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Obama’s most useful tool in the 2008 election was to paint his image as the savior and leader of the emerging populist movement, Scott Brown and the Supreme Court put a severe dent in that image last week, so much so that Obama has enlisted the services of David Plouffe Obamas former campaign manager to re-spin and fortify Obamas convoluted message to the masses.

Clearly Obamas strategy to take advantage of the current economic crisis to push the Democrats social leaning, big government, spread the wealth policies is leaking water like a sieve. Bring in Plouffe, the Pied Piper and media mastermind in the 2008 election who was charged with leading a virtual unknown to the Office of President by pushing a populist platform has been given the reins in the effort to regain that “Obama magic” seen in the last election.

Plouffe’s efforts will have to contend with the “controversial” Supreme Court decision last week opening up the flood gates to corporate spending in political campaigns, which actually is a brilliant move to add balance back to the political process. Although this move was seen by most politicians as judicial activism by a conservative court, the byproduct of this move will place the power of the electorate in the hands of the very companies Obama and his team attack publicly but look to for support behind closed doors, IE; the elite bankers and Wall Street financiers.

If you thought the Obama administration was in campaign mode before, prepare yourself for an all out media attack directed at the painted and perceived demons of a free society, the money changers. Although this tact was highly successful in the 2008 election where Obamas ideology and “Uber Liberal” beliefs were unknown, the task will be practically insurmountable now that the constituency has seen the real Obama.

Obamas expected shift to jobs and employment will surely be the foundation of his State Of The Union speech, but also pay close attention to who Obamas speech writers are attacking, will Obama shift to the middle with fiscal restraint and a workable jobs program, or will Obama continue to push the social agenda of health care, cap and trade and financial reform at his own demise.

The choices are clear on which direction this country needs to go, the question is will Obama concede to the masses, or continue to forge ahead in his egocentric quest for his page in history? This quote sums up the Obama administration to date “You can’t change a pig into a race horse, but you can have a very fast pig”, clearly Obama is not a “race horse”, the question is can he be a “very fast pig”? That question will be answered in part this week, but given past history I see pork chops in the future, pass the barbecue sauce please.


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Considering the Democratic loss in Massachusetts which is considered the bastion of Democratic ideology you would think Obama and his handlers would give more than lip service to the media about their current negative tact and direction.

Initial finger-pointing was directed at Coakley where the Obama brain trust used every adjective possible to distance themselves from the dramatic loss of “Ted Kennedys” seat, but wait their always is George Bush and the last eight year drama they can leverage!

In the usual highly scripted Obama response the same sing songy Obama style language was directed at “the mess we inherited”, where blame or abdication thereof was placed firmly on the door step of the Bush administration, only this time the tread has fallen off the track.

Two times Obama has been inserted at the last moment to save the day, it happened in NJ and now MA, but Obama’s eloquent power of words and actions do not meet, he is asking voters to trust him, then in the same breath he projects blame to the past administration shunning all responsibility. By taking this approach Obama continues to insult the intelligence of the American public, and cement the glaring fact that leadership is not his strong suit.

Victor Davis Hanson is dead on when he states “I believe President Clinton provided some crucial insight when he said, “people would rather be with someone who is strong and wrong than weak and right.” It’s not that people are uninterested in who’s right or wrong, it’s that people will only follow leaders who seem to actually believe in what they are doing. Democrats have missed this essential fact”

Hanson goes on to state about Obama’s style “A technocracy – many Ivy-League-educated and without much experience outside academia and government – pushes legislation most people do not want but is nevertheless judged to be good for them.”

Clearly a detached elitist view when people are treated as ignorant children to be told what is correct and that they should be glad that Obama’s “benevolent guidance” is being offered, also to accept Obamas efforts because they are what Obama chose to pursue and are good for the people regardless of what those very same people may think!

Continuing on the elite theme, and like all great “Utopian kings” they exempt themselves from their own laws, all hail the King!

In a continued effort to focus on past mistakes or the perceived weakness of the Bush years, Obama has directed his negative hit machine on the bank bailouts, along with the evil Wall Street bankers. It is important to note Obama, Gethner, and Summers all bought into TARP with Obama signing the bill while he was still a Senator, so more of the same double speak when the rubber hits the road from this administration.

Both JFK and Clinton faced the same challenges in their first year, both were able to adapt and thrive, for all intent and purpose Obama should be able to do the same. But as of today Obama’s efforts are beginning to resemble the old adage, “he is just a one trick pony”, we have three more years to figure that one out, but the ponies feed bag has become one vote short of a meal, and this will make Obama’s “change we can believe in” all that more difficult, anyone know what time the Bush re-runs are on?

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Looks Simple Doesn’t It

ObamaCare has managed to pass the first and second hurdles to a final vote, palms have been greased, promises have been made, souls have been sold, time now for the donnybrook, and the final product. Remembering back to the dog days of summer, when the grassroots Tea Party movement was so prevalent never would I have guessed I would still be writing about health care. Certainly more important issues would be on the table by December, we still have rampant runaway deficits, unemployment closing on depression like numbers, and two wars.

The current path of the Democratic party appears to be of the strategy to pass some sort of health care bill before the end of the year. The rush is, first Obama promised, second if ObamaCare drags out too long it will severely damage the Democratic party in the 2010 elections. Most think the Democratic losses in 2010 are a shoe in, but nothing could be further from the truth if the Republican party cannot consolidate the factions within the right side of politics.

Republicans should look at what worked for Obama and steal a page from his campaign, demonize; blame all the worlds ill’s on your opponent, fantasize; if you follow me, note the me, the world will be a better place “I” am here to take care of you, but switch it to, freedom over expansion of  “The Government State”.

Currently the middle to far right has fractioned into individual platforms, the Big Tent is a bunch of Tpees at the moment, and still no clear unifier is standing out.  This is dangerous in that the idea of individual country states of consistent morals and political beliefs could step out of the union.  Not as far fetched or radical as one might think, the preponderance of the monies being spent or will be spent for all this Hopey Changing is going to the core citys or population centers.  Little of this money will find its way into most red states, so why should Omaha have to pay for Chicago’s health care?  A uniter is needed, or at least a good organizer to pull the right of center together.

I am afraid the Republican party doesn’t want to get it’s hands dirty and would rather sit and watch the show from the balcony, therein lies the problem of the entire political process, protect the position. By being focused on maintaining or exploiting power, the battle is fought mostly on defense, with rare opportune moments of attack, or fight for survival. When survival is the highest motive it is consuming, you don’t risk injury when trying to survive, it becomes hard to legislate from a cave.

Back on point, with the asperous relationship of the majority, 60 is hard to come by, the Democrats and Obama have dumped all if not most of their political capital on passing this bill, and to this date we still don’t know what the final bill will be.

But the Obama administration pulled off a minor success in buying the last 3-4 votes, they voted unanimously as a party, this is now their legacy. Time will tell as to the success or damage of this coup, all indications are this bill will be like numerous other government programs, bleeding money, highly inefficient, and unaccountable, just like the politicians who run them.

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One year after the election our country sits on the precipice of collapse politically, economically, and morally and we sit in this position due mostly to the policies of the current administration.  Regardless of the propaganda coming out of the White House about the reasons for our troubles, our worsening  situation is clearly attached to President Obama and his leadership to date.

Rather than detract or extol the decisions of the Obama team, it is of higher importance to recognize how by continuing to proceed as we are could result in a national implosion on the grandest scale.

The obvious divisions between the two primary parties has been written on to great length, what is being ignored is the segmentation by the people of the United States into sub-segments within those two parties and how the leadership void within these segments is fueling the fire to further division.  Anthropologically this move is borne out of dissatisfaction with the status quo, which was artfully used by the Obama handlers to push their agenda of “Change You Can Believe In”, the key and dismissed aspect of this move was and still is what this change entailed.

For all intent and purpose and actionable legislation put forth to date, the “change” is not something the large majority of the populace DOES believe in, and by bulldozing ahead with the party’s nebulous shadow policies geared at consolidation of wealth and power for personal and political gain has created  a national animus that is fermenting to unstable levels, and suggestive actions.

We are a nation being run by a minority (platform)  acting in the pursuit of a majority consensus with no clear delineation of public policy,  evading all the while the wishes of  plurality!  Or simply put, we have an administration which THRIVES on conflict and uses that conflict to push its agenda of which is only known to them, and is implemented over the wishes of the people that elected them to serve.

By the Obama team pursuing this tact, a void of dissenting opinion and differing agendas is sprouting on a national level.  This “grassroots”  ideology is consistent in that is is inconsistent, case in point; the rise of the rogue.  If one were to look at the actual definition of the word “rogue” they just might not select it as title of a book?  Forgoing the definition, and looking at which it professes to support, going rogue has been marketed as doing things against the norm, or a return to founding conservative principals, all well and good, but where does that leave the “conservative” who was in place prior to the new definition being promoted as a NEW platform?

The antithesis, or far left point of view is diametrically opposed to the “rogue platform” and just as stridently pushes it’s agenda, “big government is good”.  In between  these two political forces a cadre of special interests and fragmentation’s of thought reside, which further  impedes any national consensus or action, the big tent’s are missing their anchors.

In essence our nation is searching for meaning, this is not new and is a byproduct of founding documents on which we govern, but the difference this time is the disconnect is foundational, is government and its control the answer, or the people for which it stands?

The answer to this question will determine the likelihood of Americas world status for future generations, and although the problems we face are not quite so simplistic, the way in which we solve them is.

Do we as citizens of a free republic abdicate to the wishes of our politicians, or are we a nation OF the people, the decision of which faction will lead the majority to this goal is our choice, the freedom of that choice is not questionable, and the key to our survival as a nation depends on it.

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The latest from Harry Reid

“Democrats aren’t going to let the American people down,” Majority Leader Harry Reid said after a closed-door meeting called to discuss last-minute trade-offs in the legislation that President Barack Obama has made a top priority. “I’m confident that by next week, we will be on our way toward final passage.”

Harry please don’t do us any favors!  With 61% of the American population against this bill, and an estimated 10-15% undecided, who is Harry talking to?  Could it be the far left, me thinks so!

Now that we are within days of President Obamas one year anniversary his administration and most democrats are still kicking the can down the road on health care.  The amount of time and focus on a program that is not needed, wanted, nor affordable, and quite possibly the death knell for as many as 30 Democratic seats is astounding!

Nanny P.  AKA Nancy Pelosi came to the aid of her concerned democratic members stating today, she is willing to risk control of the house in 2010 to pass ObamaCare. Easily said by a woman who comes from the most liberal district in the free world, can ya hear the bus coming Blue Dogs!

You have to keep in mind the amount of time, money, and political blood that has gone into passing the holy grail of the left, why it has been rumored that some members are actually working 25-30 hours a week in their efforts to bankrupt the United States, here here!

The Democratic party and President Obama have painted themselves in a nasty dirty corner by spending practically all their political capital on this one bill, and doing so against the majority. It is rumored that the final legislation will have plethora of concessions that will water the bill down to the point of being ineffective, in essence passing health care will be nothing more than saving face for Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, quite a price to pay to satisfy ones ego.

The clock is running, the Democrats are on the goal line, but the crowd has left, what say we punt on the one yard line and try this again in 10-15 years?

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After watching President Obama on 60 minutes tonight a moment of clarity occurred that has been puzzling me for sometime. Why with the legislation coming out of the Whitehouse can Obama be polling so well?

Now “polling well” is a subjective statement, and Obama has slid, no he has collapsed in the polls, but given our current economic and unemployment problems his numbers could be far worse.

On tonight’s 60 Minutes show Obama’s persona came off cool, detached, defensive and argumentative when pushed on the issues. Give Steve Croft credit, he was pitching some pretty good sliders. Then when the interview was supposed to be over, the producer brought up one more question, the “party crashers.  Obama came into his own and shifted gears into glowing confidence, was humorous in the use of sarcasm, and came off as a guy you might drink a beer with, quite the opposite of the defensive law professor when Croft was dishing Obama tough questions.

This dovetails into an articles by Matt Taibbi and Glen Greenwald addressing the cult like behavior on the far sides of the parties, both excellent observations and worth the read.  Condensed scan of the articles brings to attention the vehement chasm behind the blind follower, and one that is politically involved. Where the blind follower in short do see Obama as a savior, and  hold that image as their base belief,  the more politically astute are beginning  questioning Obamas motives and actions.  The support of the cultish followers  is out of  inspiration and not based politics and unwavering, the independents that voted for Obama are leaving in droves and the main cause for Obamas numbers falling, they see his words and actions are not moderate, far left from it.

So when you hold the adoration of a large group of followers which is based in emotion alone, you have an army of loyal protectors eager to do ones bidding.  The issue is the cult followers are driving the division between accountability and blind acceptance, and quite frankly doing their country a disservice.  The blind acceptance of Obama the man it an entirely separate issue from the real issues and policy his administration is attempting to implement, which in fact deserve the negative attention, or at least an unbiased review.  This cult acceptance is leveraged and amplified  by  Obamas handlers who jump at any chance to keep the negativity personal rather than address the left agenda in an open debate.

This shell game is played supremely well, so well that it produces “cover” for Obama’s real agenda, and by using ridicule. and projecting blame on past administrations, Obama appears to be running from his own shadow.  Not exactly leadership qualities.  If the Obama team would realize the criticism is based on his liberal agenda, and not the man, some middle ground might be found for consensus.  But to continue to play Chicago politics and attempt to either buy or cut off the legs of detractors will lead to further  party division and stagnation, neither of which is good for the health of our country.

President Obama is an intelligent individual, and you cannot win the Presidency on charm alone, or can you?  That is the 12.7 trillion dollar question we all must face, Act One is over, intermission is approaching fast, before you know it 2010 will be here, and if the show continues like it has people will be heading for the exits, worship or not, even if Obama gives himself a B+.

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You have to wonder what could the Obama Administration, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the rest of the pile on group be thinking? Could it be that they know something we don’t? Is the world going to end in 2012, or are they just plain greedy opportunist, I believe the latter. Over the last two weeks, we have seen the continued drive to pass health care regardless that the issue is polling 61% against, cap and trade is being worked, financial reform has passed the house, the debt ceiling is being raised by 1.8 TRILLION and Obama visited the left side of the world in Copenhagen pledging the United States is “on-board” with carbon reduction beyond reasonable and economically damaging levels.

It is important to note that none of the proposed legislation is necessary, nor wanted per the latest polls, but the democratic leadership along with President Obama continue to drive on pel-mel, risking party seats, and possible control over both the house and senate. Many a pundit have tried to rationalize this aberrant behavior and find the trigger or root cause for this massive redistribution of wealth and expansion of government, read on.

Theory one: Ivory towers, the leadership and members of Washington see themselves as untouchable, they have become detached from the reality outside of the beltway, their focus is so narrow that their narcissist needs for power, validation and conquest is blinding them to the real purpose and foundation of their job description. The constituency has allowed this damaging detachment and in fact has enabled their idiosyncratic actions for decades allowing the career politicians to become deeply ensconced into sub-segments of power groups or gangs, with clearly delineated corporate favoritism and causes being implemented for pure personal gain.

Theory two: Opportunism, the Democratic party has been the whipping boy to the Republican party since Bill Clinton, they have begrudgingly played the game all the while developing the strategy unfolding now. They have not had a serious presidential candidate that could appease the segments of the population required to carry the election. Along came the spider, Obama with the assistance of Soros, ACORN, big labor, and a top notch media team packaged the new hope of the left to appear as a moderate, they campaigned on change knowing full well that the people were weary of politics as usual and were growing tired of Americas involvement two wars of which after the weapons of mass destruction were not found slid to abysmal levels of public approval. With the added assistance from Hollywood liberals, a full blown media attack took place, the message was precise, consistent, and droned in to the hearts and minds of anyone in earshot. It also was of great assistance that President Obama was a bit of a ham and natural actor, he carried the moderate message to the people every waking moment for close to two years prior to last years election. As some late comers to the party are now beginning to realize, this message was nothing more than an effort to pull the wool over the eyes of the American public, and our new leader is not what he said he was, but a left of left liberal with his own personal agenda, or in other words, President Obama and his handlers lied to get the prize, the oval office, trust be dammed they pulled it off.

Theory Three: Aliens, as was witnessed in Copenhagen, our supreme leader was in contact with his Grand Poo Bah who called him while in Europe and forgot to put the sky mute button on and left a huge distinct circular cloud. Knowing no evidence was to be left behind, Russia came to the aid of Obama and pawned off the cloud as a test missile gone awry, for their help the Grand Poo Bah gave them Mars.

In reality only those behind closed doors know what the grand plan is, so much for transparency, but one clear truth is evident, the middle class or worker bees will bare the brunt of the aftermath, and that my fellow Americans is not freedom!

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Photo Provided by the: Used because its humorous, no personal offense intended

Shocking revelation isn’t it, no you say? Well maybe not, I contend that Obama is who he always has been, a community organizer feeding off the fringes of society, employing radical, (yes I said radical) methods to cram down his policies on the very people that put him in power.

Here is what we know, Obama began his political career in Chicago in 1996, serving from 1997 to 2004, during this period Obama gained the reputation of using “hardball” political tactics serving the south side of Chicago. Obama’s focus then as it is now was to serve the disenfranchised, he actually did vote during his term of service, unlike his Senate voting record his direction and platform was clear and precise.

Several of Obamas pet projects were, homicide interrogations be recorded, reformation of campaign finance, and allocation of tax credits for the poor, and the elimination of racial profiling. Obama was also schooled in Chicago politics by several of the top known leaders of the Chicago political arena, his first run at political office he had his opponents knocked off the ballot by challenging the nominating petitions, Chicago politics 101.

After being elected to the Senate in 2007, Obama’s voting record during his short tenure was to vote the Democratic party line 97% of the time, or 10% more often than the Democratic average. Also during his short stay in the Senate Obama had 630 opportunities to vote on various legislation, he missed or did not vote 282 times or as a percentage during the time period of 12/5/2007-6/28/08 Obama showed up for 44.8% of the total available voting opportunities. In an attempt at fairness Obama ranks third in missed votes with Senator John McCain ranking second, and coming in first Tim Johnson who missed the 2007 Senate session due to a serious medical condition.

So in review of the above information, our President has seven years of state senate experience, served from 2004 to 2007 in congress, announced his run for presidency on 10/22/06, or less than 10 years after first being elected to office. Clearly not statesman street cred, and rather ambitious, some say arrogant that he even considered running given his lack of national political experience. So it should be no surprise that Obama continues to produce misstep after misstep resulting in his free fall at the polls and lack of public confidence.

So it is clear that Obama did not win the race based on his record, he won by following a script written by the power players in the Democratic party which took the majority in 2006, who had been held in check during most of the last 25 years by Republicans and moderate Democrats. The far left segment of supporters knew their candidate could not win the popular vote by pushing a shadow agenda of feeding the beast (government), they needed a candidate who appeared as a moderate, a uniter, or put simply an outsider.

If ever the metaphor fits it does in this case, “be careful what you wish for you might just get it”, now that Obama and his team of handlers won the holy grail they have nary a clue what to do next. Although the Obama consortium has been successful in pleasing the radical left with the Stimulus plan, and bank bail outs, done in the first months of the administration, their momentum has slowed to an impasse. Cap and Trade, health care, the two wars, financial reform, are all basically at a stand still, with once loyal members fleeing the ship in an effort to save any semblance of their political careers.

After one year here are the observations in need of clarity.

Health care although important is not the critical issue of the day, a 2000 plus page bill written with so many mouths to feed it will burn money like water through a sieve, leaving a monumental debt to for future generations which will further dilute America as a world power.

Cap and Trade, the new socialism under another name, what better way to spread the wealth than to tax the producing nations in to oblivion while feeding the fruits of that labor to underdeveloped nations. This is nothing more than a consumption tax focused on free enterprise.

Financial Reform, the proposed financial reform is ostensibly being put in place to “avoid” another housing melt down, real reason, centralize power under one roof to better control the flow of money and its uses. The fallacy of financial reform is the very individuals that created the problem are now designated to fix it, IE; Barney Frank, and Chris Dodd along with the assistance of Tim Geithner plan on reining in the abuses of the past housing bubble, really, no not really. Barney Frank was the leading advocate of freeing up the mortgage markets by offering financing to the underprivileged, his continued interference and stonewalling stopped reforms directed at Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac to tighten underwriting guidelines. Chris Dodd is the chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, where he along with other Democrats did their level best to keep the lending markets open and free to any and all types of financial instruments, (sic) sub prime lending, as well as get himself sweet deals from Countrywide on his personal residences, go Rob Simmons and Linda McMahon!

Unemployment, ask any economist what is the number one problem with our country today and if they say anything other than unemployment they are lying. Last count 10% of the workforce is unemployed, take into account that the remaining work force is either underemployed or have fallen off the ranks of unemployment and you have a critical world changing problem. Estimates have the actual number of unemployed taking into consideration the above criteria at 18-25%. If you only look at this percentage and how it effects the money supply you have potential for a free fall world depression. The worlds economies are based on consumption, and the confidence that the consumers will consume, at this point in history our world is within a razors edge of crashing, unemployment and money flow in the CONSUMER SECTOR not the governments is the key to the turn around of the global slowdown.

Shadow agendas, the following are based on strong rumors and mounting evidence, Obamas team, is looking to circumvent the Constitution, by structuring a limit on free speech, hold internet bloggers and political pundits accountable for speaking their mind, attempting to steer public opinion by attacking the dissenting opinion, Chicago politics on a national scale, funneling money to ACORN, SEIU and other community organizing groups who’s agenda is to further the political causes of the left, and lastly the capper, employ the Cloward-Piven strategy of overwhelming the system so justification of Marshall law will have cause to be implemented, a key component in the goal of total control.

The President and his team are basically left with two options, first the wrong assumption, that they can continue to spend tax dollars to push an agenda focused on serving the minority, or they can do what is right and focus on serving the people (majority) by fiscal restraint, and a reduction of government as they were hired to do. The choice is theirs, the results are ours, the future of the Democratic party is riding on this bet, now is not the time to double down President Obama, this is not an all or nothing game you are playing.

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LIE “We were forced to take those steps (to jump-start the economy) largely without the help of an opposition party which, unfortunately, after having presided over the decision-making that had led to the crisis, decided to hand it over to others to solve, Obama said, starting his address with a history lesson on the roots of the recession.”

Truth: First the TARP program, which was passed in Congress and the Senate by both Democrats and Republicans, your Fed Chairman Geithner on 2/5/09 had and has control over how to use the funds which is estimated to have a remaining balance of 300 billion.

Truth: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, this one is your baby, a 787 Billion baby know as the stimulus plan. You put your best man in charge, Vice President Biden, who since February has managed to fund mostly pork laden non shovel ready projects, and has only funded an estimated 21% to date, also least we forget about the manufactured districts and the large majority of funds going to Democratic member districts.

Truth: Your administration President Obama, has managed to run up (at last count) a deficit of 1.4 TRILLION by employing Keynesian economic theory, or better put, a way to justify the democratic spending spree.

Truth: You cannot spend our country out of debt, that sir is an oxymoron to the highest degree!

Truth: You are attempting to pass a health care bill against the best wishes of the people you serve. You state that no increase in the deficit will be apparent, so looking at that statement you want to cover an additional 30 million people who currently do not have coverage, and you can do that for free?

Truth: Since your parties greed overwhelmed the first stimulus plan you passed, and given 80% of the money has not been spent, you want to offer up a jobs program which will cost another 200 billion. Like the health care plan you say the money will come from TARP or TALF, but give the American public one good reason they should believe you?

Truth: Cap and Trade will further burden the United States economy which will be tasked with carrying an additional tax which will have to be amortized off by middle America further increasing cost to produce which will be passed on to the good people so fortunate to have jobs.

Truth: With the EPA and the United Nations in your back pocket you plan on signing the Copenhagen accord to stem global warming, regardless of the actual truth and facts about the reality of global warming, and the latest scam uncovered which certainly should be validated prior to signing any treaty that will harm the United States.

Truth: Your team of inept financial advisers are trying to implement or make law Financial Regulation Reform, when in fact two of the most culpable individuals for the housing crisis are from your party, Barney Frank And Chris Dodd. Their continued harassment, influence and attacks on the lenders to loosen up mortgage underwriting guidelines in fact exacerbated the housing situation. Also by not implementing suggested refrains on the GSE’s as proposed by Republican legislators both entities were allowed to run amuck.

Mr. President, we are past your blame game, it is childish to continue to look for scapegoats, leaders don’t need to blame others, they fix problems, they elicit help, and build bridges not burn them. Mr. President you have been in office close to one year, and all your team has done is run our nation into the ground, by spending the American public’s money unwisely, while continuing to blame others for problems you and the Democratic congress have created, which by the way has had the majority since 2006.

Sir, either man up and get the job done, or get the hell out of the way, I believe we can do much better without your continued lies and half truths!

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God I love Video!

Never let it be said the Democratic party is shy when it comes to spending other peoples money, but as of late their addiction has gone into overdrive. With the ink still wet on Stimulus I, which has spent as of 9/09 $84,587,463 or 14.5% of the total allotted $787 billion, now the Spendocrats are ponying up to the til once again.  It would appear that someone in the district falsification department needs to crack the whip and get busy creating the proposed 5000 additional districts to funnel the payoffs too.

With the continuation of the Keynesian economic process firmly ensconced in the hearts and minds of the Democratic leadership, it is difficult to catch a stray Democrat not smiling at their horn of plenty windfall.  The irony is that in real dollars the amount of real stimulus dollars that are targeted at projects that can actually create jobs is estimated at 3-5%, a paltry sum to say the least.

It would appear that the CBO was correct in February 2009 when it stated “the recession will slow down and reverse with or without stimulus intervention”.  Also per the CBO’s report the bulk of the monies are to be spent in 2011, or in other words one year before the next election, coincidence or deftly planned to create an image of growth by the Obama team at an opportune time?

The CBO reported 60% of the funds were to be allocated by the end of year one of the three year payout plan, so the current shortage of 45.5% in payouts can only lead to one conclusion, the plan is ineffective and has little or no measure on our current economic standing.  Shovel ready be dammed!

Stage left:  Nancy Pelosi entered the fray yesterday dropping the bomb that NOW history will repeat itself, “if we pull our punch” on job creation.  Definition, jobs are the new and I say NEW reason to support yet another stimulus plan.  Along with Nan’s tough talk, the new Democratic mantra is deficit reduction, so now we have the Democratic leadership focusing on jobs and deficit reduction on one hand, and floating balloons for yet more spending, hypocrisy, uhhh huh.

So the great creators of this mess, Obama, Pelosi, Hoyer, are now gleefully singing another tune, all the while they are planning on passing a health care plan, cap and trade, further financial regulation and the latest, a capital gains tax increase further hindering free markets, all in the guise of “creating jobs”.

Summary; the plan is to create an additional stimulus plan directed at creating jobs, (is this not what the first one was supposed to do), pass health care while not increasing the deficit (it will), adding numerous taxes via cap and trade, deflect the blame onto the financial markets with a consolidation of power to the FED by adding regulations on top of existing regulations, and lastly take any profit one might make (slim chance) in the remaining markets by increasing the capital gains tax?

Brilliant plan don’t you think, create jobs by increasing taxes and debt, eureka, Nan has created a new economic model, Pelosian Economic Theory, or PET, because that is what we will all be, pets under the watchful eye of our master the US government.  Excuse me I have to go for a walk, Nan grab the leash!!

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