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Political Tipping Point

As with all politics of late, a great and grand crisis looms, it is the modus operandi of the current administration.  Our conundrum has been framed like a B western movie; shall the good guys (Democrats) continue to pay the ever expanding list of entitlements and pet programs or fall prey to the sinister and evil Tea Party thugs who wish to push the poor and downtrodden back into the work camps of self reliance?

Really??  No not really, this is what happens when message trumps substance.  The Demagogic Democrats have been handed their scripts, associate the Tea Party as radicals, position yourself as the defender of Medicare and Medicade, place Social Security in that Gore lock box and call the opposition rigid and unyielding, and most of all, repeat after me, “fair and balanced”.

This my friends is the change they believe in, never mind our government as a whole is borrowing 60 cents of every dollar spent just to service the mounting debt, never mind bureaucratic laden agencies such as the Department of Education, EPA, Amtrac, USPS, and the litany of others rife with inefficiency, we need to save these vital and crucial agencies?

In a phrase: sorry but that dog won’t hunt.  The message and answers are really simple; do we as a nation continue to “feed the beast” of rampant government growth, or do we begin to lay the foundation of accountability of the governing process.

This process of accountability began as a loosely formed group of individuals spurred on by the rant which at the time seemed like nothing more than another talking head venting his anger at government oppression; thus spawned the Tea Party.

The Tea Party is not a Republican platform, it does not consist of anarchist, it is not radical, it is the voice of frustration created by the never ending insular government leadership who fail to recognize the voice of the people.  To minimize its presence, to attack it’s viability, is a large miscalculation by its oppressors that is clearly based in the fear that finally a large majority of active individuals has had enough!

Regardless of how the manufactured passion play on the raising of the debt ceiling is resolved, more and more individuals realize a power shift is underway, we as a people are returning to a land governed by the people, and that reality has, and should strike fear in the political base for now they are accountable and no amount of polling catch phrases will stop that process.


Much has been said about the potential losses the  Democratic party will face in the 2010, what has not been addressed is who or what party will reap the perceived benefit of these losses.

With the Tea Party stumbling out of the gate, the lack of solidified Republican platform, the Democrats abysmal polling numbers and least we forget the independents, 2010 could ultimately result in the increased marginalization of all four platforms.

Obama currently garners an estimated 30-35% of the lefts support regardless of issue, call it blind ambition, Republicans continue to struggle with similar polling numbers, Independents are leaning right, the Tea Party movement is in its infant stage, so as they say in football, time to throw the hail Mary, and although political opportunity abounds, so do the associated risks, read on.

Given the above scenarios along with an increase in each of the platforms protectionism to assure it’s ideological growth the potential for stagnation and inability to proffer any useful legislation will surely follow.  This fractionating of the former two party system into what appears to be four distinct groups is dangerous in that no clear consensus can be obtained when one is so sorely needed.

The current and proposed infighting for top billing will assuredly result in the increase of the benign grandiose promises politicians have become so caviler at issuing but not keeping as of late. With the end result of increasing the ruminating displeasure toward our elected officials which is dangerously at an all time high. While this process is an integral part of the form and function of a free republic, the answer on who will reign supreme is a story yet to be told. This fight for supremacy will surely leave copious amounts of blood on the battlefield further dividing our country when a unification of purpose is what is required.

What spoils remain for the winner along with it’s direction will make life interesting far into the approaching decade, and from a personal perspective none of the four competing factions have jumped to the forefront with any brilliant ideas or suggestions, nor statesman like leadership.

Obama was correct in that our government needs “fundamental change”, but not to the bloated, special interest driven, increased socialization of the political machine that now exists.  For now until our proposed hero reaches that Valhalla, the highest use we the citizens of the United States can perform is to be ever vigilant, and involved in the process.

Lastly, we as a nation have dropped the proverbial ball over the last 30-40 years in that our apathy and acceptance of our elected officials has not been in our best interest. This nescient approach has led us to the conundrum we all now face, our saving grace is that history will show the American people possess unlimited resolve when their freedoms are vetoed by the very same elected officials we entrusted.

To use a highly worn out metaphor our Republic is facing “a defining moment” it is up to each of us to become part of that definition, that my fellow Americans is the only platform that matters!

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In a complete 180, some say 360 reverting back to the promises made on the campaign trail, Obama talked tough on terrorism today.  Obama with a pitch count of three strikes and no balls in his discontinued war on terror, took a swing at a curve ball and accepted blame for the current lax and disorganized effort of late while on his watch, and promised change.

Although the Presidents speech did inferred a break down in “intelligence dissimulation” would be addressed, he split the blame  50 cents Obama, the other 50 being thrown in the direction of  the intelligence agencies tasked with our safety, stopping the “buck/blame” equally between the two.

Today’s statement was an about face in that Obama framed his comments directed at the one area of doubt that has empowered the “evildoers”, “we are at war, this is not a crime wave”.  Now terrorist (if we can call them that) can be viewed as enemy combatants, and will be treated as such, certainly a new stance for the fledgling President.

The danger with the “other cheek” strategy is that it can lead to overkill. In an effort to establish the resolve of the Obama stance increased restrictions, policies and costs are sure to follow, it’s this administrations way. While this new tough stance might increase our well being, question is at what cost, The Patriot Act, Act II?

Some are of the opinion that further work needs to be done, specifically reconstituting the moral at the CIA and other military establishments who have been targeted as the scapegoat for Obama’s team over the last twelve months. While the Obama administration attempted their terrorist friendly approach, the agencies in charge of keeping us safe faced daily political attacks, career threats, and potential law suits, a clear sign by Obama’s handlers that now they were in charge, and let them know it.

Terrorism by definition; “the unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments”, was successfully carried out Christmas day 2009. Terrorism is not going away, we all will be touched by it’s success for years to come, the trillion dollar question becomes; what freedoms are we willing to give up to feel safe, and is safe ever achievable?

It’s a perfect time to be a fatalist and a free one at that!

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Now that 2009 is coming to an end, (without a list) what better time to take a moment and reflect on three key issues, one, where we were, where we are, and where are we going.  I am keeping it simple, I need the brain cells, they will be purged later tonight.

WHERE WE WERE:  Start date 9/11/01, newly elected President George W. Bush is interrupted during a junior high school function in Sarasota Florida, the message, Sir two planes have flown into the World Trade Center buildings.  Thus starts the “Evildoer” period of our history, with great emotion, public and political cooperation and a bit of revenge our country went to war, first Afghanistan, then Iraq.  Under the guise of patriotism the Republican party and its leadership choose to increase spending to untold levels while our men and women in theater drove in, basically de-yuppified Hummers offering the same protection against attack as the bought on the lot gas sucking bright yellow blinged out pimp mobiles so prevalent in the days of excess of the early decade.  But wait, WMD, although it is reported in certain circles that Sadam did have mass stores of chemical weapons, not being as dumb as he was made out to be Sadam got rid of all the evidence in the build up of the war.  You want proof!!  Nope.

Our Nation became weary when the made for television “shock and awe” turned out to be more awe shucks they are still shooting at us, and with the death toll of our brave soldiers mounting, Osama Bin Laden’s prophecy that America does not have the stomach for a prolonged war  began to ring true in many politicians agendas.  Thus created the “Big Lie” which is where we are.

WHERE WE ARE:  Circa 2006, due to mounting tension over the Gulf War’s and President Bush’s insistence we are fighting to protect our nation, the previously toothless Democratic party capitalizes on the Nations discontent and the attacks begin on Republicans who supported the war and it’s high price allowing the Democrats to recapture the majority in congress, Nancy Pelosi is nominated speaker of the house and the search for a viable Democratic candidate begins for the 2008 presidential election.  Enter Barack Obama, a slick talking, bright, made for prime time candidate sponsored by the far left political machine, with the financial support of another George, and the Hollywood dream makers in tow.  So efficient was this trilogy of handlers they sold 53% of the voting American public on the notion that our candidate “is different”, change is coming, and hope is not lost, the great government machine of the liberal party is here to “fundamentally change” Washington.  Knowing Obama could not get elected with his platform one click right of Karl Marx, they made one up!  Even the most strident of hopeyness followers are now questioning that decision. But it worked.

In less than one year our government and its debt have grown to unfathomable levels, a 10 month fight over the ‘need” for health care reform, (a promise and a debt to be re-payed to the trilogy) has taken precedence over all issues.  We were scared into a Stimulus Bill, closing of GITMO, a cadre of Czars, attacks on the First, Second, Fifth, Ninth and Tenth amendments, we all own numerous banks, and a couple of automobile companies, and have blank checks waiting for both Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac!  So the moderate candidate Barack Obama is not so moderate after all, but one promise was kept, our way of life has undergone “fundamental change”!  Now our nation is broke, in debt to levels that will never be paid, the division between Democrats and Republicans has never been wider, fractional groups within the two parties are forging their own way further distilling public opinion to unworkable consensus, we as a Nation of people are faced with a mighty challenge, and we the people will have to meet that challenge, read on to “where we are going”.

WHERE WE ARE GOING:  my finely polished crystal ball is smoking from this question, but in short, “where we are going” is up to the people of this nation.  Regardless if you are a strict Constitutionist, or a socialist left wing Che follower we all have equal interest in how our situation turns out.  Some of the changes that require “fundimental change” are in no specific order.  Term limits, being a career politician is like being a career criminal, the longer you are in the “Big House” the more you learn how to steal, murder, forge, or just plain lie.  Term limits would greatly assist in returning our country to its constituents, lobbying, junkets, pork, useless legislation, pandering would all be of less importance if one knew time was limited.  Would we loose some altruistic politicians (oxymoron) yes, would politicians loose the ability to get comfortable, hell yes, time has come and nothing will change without accountability and term limits.

Fiscal restraint, our politicians have to be made aware that efficiency is of  a higher order than unrestrained spending, that to have freedom one has to be free from massive debt, that the government cannot nor was it designed to be the constituents care taker, and that the money our government is spending might be easy to print but for our countries survival it has to stop.  Lastly and key to our future, our country needs leadership, not media darlings where every word is scripted, not defensive cover their ass in BS snake oil salesmen, not megalomaniac power hungry dictators of untruth, not a left or right, but a “just right” statesman with ethics and concern for the history and future of our Union, Polly Anna maybe, but one does have to have hope right?

So as the new year rolls in the key to this whole process is, perspective, with so many cooks in the kitchen via the air waves, internet, newspapers, it is easy to loose sight of the golden rule, “is it right, and would I like that done to me” or the more classic, “do onto others as you would have them do onto you”, FYI, it still works, and it is free.  Happy New Year From Moonbat Patrol

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Photo courtesy of Chez Eury

Capitalism: an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market.

The continued bailout frenzy by the Obama administration went on quietly after the markets closed last Thursday when the Treasury lifted the $200 billion dollar cap on allocated funds to Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae, in doing so congress gave the two agencies carte blanche in an effort to fix the failing giants.  Obama’s economic handlers are nothing if not consistent in that they believe throwing  money at failing free market lines of business is the only way to avoid a total economic melt down.  The latest move to shore up the GSE’s is being spun as an effort to kick start the housing market by freeing up liquidity. Once again Obamas attachment to Keynesian economic methodology is his modus operandi in fixing any problem.  But like all other attempts at moving markets by increasing the money supply, the bill eventually comes due and with substantial compounded interest, further increasing our national debt.

Both Fannie and Freddys failure in September 2008 were prior to Obama being elected and can be tied to the overall housing bubble bursting under the Bush administration, but it is important to note the only action to correct the problem by both Geithner and Obama has been to increase the ceiling from the original CBO estimate of 25 Billion in 9/2008  to 200 billion prior to last Thursday, and as of now the latest increase of no limit.

Two issues are blatantly obvious, first, the Obama team had no plan to stop the bleeding at the government “sponsored” (not owned or run) housing agencies, and second by not addressing the housing market early on and in a decisive manner,  the mole hill is now a mountain.

The current situation is so bad at Fannie and Freddy,  the newly (Obama) appointed CEO’s structured their golden contracts to be paid in cash, IE; not stock since neither Michael Williams nor Charles Haldeman have any confidence that the stock will have any value. But don’t fret, both CEO’s were given annual pay raises to 6 million each for their deft management of the failing housing giants. It is also being reported that the remaining managing executives are being paid a paltry 2 million each, hey it’s just paper right?

It is clear that the housing market was dismissed by the current administration for “greener” pastures, like health care, the stimulus plan, cap and trade, and for kicks a couple of car companies. It is also clear that nobody in the administration quite knows what to do with Fannie or Freddy, which if ignored further run off of equity and mounting foreclosures are sure to follow.

A possible reason for not addressing the GSE issue, is it does not serve, unions, the disenfranchised, or the far left political agenda that has a deep seated hate for “greedy Wall Street bankers” of which Tim Geithner was cut from the same cloth oddly enough.   Even though there is a large remaining balance in the boondoggle stimulus bill, the debt for keeping housing alive will be passed to the taxpayer.  Our bill as of today is 60.9 billion for Fannie Mae, and 50.7 billion for Freddy Mac, does anyone have change for a trillion?

The fundamental issue with Obama’s current policy is that it rewards the weak and punishes the strong, or in other words, bail out companies that are deemed to big to fail regardless if they failed on their own accord, and bail them out by using the tax base, the exact opposite of free market capitalism.

America was built on the pillars of trade and free enterprise, our country has excelled in this environment to where we as a nation are one of  last remaining superpowers. This is not by chance it is due to the innovation and freedom allowed to its citizens, if government continues to step in and bailout failing business by sticking its hand in the pockets of small business and entrepreneurs, our economy will be dictated by the massive debt we owe making our share all that smaller.  Not exactly the vision I had for our youth.

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After watching President Obama on 60 minutes tonight a moment of clarity occurred that has been puzzling me for sometime. Why with the legislation coming out of the Whitehouse can Obama be polling so well?

Now “polling well” is a subjective statement, and Obama has slid, no he has collapsed in the polls, but given our current economic and unemployment problems his numbers could be far worse.

On tonight’s 60 Minutes show Obama’s persona came off cool, detached, defensive and argumentative when pushed on the issues. Give Steve Croft credit, he was pitching some pretty good sliders. Then when the interview was supposed to be over, the producer brought up one more question, the “party crashers.  Obama came into his own and shifted gears into glowing confidence, was humorous in the use of sarcasm, and came off as a guy you might drink a beer with, quite the opposite of the defensive law professor when Croft was dishing Obama tough questions.

This dovetails into an articles by Matt Taibbi and Glen Greenwald addressing the cult like behavior on the far sides of the parties, both excellent observations and worth the read.  Condensed scan of the articles brings to attention the vehement chasm behind the blind follower, and one that is politically involved. Where the blind follower in short do see Obama as a savior, and  hold that image as their base belief,  the more politically astute are beginning  questioning Obamas motives and actions.  The support of the cultish followers  is out of  inspiration and not based politics and unwavering, the independents that voted for Obama are leaving in droves and the main cause for Obamas numbers falling, they see his words and actions are not moderate, far left from it.

So when you hold the adoration of a large group of followers which is based in emotion alone, you have an army of loyal protectors eager to do ones bidding.  The issue is the cult followers are driving the division between accountability and blind acceptance, and quite frankly doing their country a disservice.  The blind acceptance of Obama the man it an entirely separate issue from the real issues and policy his administration is attempting to implement, which in fact deserve the negative attention, or at least an unbiased review.  This cult acceptance is leveraged and amplified  by  Obamas handlers who jump at any chance to keep the negativity personal rather than address the left agenda in an open debate.

This shell game is played supremely well, so well that it produces “cover” for Obama’s real agenda, and by using ridicule. and projecting blame on past administrations, Obama appears to be running from his own shadow.  Not exactly leadership qualities.  If the Obama team would realize the criticism is based on his liberal agenda, and not the man, some middle ground might be found for consensus.  But to continue to play Chicago politics and attempt to either buy or cut off the legs of detractors will lead to further  party division and stagnation, neither of which is good for the health of our country.

President Obama is an intelligent individual, and you cannot win the Presidency on charm alone, or can you?  That is the 12.7 trillion dollar question we all must face, Act One is over, intermission is approaching fast, before you know it 2010 will be here, and if the show continues like it has people will be heading for the exits, worship or not, even if Obama gives himself a B+.

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Video Provided by Tellitlikeitis

Coup d’état, an attempt to change a government by the threat or use of force, usually but not always associated with the military, although the willingness and ability or lack of it on the part of the armed forces to defend a government can be decisive in a coup d’état by others.

One year into the Obama administration the actual rather than the ostensible goal of the administration is becoming McCrystal clear, spread the wealth, and legislate free markets out of existence.

The original election platform was nothing more than a passion play of good versus evil played eloquently by the democrats key bit actor Obama.  Taking in the perfect storm of mistrust of the Bush administration, and the crash of the world financial markets a vociferous call for change was played out in the daily press.  Capturing this moment and exploiting the perceived issues and implementing the best of political opportunism, Obama presided over the pulpit spewing rhetorical minutia after rhetorical minutia in a designed effort to demonize the Republican leadership.

Due to the pinpoint focus on the “ills” of the times coupled with an amazingly organized media team, 53% of the American public bought into the empty promises of the new message.  Like a Billy Mays commercial, there was a respectable amount of skepticism, and general doubt, but the message hit home for moderates as did their vote for the new paramour of perceived change.

Back to today, the voice of the people and the polls have made it abundantly clear, none of the proposals out of the White House team of social engineers has the best interests of the people they serve as priority one.  Given the disdain for the current trilogy of new bills, health care, cap and trade, and lastly the climate bill and the Copenhagen treaty accord, the Obama team continues on, regardless of efficiency, understanding, or empathy for the damage they currently are spearheading at all costs.

Conclusion, as with most politics words and actions rarely meet, our Nation is currently under economic siege, with rampant unemployment, a devalued dollar, two wars, and a designed specific attack by the EU and other leading world economies to replace the United States as the global economic leader.  The question is, are our elected officials gallantly opposing this global power grab, or supporting it with costly legislation and regulation further facilitating an economic meltdown?

Much has been written and said about the motivations of the current party in power, a great deal of the discourse is nothing more than daily talking points given to the perpetrators in power to sell the message, in other words you have to think for yourself, and dismantle the message by stripping away the rhetoric to get to the root motivation of the thought at hand.

The end result of dissecting the message becomes clear when viewed outside the dogma and rhetoric of the moment, the current proposed path will bury us in debt, will allow no capacity or structure to amortize the new debt, and if anyone of the three key pegs in the Obama platform is passed the effect will be to weaken our Nation and its standing in the global economic community, not exactly the hope and change the Obama supporters thought now is it!

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The foibles of man and the never ending obsession for power along with the continued  lust for money has once again reared it’s ugly head.  This political dogma  has become obvious to the pragmatic few who have been following the erosion of our founding freedoms, and rapid growth of government.

The United States foray into the land of the free home of the brave established some 234 years ago by a brilliant  and  powerfully written document our “constitution” has survived innumerable attacks by the weakness and greed of mans search for power.

But even though the premise and spirit of our founding fathers has survived, a concerted effort by the current politicians in power to subvert and re-write the law eroding all sense of freedom is and has been ongoing unchecked.

The constitutional revisionist point to and stand by their interpretation that the Constitution is in need of updating to the current issues facing our still young nation.  Never has this become more obvious than when you compare the one page foundation of our nation, to the proposed “health Care” bill.

If you merely place the constitution and the health care plan on the podium next to one another, you will see times have changed, a one page concise document, written with fairness and continued freedom as its guiding premise, as opposed to the 1990+ page obtuse, expensive, rife with political paybacks and bureaucracy laden health care proposal, one can only come to the conclusion that we have strayed well off course over the last 100 or so years.

How can this observation be so obvious and yet so ignored?  Partially to blame are the constituents, continual apathy, personal self absorbed greed, and just plan ignorance have fueled the rapid demise of the founding principals of our republic.

Blind unmitigated trust has been granted to our elected leadership, with the understanding that with this gift from the people they would have our best interests at hand.  This short sited, unrestrained trust has allowed the weak of mind to infiltrate our government with the focus of the attainment of power and status with little interest or regard in serving the labor class who gave elected them.

Where our freedoms have survived given the daily organized attacks and goal of fiefdoms by our elected officials, the prognosis of the problems we face are and have been created by pure minimalism of the founding edicts so eloquently put in place by our original nation builders.

I fear we as a nation have much to overcome in our efforts to maintain our power and stature as a standard for the freedom of man, from man.  Our current administration has been pinpoint in its efforts in attacking the letter of the law.  The administration has placed a priority on it’s interpretation of the latitudes of our constitution and fervently working at disassembling the outline in its revisionist zeal. Just how far they can stray by testing the boundaries of our founding freedoms in the implementation of their infiltration is yet to be seen, but many bricks in that path have been laid.

America, we are facing a history changing set of events, we are being distracted by manufactured failures, an over-hyped focus on perceived needs, constant lies, and hyperbole with a daily dose of  hypocrisy by our elected officials.  It is as if America is a wounded animal left in the wild for all the scavenging predators to feast on bite by bite.  Our elected leadership has had a free pass for far to long, we have allowed the 1% percent to rule the 99%, this is not about parties, our issues transcend partisanship, they speak to several very simple premises.

Truth, honor, sacrifice and freedom, need to be reestablished, the weak of mind and spirit must be purged, and a fundamental change of our leadership must take place to weed out the vermin firmly entrenched in the system.  This shift can only take place if the foundation of “serving” the needs and desires of the people is cemented as the primary goal of all elected officials.

This can only take place by the establishment of term limits, a rarely discussed and avoided topic by our elected leaders.  If ever a non-partisan grass roots movement needs to have a rallying call, term limits would be a noble and worthwhile goal, for without such change, the gorged ticks currently living off our nation have no motivation to change, unless they are culled.

Our great nation has survived many challenges, most of which have come from outside our boarders, now we must face the fact that the battle for freedom is an inside job, time for the lamb to conquer the lion, time to return the honor to our republic, see you at the booth in 2010.

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While the American people enjoy the trappings of freedom, good men and women are dying protecting that very right. We can all stew and fuss over the direction of our economy, the health scare bill or the current path of a government take over by the current party, but at the end of the day we don’t live in constant fear of loosing our life thanks to our military.

What gets lost in the self absorbed shuffle of our daily lives and personal drama is what is going on in Iran, and even more critical Afghanistan, good men are risking there very breath regardless of what the politicians think, why, because it is there duty!

Whatever the reasons, circumstances or even causes that we are in two wars the simple fact is we are, and even thought Afghanistan is “the war we should be focusing on” per President Obama, it is clear that the Presidents attention has been focused on a more self serving agenda.

Granted the influx of an additional 21000 troops that were deployed to the front lines was a great relief, but it is also clear the move was not enough to insure the protection of the existing troops in country. It is also obvious that President Obama’s rhetoric about establishing a focus on the Afghanistan war was nothing more than empty words, and and effort to garner an image of being the “great protector”, that type of rhetoric endangers our troops, is fool hardy, and life threatening if not backed up with action.

My opinion is the war is not winnable, the ideology is too ingrained, the enemy is motivated, and they have nothing to loose, but none of that matters, now is not the time to play politics.

Leadership is said to be more about doing the right thing than doing things right, you stand up and make a decision not concerned with polls or how many seats you will loose in the next election, there are lives on the line, get it done.

Much can be said about the parallels between Afghanistan and Viet Nam, escalate and you will loose more men, walk away, you admit defeat, but the striking similarities are this war is being waged in Washington rather than the battle field, a lesson most thought we learned.

Time for action, right or wrong, but at all costs do not risk the warriors of our country on something as menial as image and politics, protect our boys President Obama, that sir is your job!

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Part and parcel of Obama’s initial allure, was his ability to paint the picture that he was different, “not the same old tired wore out ideas”, “change we can believe in”, “hope and change”. Now that we are nine months in to his term it is becoming clear that nothing could be further from the truth.

Obama’s rise to the top parallels a made for TV movie which is all to common in Hollywood and now apparently so in Washington as well. First step in building an image, choose a profile you think you can market, hire a skilled script writer, teach him how to deliver his lines with passion, and stay in front of the critics, all key ingredients to to the success of developing a sell-able image.

Some of overnight sensations make it onto the big screen and some fail miserably, but that is in the world of fantasy, when it comes to Obama’s manufactured success the results of his failures could prove to be both catastrophic and highly dangerous to our national security.

When we weight the “facta non verba” IE; action not words of our sophomore president a troubling pattern has developed, his focus has been on feeding the mouths that fed him in his path to the oval office. Rather than address the numerous needs of our country, he focuses on paying back the agents of his success, or “feeding the beast”.

When Obama has been called on the carpet for his blatant politicizing, and wasteful ways, he hands the ball off to one of his minion attack dogs, being so enamored with the protection of his own image he cannot be seen as lowering himself to the daily political process. This lack of character and failure to stand up for who he really is and represents is proving to be a glaring flaw, when in political reality as seen by his peers Obama is an inexperienced social driven leftist liberal, not the moderate he sold on the campaign trail.

What we have, and are witnessing is an individual lost in equivocation, skilled at distortion, wrapped up and sold as an exaggeration, to say that truth is feigned when Obama opens his mouth is an understatement.

In Chicago terms, Obama is a made man, and deeply over his head within the beltway power elite, in an effort to distract from these obvious shortcomings, Obama has surrounded himself with a plethora of highly skilled lawyers from his past escapades, they are tasked with protecting and building the image of the Obama machine and take on all detractors using their revisionist interpretation of the law.

The goal of this team is to divert or subjugate the glaring weaknesses, character flaws and radical views of the anointed one. There methods are highly organized, very well funded, and headed by the Medusa herself Valarie Jarrett, who’s talking heads spew venom in all directions to protect her pet project President Obama.

Given that a large portion of our Nation bought into this circus, it is no wonder the uninitiated are up in arms, they thought they got a Lincoln but sadly they ended up with Carter 2.0. Obama’s shirking of responsibility and projection of blame at past administrations has lost traction, Obama continues to blame Bush for the current budget expansion and unemployment is pure fabrication.

When Obama took office he was left with a deficit of 459 billion, in his first month two bills were signed, first the stimulus bill for 787 billion, and then the 410 Billion omnibus bill leaving the 2009 deficit at 1.58 trillion, all of which did not include the expense of the Olympian health care program being pushed without support nor clarity. Now the last Republican leadership did not champion fiscal restraint very well either, but Obama’s spending efforts dwarf them in that 2009 budgetary figures have increased the deficit 3.4 times over the 2008 total!

The old saying goes, “liars figure, and figures lie”, President Obama, your speeches do not motivate anymore, your credibility is dismal, the reasons for your spending are transparent and becoming more obvious each day, your associations with radical ideology (sic) radicals is front page news, and lastly your constant visibility will not hide the truth.

Time to reboot Carter 2.0 before the system crashes, and while your at it, add that moral code, I hear it will assist with the accountability problems your apparently experiencing!!

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