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The overwhelming theme of today’s headlines is the structured one minded attacks of  GOP presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann based on some of her less than accurate historical comments.  For all intent and purpose these minor gaff’s pale in comparison to the current state of the union on so many levels one has to wonder is this the best the liberal detractors can come up with?  Should not the questions be Mrs. Bachmann, what is your plan to turn around the economy, the jobless rate, your position on national defense, the current unrest in the Middle East?

The media’s choice to focus on minutia, is telling in that is uncovers a very real and valid fear; hey this woman is pretty darn smart and is racing up the GOP polls like a some kind of GOP Secretariate, garnering influence and mass followers along the way, or in other words a very real challenge to Obama in 2012.

If 2008 proved anything is clearly shows us that politics in the internet 24/7 age is directly tied to the buzz one can create outside of the normal means of the controlled media.  The fourth estate has expanded to small gorilla social media consortium’s so much so that now the media powerhouses of the past have been relegated to nothing more than attack dogs of any source that might not agree with their structured plan of who should be in power.

In essence a quantifiable balancing of the structured message has taken place, and the old school NBC’s, CBS’s find themselves in a diminished role of influence.  I for one could not be happier.

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Considering the Democratic loss in Massachusetts which is considered the bastion of Democratic ideology you would think Obama and his handlers would give more than lip service to the media about their current negative tact and direction.

Initial finger-pointing was directed at Coakley where the Obama brain trust used every adjective possible to distance themselves from the dramatic loss of “Ted Kennedys” seat, but wait their always is George Bush and the last eight year drama they can leverage!

In the usual highly scripted Obama response the same sing songy Obama style language was directed at “the mess we inherited”, where blame or abdication thereof was placed firmly on the door step of the Bush administration, only this time the tread has fallen off the track.

Two times Obama has been inserted at the last moment to save the day, it happened in NJ and now MA, but Obama’s eloquent power of words and actions do not meet, he is asking voters to trust him, then in the same breath he projects blame to the past administration shunning all responsibility. By taking this approach Obama continues to insult the intelligence of the American public, and cement the glaring fact that leadership is not his strong suit.

Victor Davis Hanson is dead on when he states “I believe President Clinton provided some crucial insight when he said, “people would rather be with someone who is strong and wrong than weak and right.” It’s not that people are uninterested in who’s right or wrong, it’s that people will only follow leaders who seem to actually believe in what they are doing. Democrats have missed this essential fact”

Hanson goes on to state about Obama’s style “A technocracy – many Ivy-League-educated and without much experience outside academia and government – pushes legislation most people do not want but is nevertheless judged to be good for them.”

Clearly a detached elitist view when people are treated as ignorant children to be told what is correct and that they should be glad that Obama’s “benevolent guidance” is being offered, also to accept Obamas efforts because they are what Obama chose to pursue and are good for the people regardless of what those very same people may think!

Continuing on the elite theme, and like all great “Utopian kings” they exempt themselves from their own laws, all hail the King!

In a continued effort to focus on past mistakes or the perceived weakness of the Bush years, Obama has directed his negative hit machine on the bank bailouts, along with the evil Wall Street bankers. It is important to note Obama, Gethner, and Summers all bought into TARP with Obama signing the bill while he was still a Senator, so more of the same double speak when the rubber hits the road from this administration.

Both JFK and Clinton faced the same challenges in their first year, both were able to adapt and thrive, for all intent and purpose Obama should be able to do the same. But as of today Obama’s efforts are beginning to resemble the old adage, “he is just a one trick pony”, we have three more years to figure that one out, but the ponies feed bag has become one vote short of a meal, and this will make Obama’s “change we can believe in” all that more difficult, anyone know what time the Bush re-runs are on?

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It was reported by Johna Goldberg this morning that Newsweek  Magazine has enlisted the services of President Obama to write a piece on the current tragedy in Haiti. Although a noble cause, and truth be told Obama will have one of his staffers write the piece, this request is further evidence of the blurring of the lines between the press and the political process.

Also of note is the fact that in the past Newsweek has had a rather aggressive tilt in their coverage of Obama and his administration. The question that comes to mind is; why not just issue a press release which is normal SOP in cases similar to Haiti’s tragedy. Considering this point, the next viable question is what is the motive or payoff for the exclusive scoop to Newsweek?

Payoff:  Newsweek is one of Obama’s top supporters,  they have kowtowed and idolized Obama from the beginning, the bill is now being called due now that  Newsweeks redesign and change of  focus is coming out of the gate.  They need a home run to pull this off, what better way than to plaster Obama’s face on their newly redesigned rag.

Motivation:  All kidding aside, Obama loves Obama, no mirror is safe, I can see the Prez in 20 years (living in exile) paging through all the covers he garnered while in office, the man is a narcissist plain and simple.

Not to dilute the crisis in Haiti, but this is not the best use of office to be pandering to the media, I don’t think the subscription rate in Haiti will increase due to this article, and by now becoming Author In Chief it further degrades the office of President.

Now if I can only find that recipe  piece by Lincoln, or was that FDR, no Trueman, I am making the President some humble pie!

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I am adverse in giving David Brooks any further attention, but…several adjectives come to mine; vapid, pseudo intellectual, narcissistic self professed “educated class” blowhole, pop to the surface rather quickly. Dave penned Tea Party Teens yesterday a wispy, dare I say view of anyone outside the liberal print media is uneducated kind of article, or as Dave phrases it a “fractious confederation of Americans who are defined by what they are against”.

Nice tat Dave here is the tit, Dave your rather snooty opinion carries no more weight than any other talking head, and for you to get all intellectual on our lowly tea party asses, deserves a dual, (of words).  Below lets address just a schooch of the lofty observations you alledge, point counter point, game on.

DAVE:  The public is not only shifting from left to right. Every single idea associated with the educated class has grown more unpopular over the past year.

MP: So then Dave you are saying the left, educated class as you put it is moving to the right, but the right is a “fractious confederation of Americans” does that not make the right smarter?

DAVE: The educated class believes in global warming, so public skepticism about global warming is on the rise. The educated class supports abortion rights, so public opinion is shifting against them. The educated class supports gun control, so opposition to gun control is mounting.

MP: First, yes, yes, yes on the oppositions stand, heres why, and let’s ponder a little.  Global warming, the educated class believes this because they believe in science, things they can prove, just look at all the evidence, this Dave  is the limitation of the elite intellect, and your liberal moonbattedness, (yes I know it is not a word).  Truth be told, even with the best science of the day, no one can prove this is not a normal cycle the earth is going through and there is little we can do to stop it, that’s the fatalist view, but this opinion is one that is making it’s rounds among the edumacated folk.  Before we tax the middle class into oblivion, more definitive unbiased information needs to be reviewed, remember scientist don’t get paid if they do not receive grants to do such.

DAVE: The story is the same in foreign affairs. The educated class is internationalist, so isolationist sentiment is now at an all-time high, according to a Pew Research Center survey. The educated class believes in multilateral action, so the number of Americans who believe we should “go our own way” has risen sharply.

MP: Dave lots of people are trying to kill us, America has been the have’s to the worlds have not’s that fact doesn’t engender a great deal of good will from third world nations.  In the past to overcome this label the U.S. government has either thrown money at the problem, or become occupiers, neither of which is in the best interest of the effected party or the United States.

DAVE: The tea party movement is a large, fractious confederation of Americans who are defined by what they are against. They are against the concentrated power of the educated class. They believe big government, big business, big media and the affluent professionals are merging to form self-serving oligarchy — with bloated government, unsustainable deficits, high taxes and intrusive regulation.

MP:  Large group, yes, fractious confederation, naw, real people Dave, one’s that work for a living or have worked hard and are tired of being taxes without representation best describes the Tea Party Movement.  As to the second part, is that a trick question, remember I am a fractious confederate, but either you are trying to fool us bumpkins or we agree on; “they believe big government, big business, big media and the affluent professionals are merging to form self-serving oligarchy — with bloated government, unsustainable deficits, high taxes and intrusive regulation”.  Why would anyone want big government Dave, it costs to much and is highly inefficient, big business, hey I am all for that, what my kind do not care for is unfair competition garnered by backroom political dealings with the help of lobbyist, and lastly we have been living in an “oligarchy” since JP Morgan, John D Rockefeller, and Senator Nelson W. Aldrich  met on  Jekyll Island in 1910 setting the ground work for the Federal Reserve, so woops too late we have been an oligarchy for 100 years now!

Chances are Dave you will never read this post and that is a shame, like you I have an opinion, and that opinion is you have been running in elite circles so long you have sorely lost touch with middle America.  In fact I would say you fear middle America, why else would you be so condescending in your article about the tea party movement?  Time to come down off that pedestal and talk to a few of us folk, you might be surprised at how cogent we can be when motivated by what middle America see’s as high crimes and treason being committed by our elected officials.  No hurry though, we don’t tire easy or give up when our freedom is at stake, take your time, maybe after cocktails at the club you could squeeze us in.

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One year after the election our country sits on the precipice of collapse politically, economically, and morally and we sit in this position due mostly to the policies of the current administration.  Regardless of the propaganda coming out of the White House about the reasons for our troubles, our worsening  situation is clearly attached to President Obama and his leadership to date.

Rather than detract or extol the decisions of the Obama team, it is of higher importance to recognize how by continuing to proceed as we are could result in a national implosion on the grandest scale.

The obvious divisions between the two primary parties has been written on to great length, what is being ignored is the segmentation by the people of the United States into sub-segments within those two parties and how the leadership void within these segments is fueling the fire to further division.  Anthropologically this move is borne out of dissatisfaction with the status quo, which was artfully used by the Obama handlers to push their agenda of “Change You Can Believe In”, the key and dismissed aspect of this move was and still is what this change entailed.

For all intent and purpose and actionable legislation put forth to date, the “change” is not something the large majority of the populace DOES believe in, and by bulldozing ahead with the party’s nebulous shadow policies geared at consolidation of wealth and power for personal and political gain has created  a national animus that is fermenting to unstable levels, and suggestive actions.

We are a nation being run by a minority (platform)  acting in the pursuit of a majority consensus with no clear delineation of public policy,  evading all the while the wishes of  plurality!  Or simply put, we have an administration which THRIVES on conflict and uses that conflict to push its agenda of which is only known to them, and is implemented over the wishes of the people that elected them to serve.

By the Obama team pursuing this tact, a void of dissenting opinion and differing agendas is sprouting on a national level.  This “grassroots”  ideology is consistent in that is is inconsistent, case in point; the rise of the rogue.  If one were to look at the actual definition of the word “rogue” they just might not select it as title of a book?  Forgoing the definition, and looking at which it professes to support, going rogue has been marketed as doing things against the norm, or a return to founding conservative principals, all well and good, but where does that leave the “conservative” who was in place prior to the new definition being promoted as a NEW platform?

The antithesis, or far left point of view is diametrically opposed to the “rogue platform” and just as stridently pushes it’s agenda, “big government is good”.  In between  these two political forces a cadre of special interests and fragmentation’s of thought reside, which further  impedes any national consensus or action, the big tent’s are missing their anchors.

In essence our nation is searching for meaning, this is not new and is a byproduct of founding documents on which we govern, but the difference this time is the disconnect is foundational, is government and its control the answer, or the people for which it stands?

The answer to this question will determine the likelihood of Americas world status for future generations, and although the problems we face are not quite so simplistic, the way in which we solve them is.

Do we as citizens of a free republic abdicate to the wishes of our politicians, or are we a nation OF the people, the decision of which faction will lead the majority to this goal is our choice, the freedom of that choice is not questionable, and the key to our survival as a nation depends on it.

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President Obama was highly critical of the Bush administrations actions in Afghanistan while campaigning, statements from he and his handlers placed an emphasis on “the forgotten war” and how Afghanistan was the real war, so much so that the administration has painted themselves in a corner as to potential options. Now seven months after announcing a new direction in the Afghan war the President is sending an additional 30000 thousand men and women into the fray.

The move to increase troop levels and follow General McCrystals lead is being seen by the left as a critical mistake further dividing Obamas dwindling support base. But the real question is, what is the end game or expected outcome, or put simply the goal. 

Note Afghanistan has been at war now for some 2339 years, dating back to 330BC, so history has a big role in any potential outcome.  The latest effort to bring stability to the region, albeit Communism was Russia,  least we forget history that war lasted from 1979-1992 and both the outcome and the byproduct of the invasion bankrupted Russia and assisted in the Democratization of the former Soviet Union.

The ostensible reason for the last administration entering through “hells gates” was to quell the Islamic Jihad against all infidels led by Osama Bin Laden, or in political terms, gain control by installing a puppet government, and gain a military foothold in the region.  All of which was pursued at great human and economic cost, and to what end?

The inside joke among my military sources is “the only way to win a war in Afghanistan is turn it to glass”, since that option is not politically nor morally possible, why are we sending our solders to fight a war we cannot nor need to win?  Not used to hearing this from a conservative?  Let me digress,  Afghanistan’s economy is based on two staples, one is opium, the second livestock, sheep and goats, not exactly the spoils of war one would hope.

The total GDP for the country in 2008 was $12.8 billion, with 53% of the population being below the poverty line, the citizens of Afghanistan have nothing better to do than to fight given these numbers.  Ahhh but what about the terrorists hiding in the hills, and the threat to Americans?  We might want to spend time worrying about Pakistan and Iran who either have or are developing nuclear capabilities than spend another dime on the war in Afghanistan.

It is easy and arrogant to say from our comfortable surroundings that we need to be involved in this war, but the facts and truths are apparent, read on.  The terrorists that were operating out of Afghanistan have long left the area, most of which have either scuttled into Pakistan or Syria, and a small amount to Iraq, they have more resources in any of the three countries listed and except for the most wanted can blend into the populace with ease.  With the cost of the increase in troop levels, the United States is spending (roughly) three times Afghanistans GDP to quell the Taliban and Al Qaeda militant presence, a hefty price to pay when you add in the loss of lives of our most precious resourse our soldiers.

After last nights speech is is clear that the Obama administration is attempting to be all things to all people and in the process is alienating their base on the left with the escalation, and enraging the right by placing a time limit on the action.  Also covered and glossed over was the time the Obama administration took to come to the compromise decision, Obama stated, “we did not have any official request for troops, so no deadline was present”.  To approach the lack of action by hiding behind legal dogma is second nature for Professor Obama, who consistently runs to the law library to either support or defuse his actions.  This process is seen by  Obama’s enemies and opponents as weak, a very dangerous precedent to set.

One has to wonder when it takes an additional 30000 troops for a total of over 100000 troops in country to overcome the Taliban and Al Qaeda threat.  One also has to wonder when we basically tell our enemies that if they can survive the surge we will exit the conflict in as soon as 18 months.  A short period of time when you consider Afghanistans long history of war and warrior culture.  Time to cut and run Mr President, leave the job to our special forces, our money would be better spent if it were targeted at bringing the country out of the dark ages, because until a self sustaining economy is created mitigating the need for war, Afghanistan will be at war, it is their culture.

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Eight months ago an emergency session of congress met with the sole purpose of addressing the AIG bonus issue. In what can be called a knee jerk reaction, congress passed legislation prohibiting the payment of bonus monies that were part of the companies employment contracts. This action then and now broke the law as it is written in the constitution, at the time little if any press interest was given to this history making moment.

Dateline: 11/28/09 ACORN can receive pending federal payments justice department says. “David Barron, the acting assistant attorney general for the Office of Legal Counsel, wrote in a memo last month that the ban “should not be read as directing or authorizing HUD to breach a pre-existing binding contractual obligation to make payments to ACORN or its affiliates, subsidiaries or allied organizations where doing so would give rise to contractual liability.”

Double standard, clearly.  Where the Democratic congress in an effort to save face broke the law and the Constitution to “punish” AIG for its lowly capitalistic ways, they and the Obama administration have been busy behind the scenes developing ways to circumvent the intent of congress and it’s finding, “no more federal dollars should flow to ACORN.”

The clear politicization of the Justice department and payback to Acorn is shameful and amounts to nothing more than old-fashion cronyism states Rep Darrell Issa. What is clear is that depending on needs of the Obama administration their view of law is subjective to the benefit of the continuation of their causes.

ACORN has been shown to be a front and a fraud for numerous scurrilous causes, they have been accused of voter registration fraud, several of it’s founders have been accused of bilking millions of federal dollars, and at the very least based on the consistency of the released tapes by O’Keefe and Giles they at best have a serious human resource issue.

Also apparent, the Obama administration could not risk exposing their concern for the attacks on their golden goose ACORN, and what is becoming an obvious pattern for this administration they twist the law to their interpretation and protect what has been shown to be a highly corrupt organization.

To the Obama administration, “truth is what you make it” and will use every latitude in the Constitution to prove that point, this tact reveals that we have high powered attorneys running our country whom are hellbent on using the law to achieve there means. This is nothing new in the political world, what is novel is the ease in which the administration pulls off the blatant favoritism for some, and alienation and attack for others, all with a smile, Chicago style.

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God I love Video!

Never let it be said the Democratic party is shy when it comes to spending other peoples money, but as of late their addiction has gone into overdrive. With the ink still wet on Stimulus I, which has spent as of 9/09 $84,587,463 or 14.5% of the total allotted $787 billion, now the Spendocrats are ponying up to the til once again.  It would appear that someone in the district falsification department needs to crack the whip and get busy creating the proposed 5000 additional districts to funnel the payoffs too.

With the continuation of the Keynesian economic process firmly ensconced in the hearts and minds of the Democratic leadership, it is difficult to catch a stray Democrat not smiling at their horn of plenty windfall.  The irony is that in real dollars the amount of real stimulus dollars that are targeted at projects that can actually create jobs is estimated at 3-5%, a paltry sum to say the least.

It would appear that the CBO was correct in February 2009 when it stated “the recession will slow down and reverse with or without stimulus intervention”.  Also per the CBO’s report the bulk of the monies are to be spent in 2011, or in other words one year before the next election, coincidence or deftly planned to create an image of growth by the Obama team at an opportune time?

The CBO reported 60% of the funds were to be allocated by the end of year one of the three year payout plan, so the current shortage of 45.5% in payouts can only lead to one conclusion, the plan is ineffective and has little or no measure on our current economic standing.  Shovel ready be dammed!

Stage left:  Nancy Pelosi entered the fray yesterday dropping the bomb that NOW history will repeat itself, “if we pull our punch” on job creation.  Definition, jobs are the new and I say NEW reason to support yet another stimulus plan.  Along with Nan’s tough talk, the new Democratic mantra is deficit reduction, so now we have the Democratic leadership focusing on jobs and deficit reduction on one hand, and floating balloons for yet more spending, hypocrisy, uhhh huh.

So the great creators of this mess, Obama, Pelosi, Hoyer, are now gleefully singing another tune, all the while they are planning on passing a health care plan, cap and trade, further financial regulation and the latest, a capital gains tax increase further hindering free markets, all in the guise of “creating jobs”.

Summary; the plan is to create an additional stimulus plan directed at creating jobs, (is this not what the first one was supposed to do), pass health care while not increasing the deficit (it will), adding numerous taxes via cap and trade, deflect the blame onto the financial markets with a consolidation of power to the FED by adding regulations on top of existing regulations, and lastly take any profit one might make (slim chance) in the remaining markets by increasing the capital gains tax?

Brilliant plan don’t you think, create jobs by increasing taxes and debt, eureka, Nan has created a new economic model, Pelosian Economic Theory, or PET, because that is what we will all be, pets under the watchful eye of our master the US government.  Excuse me I have to go for a walk, Nan grab the leash!!

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Much has been said about the success of the Obama Stimulus package over the last 10 months, and the creation of jobs and promoted lift to the US economy.  Lets take a look at the fiscal reality’s of the proposed “savior bill”.

It is important to understand the first law of economics, supply and demand and how it dovetails into cost verses benefit.  Equally important is that economics is nothing more than a perception of safety, and regardless of all the PHD exposing economic rhetoric, and charts meant to confuse rather than clarify, all economics are driven by a perception of need which drives consumer sentiment and its reaction to the markets.

Back in the early months of the Obama presidency, his team was presented with the potential of a critical meltdown of our and the worlds economic system, the choices made at that time tip the casual observer as to how the Obama administration would view and react to the global economic crisis.

If Obama’s process can be brewed down to a one word definition it would be “leverage”, in both monetary and political policy.  We are now all well aware of the “Chicken Little” philosophy implemented by Obama and his team, IE; if we don’t get this, that will happen, now is the time to act, we have to change the system from days of old to insure our fiscal future….  On and on the team took a severe economic slowdown that was created by the legislators on both sides of the isle over the last 12-15 years, and made it by leading of public opinion into a situation that is becoming more black and white each day, which brings me to the second definition of leverage.

Obama and his advisers were challenged with how they would implement their platform of government growth and spread the wealth policies in a severe economic downturn?  Easy, spend money to increase cash flow all along the way creating branches of government to oversee the increase in bureaucracy, further swelling the size and scope of the United States government

Now I have been employed in the financial markets for most of my career, and we have a little inside joke, “you can’t borrower nor spend yourself out of debt”!   Obama’s implementation of Keynesian economic theory, and goal to control markets via the central bank and fiscal policy to stabilize the output of the business cycle, is and will fail.  Whenever you have a mixed economies, (private & government enterprises) the balance is critical for one entity not to overtake the other, while keeping a free market system encouraging growth for entrepreneur’s and middle America the primary engine to economic growth.

This is where the Obama administration revels its greatest flaw, they have overplayed the depth of the problems of our economy, and in doing so out of need to justify there rampant and unwarranted spending their process has dug the hole ever so deeper.  Now in an effort to garner as much legislation as possible while the “iron is hot” the Democrats are ramming flawed, pork laden, high cost ineffective bills down the throat of the American public.

By implementing there “crisis” strategy the Democratic house and senate are hedging there connections with the “lame street media” in that they expect this connection will assist in further portraying the “big lie” propaganda as reasonable and needed.

By taking this tact history will have a special chapter dedicated to the current crisis, and many names associated with what can only be viewed as a travesty, will be labeled for what they are, “crooks”.  Many new verb’s will be created in reviewing the Great Recession, but one thing is for sure, and you heard it here first, our country has been, “Baracked”.

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