighting for top billing will assuredly result in the increase of the benign grandiose promises politicians have become so caviler at issuing but not keeping as of late. With the end result of increasing the ruminating displeasure toward our elected officials which is dangerously at an all time high. While this process is an integral part of the form and function of a free republic, the answer on who will reign supreme is a story yet to be told. This fight for supremacy will surely leave copious amounts of blood on the battlefield further dividing our country when a unification of purpose is what is required.

What spoils remain for the winner along with it’s direction will make life interesting far into the approaching decade, and from a personal perspective none of the four competing factions have jumped to the forefront with any brilliant ideas or suggestions, nor statesman like leadership.

Obama was correct in that our government needs “fundamental change”, but not to the bloated, special interest driven, increased socialization of the political machine that now exists.  For now until our proposed hero reaches that Valhalla, the highest use we the citizens of the United States can perform is to be ever vigilant, and involved in the process.

Lastly, we as a nation have dropped the proverbial ball over the last 30-40 years in that our apathy and acceptance of our elected officials has not been in our best interest. This nescient approach has led us to the conundrum we all now face, our saving grace is that history will show the American people possess unlimited resolve when their freedoms are vetoed by the very same elected officials we entrusted.

To use a highly worn out metaphor our Republic is facing “a defining moment” it is up to each of us to become part of that definition, that my fellow Americans is the only platform that matters!

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In a complete 180, some say 360 reverting back to the promises made on the campaign trail, Obama talked tough on terrorism today.  Obama with a pitch count of three strikes and no balls in his discontinued war on terror, took a swing at a curve ball and accepted blame for the current lax and disorganized effort of late while on his watch, and promised change.

Although the Presidents speech did inferred a break down in “intelligence dissimulation” would be addressed, he split the blame  50 cents Obama, the other 50 being thrown in the direction of  the intelligence agencies tasked with our safety, stopping the “buck/blame” equally between the two.

Today’s statement was an about face in that Obama framed his comments directed at the one area of doubt that has empowered the “evildoers”, “we are at war, this is not a crime wave”.  Now terrorist (if we can call them that) can be viewed as enemy combatants, and will be treated as such, certainly a new stance for the fledgling President.

The danger with the “other cheek” strategy is that it can lead to overkill. In an effort to establish the resolve of the Obama stance increased restrictions, policies and costs are sure to follow, it’s this administrations way. While this new tough stance might increase our well being, question is at what cost, The Patriot Act, Act II?

Some are of the opinion that further work needs to be done, specifically reconstituting the moral at the CIA and other military establishments who have been targeted as the scapegoat for Obama’s team over the last twelve months. While the Obama administration attempted their terrorist friendly approach, the agencies in charge of keeping us safe faced daily political attacks, career threats, and potential law suits, a clear sign by Obama’s handlers that now they were in charge, and let them know it.

Terrorism by definition; “the unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments”, was successfully carried out Christmas day 2009. Terrorism is not going away, we all will be touched by it’s success for years to come, the trillion dollar question becomes; what freedoms are we willing to give up to feel safe, and is safe ever achievable?

It’s a perfect time to be a fatalist and a free one at that!

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Now that 2009 is coming to an end, (without a list) what better time to take a moment and reflect on three key issues, one, where we were, where we are, and where are we going.  I am keeping it simple, I need the brain cells, they will be purged later tonight.

WHERE WE WERE:  Start date 9/11/01, newly elected President George W. Bush is interrupted during a junior high school function in Sarasota Florida, the message, Sir two planes have flown into the World Trade Center buildings.  Thus starts the “Evildoer” period of our history, with great emotion, public and political cooperation and a bit of revenge our country went to war, first Afghanistan, then Iraq.  Under the guise of patriotism the Republican party and its leadership choose to increase spending to untold levels while our men and women in theater drove in, basically de-yuppified Hummers offering the same protection against attack as the bought on the lot gas sucking bright yellow blinged out pimp mobiles so prevalent in the days of excess of the early decade.  But wait, WMD, although it is reported in certain circles that Sadam did have mass stores of chemical weapons, not being as dumb as he was made out to be Sadam got rid of all the evidence in the build up of the war.  You want proof!!  Nope.

Our Nation became weary when the made for television “shock and awe” turned out to be more awe shucks they are still shooting at us, and with the death toll of our brave soldiers mounting, Osama Bin Laden’s prophecy that America does not have the stomach for a prolonged war  began to ring true in many politicians agendas.  Thus created the “Big Lie” which is where we are.

WHERE WE ARE:  Circa 2006, due to mounting tension over the Gulf War’s and President Bush’s insistence we are fighting to protect our nation, the previously toothless Democratic party capitalizes on the Nations discontent and the attacks begin on Republicans who supported the war and it’s high price allowing the Democrats to recapture the majority in congress, Nancy Pelosi is nominated speaker of the house and the search for a viable Democratic candidate begins for the 2008 presidential election.  Enter Barack Obama, a slick talking, bright, made for prime time candidate sponsored by the far left political machine, with the financial support of another George, and the Hollywood dream makers in tow.  So efficient was this trilogy of handlers they sold 53% of the voting American public on the notion that our candidate “is different”, change is coming, and hope is not lost, the great government machine of the liberal party is here to “fundamentally change” Washington.  Knowing Obama could not get elected with his platform one click right of Karl Marx, they made one up!  Even the most strident of hopeyness followers are now questioning that decision. But it worked.

In less than one year our government and its debt have grown to unfathomable levels, a 10 month fight over the ‘need” for health care reform, (a promise and a debt to be re-payed to the trilogy) has taken precedence over all issues.  We were scared into a Stimulus Bill, closing of GITMO, a cadre of Czars, attacks on the First, Second, Fifth, Ninth and Tenth amendments, we all own numerous banks, and a couple of automobile companies, and have blank checks waiting for both Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac!  So the moderate candidate Barack Obama is not so moderate after all, but one promise was kept, our way of life has undergone “fundamental change”!  Now our nation is broke, in debt to levels that will never be paid, the division between Democrats and Republicans has never been wider, fractional groups within the two parties are forging their own way further distilling public opinion to unworkable consensus, we as a Nation of people are faced with a mighty challenge, and we the people will have to meet that challenge, read on to “where we are going”.

WHERE WE ARE GOING:  my finely polished crystal ball is smoking from this question, but in short, “where we are going” is up to the people of this nation.  Regardless if you are a strict Constitutionist, or a socialist left wing Che follower we all have equal interest in how our situation turns out.  Some of the changes that require “fundimental change” are in no specific order.  Term limits, being a career politician is like being a career criminal, the longer you are in the “Big House” the more you learn how to steal, murder, forge, or just plain lie.  Term limits would greatly assist in returning our country to its constituents, lobbying, junkets, pork, useless legislation, pandering would all be of less importance if one knew time was limited.  Would we loose some altruistic politicians (oxymoron) yes, would politicians loose the ability to get comfortable, hell yes, time has come and nothing will change without accountability and term limits.

Fiscal restraint, our politicians have to be made aware that efficiency is of  a higher order than unrestrained spending, that to have freedom one has to be free from massive debt, that the government cannot nor was it designed to be the constituents care taker, and that the money our government is spending might be easy to print but for our countries survival it has to stop.  Lastly and key to our future, our country needs leadership, not media darlings where every word is scripted, not defensive cover their ass in BS snake oil salesmen, not megalomaniac power hungry dictators of untruth, not a left or right, but a “just right” statesman with ethics and concern for the history and future of our Union, Polly Anna maybe, but one does have to have hope right?

So as the new year rolls in the key to this whole process is, perspective, with so many cooks in the kitchen via the air waves, internet, newspapers, it is easy to loose sight of the golden rule, “is it right, and would I like that done to me” or the more classic, “do onto others as you would have them do onto you”, FYI, it still works, and it is free.  Happy New Year From Moonbat Patrol

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Great non partisan video!

In less than one year the bloom has fallen off the rose of Obama’s approval ratings, depending on which poll you choose the Obama approval rating is ranging as high as 53% approval (CBS, go figure) to a low of 46% (Fox News, again go figure). Normally when a politicians approval drops this fast in such a short time, a behavior change is evident, but this is no “normal” administration.

The abnormal to this presidency is business as usual and a continuation and pressing ahead with their Cloward-Piven strategy of manufactured crisis. I am not the first nor do I imagine the last to point out the eerie consistency of Obamas administration and the wreck-less ways of Cloward-Piven.  In short Cloward Piven suggests, “In their 1966 article, “that the ruling classes used welfare to weaken the poor; that by providing a social safety net, the rich doused the fires of rebellion. Poor people can advance only when “the rest of society is afraid of them”.

The reasoning behind the strategy calls for, “cadres of aggressive organizers” to use “demonstrations to create a climate of militancy.” Intimidated by threats of black violence, politicians would appeal to the federal government for help. Carefully orchestrated media campaigns, carried out by friendly, leftwing journalists, would float the idea of “a federal program of income redistribution,” in the form of a guaranteed living income for all — working and non-working people alike. Local officials would clutch at this idea like drowning men to a lifeline. They would apply pressure on Washington to implement it. With every major city erupting into chaos, Washington would have to act.

If you look at Obama’s proposed health care, cap and trade, financial regulation, and topical today the Copenhagen climate meetings, add in the Obama’s litany of Czars, most of which either have community organizing backgrounds, or are far outside of mainstream thinking in regard to the tenets of the Constitution, the logical conclusion is our nation is being run by a far left radically thinking administration, who’s goal is to implement the above mentioned strategy to its fullest no matter what the polls show.

The roots of Cloward-Piven were germinated in another well know radical agency ACORN, which began to spear head in 1982 the “voting rights movement”, “Project Vote”, and “Human Serve” all of which was tasked to register low to moderate voters who in past elections did not turn out to vote. Not a coincidence Obama began his community activism in the ACORN organization, and beat the streets for the ACORN platform, and assisted in the “Motor Vote Law” which was passed into law by Bill Clinton in 1993. It is key to point out that the money behind the expansion of ACORN was none other than the Open Society Institute also called the Shadow Party, which was run and funded by George Soros.

None of this information is new or startling, what is untenable is the fact that Obama’s ties to ACORN and Soros were common knowledge during the election but were dismissed by the major media, now labeled the “lamestream media”, which constituted the third peg or leg in the implementation of the strategy. Due to Obama’s Baptist preacher oratory style, taken from both Rev Wright and the far more honorable Martin Luther King, Soros and the far left had their media angel to begin the process of spreading the wealth and furthering the divide between the haves and the have nots.

The one variable, and possible saving grace is Obama and his handlers overestimated Obama’s star quality, where he still is popular as a person, the Obama administrations policies continue to drop on almost a daily basis, clearly showing that words and actions of this radical team do not match, and people are catching on. Great damage has been done, deficits, jobless rates, and costly legislation continue to hamper the American way of life, but the hope and change that was sold to a wanting populace is now being recognized as the greatest political sham of all time.

The truth will come out as to the motives of Obama and his cronies, and in this authors opinion history will not be kind to our current President, for he is accountable for his actions, and the people are starting to see, the thrill is gone.

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The decision to hold the 9/11 trials in New York is playing right into the hands of the terrorist who see our Nation as the preeminent cause of universal evil. The Obama administration under the guise of bringing the “evil doers” of the 9/11 attack to justice, are covertly trying to place the blame on the Bush administration and distract the nation from it’s dovish stance. Due to the law of discovery, and the differences between a military trial and a civil trial the prosecutor will have to release any and all information gathered supporting the charges since detention of the offending members.

The Obama administration is willing to deal with the blow-back and anger that will be surfaced by the highly visible trial in an effort to further cement there cause that America is the great devil and Obama is here to change that perception by holding the military and anyone else who stands in their way accountable. So basically Obama is saying regardless of due cause and clear reason, under his leadership they will not stoop to the level of the last administration in the protection of the United States, even if our sovereignty is in danger.

Clear message here? You Betch YA, and every single Americans threat level will be increased by this selfish grandstanding by the Obama administration. With the onset of this trail we are, one showing the enemy our methods of counter intelligence, and two setting a new baseline for the rules of war. The obvious byproduct of this action is it will empower every nut bag with a truck of fertilizer and a drum of ammonia to attack our sovereignty without the fear of retribution.

The administration will offer the production and access to the world stage by utilizing the full power of the liberal press and its voice. This kind of attention cannot be purchased on the cheap, and now like everything else in this administration the access will be provided for free by the growing bureaucracy of Obama’s vision of the United States government. In other words turn the tragic event of 9/11 into self serving political theater.

The hypocrisy is clearly evident in that the most recent terrorist attack by Nadal Hasan at Fort Hood was addressed by Obama himself with the following comment, “President urges Congress to hold off on shooting rampage investigation, asking lawmakers “to resist temptation to turn this tragic event into political theater”.

The transparency and motives of the new administration are becoming clearer each day when the individuals in charge will attack the efforts of the CIA, military, and the past administration for there actions in a time of war on one hand and then protect a Muslim terrorist attack on our soil by using the office of President to steer opinion!

The continued inconsistency of words and actions of the Obama administration continue to puzzle its ardent admirers, and incite its critics, and most damming of all, empower it’s enemies.    The lack of action, right or wrong in Afghanistan further adds doubt as to what or who the United States is and for what it stands for.   This clipping of the eagles wings is creating hope and change in the terrorist community, and grounding the Nation by its weakening of the standards and morals that built our freedom.  War is never fair, nor do the actions of individuals fit into a neatly defined box under its duress, by the metaphorical “dropping of our pants” to the world stage we further endanger our status as the paragon of freedom, that my friends could be the end of us and the U.S if allowed to continue..

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Obama Vacation

If there is one consistency with the current administration it is one of avoidance. Two of the hot topics, health care (Obama’s baby) and Afghanistan are both sorely in need of leadership or a fork, as in stick one in it, its done speaking to health care! How does President Obama choose to handle these two quagmires? Hop on Air Force One, and campaign in Florida, shirking responsibility is his standard operating procedure, when the going gets tough, give an emotional speech further abdicating responsibility to his rasher of spendopotomos minions.

As is the norm with Washington’s power elite, regardless of party, image is of more value than hard work and truth. Where the Democrats and the current administration are living up to their platform is spending money on pet projects, or more importantly, earmarking funds for future campaigns.

Dropping all pretense and emotional political dogma, Obama’s focus is to be king of the world, either financially or by ideology, we are spending our way to a government run state.

Obama’s team is consolidating banking, picking favorites, cutting pay, further controlling the money supply, produced a frontal attack on the first, and second amendment in a controlled effort to dilute any dissenting opinion, and the coup de grace creating a new world order with the kind assistance of Summers and Geithner.

Facts are facts, unemployment is the highest since the great depression, the dollars is being replaced as the primary world currency, devaluing our dollar to historic lows, greatly expanding the role of government by pursuing government sponsored health care running up massive untenable debt, and to insure our once great Nation stays humble and poor, creating additional regulation and proposing both a VAT and Cap and Trade tax!

Simple economics and a dash of common sense should allow even the staunches of blind following advocates of Obama’s bleed the state program to the same conclusion, we cannot afford the debt. By taxing the populace during an extreme financial downturn just does not add up no matter how much you may smile or how cool the persona pulling it off, it is not sound fiscal policy plain and simple.

Even more damaging and potentially life threatening, the administration has attacked the CIA, discontinued the missile shield, (more of a detente than a practical operation), closed Gitmo, or should I say closing Gitmo, and lastly, cannot pull the trigger on Afghanistan where inaction empowers the fringe, and risks soldiers lives who are outside Washington’s political fray.

None of this should baffle the voice of reason, Obama, has no history as a leader, supported no legislation of any value during his minute time in government, maintains and nurtures affiliations with the radical elements of the far left, and in an self gratifying effort continues to berate America to further feed the fools over the free. Those of whom voted for the media image of Obama, now have to reconcile their mistake, and accept responsibility of buying into the slick nebulous portrayal of a driven man with backing, he sold Lincoln you got Mao 2.0.

The question is how long will it take for the fickle public to grow weary of this show, many have, many will, 2010 is around the corner. Obama’s most likely legacy could be the reawakening of the American soul, but in quite the opposite way intended, the people are very weary of politicians, and very wanting of a leader, we will roll the dice on that issue in 2012, but odds are, change is in the game.

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Health care has been an obsession turned ugly for Obama, last weeks sound bite and good news was the CBO review of the  Baucus bill, which floated (still unwritten) costs would be reduced and would not increase taxes or deficit neutral.  Since that time numerous changes have been made to blend all the bills into a form that has a whiff of bi-partisan, and that goes beyond Olympia Snowe’s decision today, of which was tentaive at best, the story continues.

The Health care bill has been morphing and has become co-dependent on individual polling results trying to mitigate party loss to the passing of this bill.  Lawyers excluded, and well rewarded with no whiff of tort reform, a gift from there politician brethren, and now an estimated increase of $4000 per typical family is rising the hackles of the insurance industry bean counters? There is a lot of money in Health care but with the average profit margin at 6.2% they are not the greedy mugwumps they are made out to be, so this will be a long drawn out process before any bill reaches a vote.

Just who is benefiting from all this Hopey Changey, peace love, administrations efforts to further inflate a bloated budget, the timing and focus of which is ill conceived and not the top critical need.

Let’s see, government and profit, no that’s not it, what the people want, no, nooo, will improve care, uhh nope, be more efficient, could you pass the $400 dollar wrench please!  News Flash, there is no benefit to the people, sorry but there is no other way to view it, post the bill and keep every aspect of the negotiations open, cameras everywhere, transparency, you would have a better chance at spotting a Unicorn!

We will need a historical record first for remembrance of all the lost political careers in 2010 and 2012, and second to assist with the selection of candidates who actually listen to the people who hired them!

Passage of a multi-trillion dollar anchor for the sole reason of cash flow for the pork lined K street suits, and to reward the foot soldiers for the stealing of the last election, both of which are hard to swallow, suggestion.

Jobs please, money flow please, stablize the mortgage market, build some confidence, and do not tax the middle class with a value added tax nor cap and trade, you would be the king stealing from the commoners, sad but I do not hold out much hope for the new hope.

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As is becoming clear to the Obama administration, close inspection uncovers many flaws. In an effort to quiet the new governance’s detractors, quick and immediate attention was offered in the form of  a frontal attack on Fox News, with benignly chatty Anita Dunn.

Dunn’s attempt to silence the negative slant of Fox primarily Beck, and Hannity is  a clear effort and attempt by the administrations “legal rights” division (or deep bench of staff attorney’s), “they are  coming after Fox for spreading lies, anger”, and some pretty darn good observations from the pundits on the right.

This strategy of Dunn coming out and attacking Fox for close to 9 minutes in a hyper paranoid screechy delivery is a clear sign of  mounting desperation .   This is a critical element for the press now playing out, the administrations attack on a specific news site is new territory, and this new strategy in clearly testing the latitudes of first amendment.

It has long been rumored that behind the scenes Cass Sunstien is  testing the limits of the press, including internet, and blog activity, this fact has been long documented.  Sunstien per his writings, believes in small bites, similar to a Parana, the bite may sting but the host gets over it until the next bite, and so on and so on, until bone.  By implementing strategy’s to shift control over to the governments side of the fence, any effort must be covert, behind the scenes, for the simple fact Americans get nasty when they are continually lied too.

So alas, the rest of the world can be numb to the fact that as a Nation we are in a power grab, which is coming from both sides of the isle. This is a nasty little game of propaganda the new leadership team is brewing, of which the end result is yet to be seen, odds are 50/50 they can pull it off, if not stopped.

But never underestimate the general public when it comes to sorting things out, they know when action and words don’t match, they also can witness these brash overstatements of political diatribe on any of the state owned media outlets, where only “good and happy news” is put forth.

We are a resourceful people when our backs are to the wall, and each of us can come to there own conclusions, and from the tone of the argument someone better start stepping up and getting this nation back to work, in due haste.

Now is the time to set aside personal agendas, this battle wages here at home, and we have two overseas, focus on the ball Mr President, the economy is in dire need of some confidence, and the unemployed grows short for few long for many, don’t stand under the hoop and just get rebounds, play some defense, and shoot!! And oh yeah, quit with the air balls!


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Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Albert Schweitzer, George C. Marshall, Martin Luther King Jr, Amnesty International, Mother Teresa, Lech Walesa, Desmond Tutu, Mikhail Gorbachev, Nelson Mandella, all past winners of the Nobel prize, and rightful partners in the history of democracy on the world stage.  Each gained this level of history by an unending library of work and devotion, clearly defined, fairly accessed, and deserving.

Our latest winner President Obama, has won by being two things, first as many have said, he is not George Bush, OK I accept that, second and the primary reason for the granting of the once lofty Nobel  prize, Our President is ashamed to be called an American.

You got it folks, burn the American flag and the world cheers, Americas global standing over it’s 100 years as the leader of the free world has made some a wee bit antagonistic.   You have to hand it to Obama, he has been very diligent and driven in pounding in the minds of the global community, America ain’t what she used to be, and I am here to tell you I will have it no other way.   This has been the modus operandi of the Obama administration which has been overtly, and overly apologetic and sees America as a Bully Nation, and takes every opportunity to say as much on the world stage.

Every opportunity regardless of forum Obama has “dissed” the United States, his Utopian vision of butterfly’s and blue sky’s, have been targeted at the youth of our nation which has bought into this premise hook line and sinker, us boomers are not as easily convinced.

While this transformative  moment is in its beginning stages, the seeds of change have been sowed by Obamas Czar’s,  farmers dedicated to spreading the grass roots of corruption, politics, double speak, and disinformation.   I continue to hark back  on Obama’s promises, (to numerous to list here) and the subliminal messages become more obvious, this man does want change, and that change is being driven by his overt liberalism and anger towards a society that rewards survival to the fittest, IE; capitalism.

Call it what you may, semantics is the way of politics, but the goal of this administration is to shoot down and admonish the success and standing of the United States to allow other developing nations the opportunity kick the top dog off the mountain.  In today’s politics the picture of altruism is always the desired overt goal, but the motivation is usually based on accumulation of power, and in Obama’s case the feeding of the mans narcissism, he actually believes his words can overpower and create his image of a world where wealth is equal.

This past week Obama was rewarded with the Nobel Prize, not for what he has done, and not even for being the antithesis of Bush, but for his words of damnation of America and promises to the world community that we are sorry we have stepped out of line with the liberal global thought base.  All one has to do is review the winners since 2002 to see the Nobles political direction, and one should not be suprisied of this direction when considering the deciding members uber left political affiliations.

Well President Obama you have gone down in history before history was made, you have done so by selling out your nation, you have also painted yourself in a rather difficult corner, in one hand you have the Nobel Prize for your ultra liberal view, in the other you have a downtrodden and bewildered Nation of which patriotism has led them through many a dark night, predicated on the past alone Mr President I take patriotism for that is what built this Nation, right or wrong that is what will save us as well!

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