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The decision to hold the 9/11 trials in New York is playing right into the hands of the terrorist who see our Nation as the preeminent cause of universal evil. The Obama administration under the guise of bringing the “evil doers” of the 9/11 attack to justice, are covertly trying to place the blame on the Bush administration and distract the nation from it’s dovish stance. Due to the law of discovery, and the differences between a military trial and a civil trial the prosecutor will have to release any and all information gathered supporting the charges since detention of the offending members.

The Obama administration is willing to deal with the blow-back and anger that will be surfaced by the highly visible trial in an effort to further cement there cause that America is the great devil and Obama is here to change that perception by holding the military and anyone else who stands in their way accountable. So basically Obama is saying regardless of due cause and clear reason, under his leadership they will not stoop to the level of the last administration in the protection of the United States, even if our sovereignty is in danger.

Clear message here? You Betch YA, and every single Americans threat level will be increased by this selfish grandstanding by the Obama administration. With the onset of this trail we are, one showing the enemy our methods of counter intelligence, and two setting a new baseline for the rules of war. The obvious byproduct of this action is it will empower every nut bag with a truck of fertilizer and a drum of ammonia to attack our sovereignty without the fear of retribution.

The administration will offer the production and access to the world stage by utilizing the full power of the liberal press and its voice. This kind of attention cannot be purchased on the cheap, and now like everything else in this administration the access will be provided for free by the growing bureaucracy of Obama’s vision of the United States government. In other words turn the tragic event of 9/11 into self serving political theater.

The hypocrisy is clearly evident in that the most recent terrorist attack by Nadal Hasan at Fort Hood was addressed by Obama himself with the following comment, “President urges Congress to hold off on shooting rampage investigation, asking lawmakers “to resist temptation to turn this tragic event into political theater”.

The transparency and motives of the new administration are becoming clearer each day when the individuals in charge will attack the efforts of the CIA, military, and the past administration for there actions in a time of war on one hand and then protect a Muslim terrorist attack on our soil by using the office of President to steer opinion!

The continued inconsistency of words and actions of the Obama administration continue to puzzle its ardent admirers, and incite its critics, and most damming of all, empower it’s enemies.    The lack of action, right or wrong in Afghanistan further adds doubt as to what or who the United States is and for what it stands for.   This clipping of the eagles wings is creating hope and change in the terrorist community, and grounding the Nation by its weakening of the standards and morals that built our freedom.  War is never fair, nor do the actions of individuals fit into a neatly defined box under its duress, by the metaphorical “dropping of our pants” to the world stage we further endanger our status as the paragon of freedom, that my friends could be the end of us and the U.S if allowed to continue..

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fn 57.75 5.7

It has been reported that Nadal Hasan weapon of choice was the FN five-seveN USG a highly specialized and efficient armament that is not in current military service. The FN 57 is the specific weapon of choice for the presidential protection detail for the Secret Service, also the FN has limited use in several SWAT teams. So specialized is the purpose for this gun, ammo is next to impossible to obtain, with the armor piercing round only being available to select police and government services.

What is the importance of focusing on the weapon and not the individual? By choosing the FN 57, and extremely efficient tool in design and purpose leads to the conclusion that the shooting was premeditated and planned. Fact two, Hasan also carried a revolver or wheel gun, this is also telling in that the only reason to carry an additional weapon aside from the obvious (shoot more people) is if the FN 57 were to jam a back up would be readily at hand. It is not know if Hasan procured the armor piercing shell, that has not been released, but if so, given the fact that this specific round can penetrate the best body armor available, is low recoil, and can cycle 900 rounds per minute further adds to the mounting evidence that the attack at Ft. Hood was clearly a motivated terrorist attack.

More information is being released each day which clearly supports the notion that Hasan’s motive was to send a clear message in his personal Fatwa to the radical Islamic community, also clear is someone or some agency dropped the ball on Mr. Hasan and good men and women were killed or injured due to this oversight. Mr. Hasan actions were no different than the attack of 9/11 just a different venue, and before we can all live as brothers in the utopia the current administration is trying to create, many more senseless deaths will take place due to ideological and religious differences, I suggest it might be time to pray to our individual gods rather than kill for them.

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Obama Vacation

If there is one consistency with the current administration it is one of avoidance. Two of the hot topics, health care (Obama’s baby) and Afghanistan are both sorely in need of leadership or a fork, as in stick one in it, its done speaking to health care! How does President Obama choose to handle these two quagmires? Hop on Air Force One, and campaign in Florida, shirking responsibility is his standard operating procedure, when the going gets tough, give an emotional speech further abdicating responsibility to his rasher of spendopotomos minions.

As is the norm with Washington’s power elite, regardless of party, image is of more value than hard work and truth. Where the Democrats and the current administration are living up to their platform is spending money on pet projects, or more importantly, earmarking funds for future campaigns.

Dropping all pretense and emotional political dogma, Obama’s focus is to be king of the world, either financially or by ideology, we are spending our way to a government run state.

Obama’s team is consolidating banking, picking favorites, cutting pay, further controlling the money supply, produced a frontal attack on the first, and second amendment in a controlled effort to dilute any dissenting opinion, and the coup de grace creating a new world order with the kind assistance of Summers and Geithner.

Facts are facts, unemployment is the highest since the great depression, the dollars is being replaced as the primary world currency, devaluing our dollar to historic lows, greatly expanding the role of government by pursuing government sponsored health care running up massive untenable debt, and to insure our once great Nation stays humble and poor, creating additional regulation and proposing both a VAT and Cap and Trade tax!

Simple economics and a dash of common sense should allow even the staunches of blind following advocates of Obama’s bleed the state program to the same conclusion, we cannot afford the debt. By taxing the populace during an extreme financial downturn just does not add up no matter how much you may smile or how cool the persona pulling it off, it is not sound fiscal policy plain and simple.

Even more damaging and potentially life threatening, the administration has attacked the CIA, discontinued the missile shield, (more of a detente than a practical operation), closed Gitmo, or should I say closing Gitmo, and lastly, cannot pull the trigger on Afghanistan where inaction empowers the fringe, and risks soldiers lives who are outside Washington’s political fray.

None of this should baffle the voice of reason, Obama, has no history as a leader, supported no legislation of any value during his minute time in government, maintains and nurtures affiliations with the radical elements of the far left, and in an self gratifying effort continues to berate America to further feed the fools over the free. Those of whom voted for the media image of Obama, now have to reconcile their mistake, and accept responsibility of buying into the slick nebulous portrayal of a driven man with backing, he sold Lincoln you got Mao 2.0.

The question is how long will it take for the fickle public to grow weary of this show, many have, many will, 2010 is around the corner. Obama’s most likely legacy could be the reawakening of the American soul, but in quite the opposite way intended, the people are very weary of politicians, and very wanting of a leader, we will roll the dice on that issue in 2012, but odds are, change is in the game.

Quote of the day HOT AIR ALLAHPUNDIT

Obama to Troops: I will never rush putting you in harms way ALLAHPUNDIT















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doctor moonbat

Health care has been an obsession turned ugly for Obama, last weeks sound bite and good news was the CBO review of the  Baucus bill, which floated (still unwritten) costs would be reduced and would not increase taxes or deficit neutral.  Since that time numerous changes have been made to blend all the bills into a form that has a whiff of bi-partisan, and that goes beyond Olympia Snowe’s decision today, of which was tentaive at best, the story continues.

The Health care bill has been morphing and has become co-dependent on individual polling results trying to mitigate party loss to the passing of this bill.  Lawyers excluded, and well rewarded with no whiff of tort reform, a gift from there politician brethren, and now an estimated increase of $4000 per typical family is rising the hackles of the insurance industry bean counters? There is a lot of money in Health care but with the average profit margin at 6.2% they are not the greedy mugwumps they are made out to be, so this will be a long drawn out process before any bill reaches a vote.

Just who is benefiting from all this Hopey Changey, peace love, administrations efforts to further inflate a bloated budget, the timing and focus of which is ill conceived and not the top critical need.

Let’s see, government and profit, no that’s not it, what the people want, no, nooo, will improve care, uhh nope, be more efficient, could you pass the $400 dollar wrench please!  News Flash, there is no benefit to the people, sorry but there is no other way to view it, post the bill and keep every aspect of the negotiations open, cameras everywhere, transparency, you would have a better chance at spotting a Unicorn!

We will need a historical record first for remembrance of all the lost political careers in 2010 and 2012, and second to assist with the selection of candidates who actually listen to the people who hired them!

Passage of a multi-trillion dollar anchor for the sole reason of cash flow for the pork lined K street suits, and to reward the foot soldiers for the stealing of the last election, both of which are hard to swallow, suggestion.

Jobs please, money flow please, stablize the mortgage market, build some confidence, and do not tax the middle class with a value added tax nor cap and trade, you would be the king stealing from the commoners, sad but I do not hold out much hope for the new hope.

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Obama to gays you are only 4 the democratic party I dont need you so shut up VotingFemaleSpeaks!

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As is becoming clear to the Obama administration, close inspection uncovers many flaws. In an effort to quiet the new governance’s detractors, quick and immediate attention was offered in the form of  a frontal attack on Fox News, with benignly chatty Anita Dunn.

Dunn’s attempt to silence the negative slant of Fox primarily Beck, and Hannity is  a clear effort and attempt by the administrations “legal rights” division (or deep bench of staff attorney’s), “they are  coming after Fox for spreading lies, anger”, and some pretty darn good observations from the pundits on the right.

This strategy of Dunn coming out and attacking Fox for close to 9 minutes in a hyper paranoid screechy delivery is a clear sign of  mounting desperation .   This is a critical element for the press now playing out, the administrations attack on a specific news site is new territory, and this new strategy in clearly testing the latitudes of first amendment.

It has long been rumored that behind the scenes Cass Sunstien is  testing the limits of the press, including internet, and blog activity, this fact has been long documented.  Sunstien per his writings, believes in small bites, similar to a Parana, the bite may sting but the host gets over it until the next bite, and so on and so on, until bone.  By implementing strategy’s to shift control over to the governments side of the fence, any effort must be covert, behind the scenes, for the simple fact Americans get nasty when they are continually lied too.

So alas, the rest of the world can be numb to the fact that as a Nation we are in a power grab, which is coming from both sides of the isle. This is a nasty little game of propaganda the new leadership team is brewing, of which the end result is yet to be seen, odds are 50/50 they can pull it off, if not stopped.

But never underestimate the general public when it comes to sorting things out, they know when action and words don’t match, they also can witness these brash overstatements of political diatribe on any of the state owned media outlets, where only “good and happy news” is put forth.

We are a resourceful people when our backs are to the wall, and each of us can come to there own conclusions, and from the tone of the argument someone better start stepping up and getting this nation back to work, in due haste.

Now is the time to set aside personal agendas, this battle wages here at home, and we have two overseas, focus on the ball Mr President, the economy is in dire need of some confidence, and the unemployed grows short for few long for many, don’t stand under the hoop and just get rebounds, play some defense, and shoot!! And oh yeah, quit with the air balls!


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Da House

Flip to C-SPAN on any given day and wait for the camera to pan to the House floor and what do you see, nothing! Once you get over the deafening sound of crickets chirping, or the cleaning staff dusting empty chairs you begin to wonder, hey where is everyone?? They are surely working considering the current state of our economy, two wars, unemployment, the health scare bill, or are they!

It seems now that the Democrats have gained control there is no urgency to address the mountain of issues facing the people, they saunter in a day late after happy hour around 6:30 on Tuesday, not exactly “burning the midnight oil”. The House schedule showed over the last 8 days 7 votes were to take place, of which only 5 were addressed. During that time the House members worked a total of 25 hours and 43 minutes!

Stepping up to the plate Steny Hoyer the number two (literally) member of the house stated when he released the 2009 legislative calendar, “The American people voted decisively for change this November, and we will work hard to make that change a reality”. I take it 25 hours a week is hard work to a politician, it isn’t easy spending all our money, time must be taken for reflection, gain one’s center, meditate, all hell let’s go over to Rangles place and play cards!!

With the current polls trending at 21% approval rating you have to ask what can they be thinking, have the Democratic members of the house lost touch with reality, or do they have an ace up their collective sleeves. The more accurate conclusion to draw is they have been acting this way for the last 40 years and the behavior is ingrained. The House has not been held accountable for decades and as long as the Rangel’s, Pelosi’s and Hoyer’s of the house feed pork down the mouths of their constituents, little change can be expected. All is well, no accountability, endless funds and lastly they have insulated themselves with the most powerful drug in existence, MONEY! There are so many greased palms in Washington, the house is floating the idea of putting a V.A.T on Vaseline!

2010 is right around the corner, then the dance is over, the career politicians of Washington will have to suffer through the golden parachute retirement and comprehensive health care that we the citizens pay for, and I for one will be glad to pay the price for that ticket out of town!

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joe-the-sheriff-fends-off-socialist-hack-squad-the-dept-of-homeland-securityVOTING FEMALE SPEAKS!

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sorry yet

Part and parcel of Obama’s initial allure, was his ability to paint the picture that he was different, “not the same old tired wore out ideas”, “change we can believe in”, “hope and change”. Now that we are nine months in to his term it is becoming clear that nothing could be further from the truth.

Obama’s rise to the top parallels a made for TV movie which is all to common in Hollywood and now apparently so in Washington as well. First step in building an image, choose a profile you think you can market, hire a skilled script writer, teach him how to deliver his lines with passion, and stay in front of the critics, all key ingredients to to the success of developing a sell-able image.

Some of overnight sensations make it onto the big screen and some fail miserably, but that is in the world of fantasy, when it comes to Obama’s manufactured success the results of his failures could prove to be both catastrophic and highly dangerous to our national security.

When we weight the “facta non verba” IE; action not words of our sophomore president a troubling pattern has developed, his focus has been on feeding the mouths that fed him in his path to the oval office. Rather than address the numerous needs of our country, he focuses on paying back the agents of his success, or “feeding the beast”.

When Obama has been called on the carpet for his blatant politicizing, and wasteful ways, he hands the ball off to one of his minion attack dogs, being so enamored with the protection of his own image he cannot be seen as lowering himself to the daily political process. This lack of character and failure to stand up for who he really is and represents is proving to be a glaring flaw, when in political reality as seen by his peers Obama is an inexperienced social driven leftist liberal, not the moderate he sold on the campaign trail.

What we have, and are witnessing is an individual lost in equivocation, skilled at distortion, wrapped up and sold as an exaggeration, to say that truth is feigned when Obama opens his mouth is an understatement.

In Chicago terms, Obama is a made man, and deeply over his head within the beltway power elite, in an effort to distract from these obvious shortcomings, Obama has surrounded himself with a plethora of highly skilled lawyers from his past escapades, they are tasked with protecting and building the image of the Obama machine and take on all detractors using their revisionist interpretation of the law.

The goal of this team is to divert or subjugate the glaring weaknesses, character flaws and radical views of the anointed one. There methods are highly organized, very well funded, and headed by the Medusa herself Valarie Jarrett, who’s talking heads spew venom in all directions to protect her pet project President Obama.

Given that a large portion of our Nation bought into this circus, it is no wonder the uninitiated are up in arms, they thought they got a Lincoln but sadly they ended up with Carter 2.0. Obama’s shirking of responsibility and projection of blame at past administrations has lost traction, Obama continues to blame Bush for the current budget expansion and unemployment is pure fabrication.

When Obama took office he was left with a deficit of 459 billion, in his first month two bills were signed, first the stimulus bill for 787 billion, and then the 410 Billion omnibus bill leaving the 2009 deficit at 1.58 trillion, all of which did not include the expense of the Olympian health care program being pushed without support nor clarity. Now the last Republican leadership did not champion fiscal restraint very well either, but Obama’s spending efforts dwarf them in that 2009 budgetary figures have increased the deficit 3.4 times over the 2008 total!

The old saying goes, “liars figure, and figures lie”, President Obama, your speeches do not motivate anymore, your credibility is dismal, the reasons for your spending are transparent and becoming more obvious each day, your associations with radical ideology (sic) radicals is front page news, and lastly your constant visibility will not hide the truth.

Time to reboot Carter 2.0 before the system crashes, and while your at it, add that moral code, I hear it will assist with the accountability problems your apparently experiencing!!

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chicago-out-for-2016-olympics-ioc-reportedly-concerned-about-chicago-corruptionFRUGAL CAFE


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You can’t make this stuff up, two wars, an economy barely treading water, a congress and senate focused on a health care plan the majority of people do not want, Iran and Israel threatening war, a budget deficit in the trillions, and Obama goes to Copenhagen to pitch the 2016 Olympics? Maybe the two women in his life Michelle and Oprah gave him the ultimatum, “you can forget about that government thing we have to bring the Olympics to Chicago”!

Obama’s presidency has gone from disastrous to sublimely disastrous, Czars, radical associations, stimulus plan, Joe Biden, ACORN, Geithner, bailout plan for the banks and auto industry, name it, ALL Failures of the grandest scale! Who is running this show, the American frustration with politicians is at an all time high, not just the continued gaffes of Obama, but the wasteful, spending and pork barrel ways of the last administration. Obama campaigned as an agent of change, and things have changed, they have gone from bad to worse in less than a year, but now not only are they bad, you have a president that has polarized our national security. Obama’s “I am sorry I am an American” apology tour has galvanized our enemies abroad, his consolidation of power and increase in government threatens our childrens futures, his affinity to labor unions and the radical left decrease our standing as a financial world leader, and lastly his cap and trade bill is nothing more than a payoff to his left of liberal supporters.

And yet, a 52% approval rating because he is likable, and reads well? Patricia Hewitt said it best “50% of the country doesn’t know what 50% is”, well I guess everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some appear to be abusing the privilege! This is all happening right in front of each of us, and yet we stick to our prejudices, not borne of color, but from failing to see the mistakes of our actions. For too long a ruminating acceptance of politics and politicians has been allowed, where the gain has gone to the betterment of the individuals in power, and not to the masses who put them in that position.

Our nation walks a treacherous path, Jefferson knew this when he said, “when governments fear the people there is liberty, when the people fear the government there is tyranny”! President Obama, you continue to exhibit poor judgment, in fact it is difficult to find any issue or policy you have made better in your short stay, but you’re missteps continue to pile up. Lastly I will leave you with this thought “we know the system doesn’t work because we’re living in the ruins”, thanks for nothing!

olympics-crony-watch-you-cant-say-that MICHELLE MALKIN
why-has-obama-only-talked-general-mcchrystal-once-in-70-days SISTER TOLDJAH
ron-paul-on-iranian-nuke-site-im-tired-of-all-this-military-industrial-fearmongering ALLAHPUNDIT
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your-kids-heads-are-full-of-crap-647 ANIMAL FARM
obama-is-sinking-in-the-potomac-river-negative-double-digits GOOD TIME POLITICS
crack-the-books-obama-wants-longer-school-days-shorter-summer-vacation-for-students FRUGAL CAFE
obamacare-will-imprison-you-if-you-do-not-obey VOTINGFEMALESPEAKS!
who-are-the-members-of-the-congressional-black-caucus ARLENEARMY


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The idea is being floated by the Obama administration to offer a bailout of the newspaper industry, the underling reason as stated by Obama “I am concerned that if the direction of the news is all blogosphere, all opinions, with no serious fact-checking, no serious attempts to put stories in context, that what you will end up getting is people shouting at each other across the void but not a lot of mutual understanding,” When has it ever been the purpose of the press to offer a mutual understanding, that is not there job, it is to report the news. Obama by offering to “bailout” yet another industry is irresponsible given the countries financial situation, additionally most experts agree on the premise that the industry is a dying breed and has morphed to the internet, we would be feeding a cash cow with little hope for a positive financial return, so what is the motive?

Obama chose his language well when he discussed the proposed “Newspaper Revitalization Act” introduced by Sen. Ben Cardin (D.MD) S.673, he like he always appears to do, stated he would be supportive of the act if the news papers were a non-profit and structured as a 501C, but that he had not reviewed the bill yet? Furthermore if the structure of the news papers are changed to a non profit including Federal bailout funds who will these new entities serve, the people, or the source of there funding, remember ACORN was structured as a non-profit, and we are just now uncovering the corruption in that cause.

This is not the Obama administrations first effort to quell dissenting opinion and infringe on the first amendment rights of our free republic. The Cyber Security act proposed by John D Rockefeller what the first attempt at floating the balloon to cut off the dissenting opinion by giving the President the sole power to shut down the internet when he so deems a security threat is present. The ostensible painting of the Cyber Security legislation was to prevent threats on the infrastructure information systems, but under the guidance of Cass Sunstein the purpose is far from clear. Sunstein is quoted “we will use the courts to implement the policy to shut down any dissent that is contrary to the “truth”. Sunstein also stated, “people’s beliefs are a product of social networks working as echo chambers in which false rumors spread like wildfire”, “we hardly need to imagine a world, however, in which people and institutions are being harmed by the rapid spread of damaging falsehoods via the Internet,” and lastly “whether you’re a blogger, The New York Times or a Web hosting service – you should be held responsible even for what your commenter’s say”.

The fact that Obama is considering these options shows that the first amendment is working as it should, where the mainstream now in reality now the fringe media would not cover the ACORN, tea-party, Czars, town halls, or basically any other story critical of this administration, the bloggers and Fox news stepped in and got the message out.

Maybe Mr. President all the accusations of socialism and fascism would go away if you did not continue to infringe on the rights of the people by using slick lawyer tricks and deceptive leglislation, this is just another brick in the wall of your agenda that appears hellbent on collecting power under one roof and ignoring the constitution, for that, this bill is the MOONBAT trick of the day, and rightfully so!

Take a look at the current fairness in media!

59523-obama-open-to-newspaper-bailout-bill MICHAEL O’BRIEN
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some-of-the-deepest-roots-to-the-great-acorn-scam DIARY OF A MAD CONSERVATIVE
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Pelosi Fist

With so much stupidity going on today it was difficult in choosing one individual who has displayed the most moonbattedness over the last 24 hours, in my search I could not help coming back to the queen bee of all moonbats Nancy Pelosi, in fact I could dedicate an entire blog to her exploits. For that reason, Nan beat out, ACORN, Barney Frank, Health Care, and Obama’s media tour.

Nan’s display of emotion yesterday and her continued missteps as leader of the House have lead me to believe that she is most likely experiencing Botox poisoning. Trust me that is being kind, Pelosi has become so far detached from reality she has become a paranoid schizophrenic in eliciting claims of “violence” and “assassination fears”.

Pelosi stated in her weekly news conference “I wish we would all curb our enthusiasm in some of the statements and understand that some of the ears that it is falling on are not as balanced as the person making the statements may assume”. Is it me or do you envision her saying that very phrase in her magic mirror every morning before she starts her day?

“Take responsibility for our actions and our words”, “we are a free country”, “concerns about the language being used”, “rhetoric frightening”, “curb our enthusiasm”, “ears that this is falling on are not as balanced”, “take responsibility for any incitement”, in one minute and sixteen seconds of Nan’s emotional diatribe she managed to sum up the very cause of the ruminating distaste for all politicians, let’s take a closer look and interpret Nan’s comments.

“Take responsibility for our actions and our words”: I actually laughed when I heard this, the first rule of politics is to be skilled at the very opposite of this statement, the current view of Congress as is clearly shown in there approval ratings is that, NO ONE IS TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR THERE ACTIONS! The common theme from both sides of the isle, but being masterfully implemented by the Obama administration is to blame the past, the party, the people, or the process, all this at the expense of truth and accountability!

“We are a free country”: This statement is listed at the top of “Basics for Political Diversion and Comment Making For Elected Officials”, we are a free country is used so often few question its meaning. Yes we still might have our freedom of speech, but that is being threatened by current proposed legislation of which will be covered at a later date. But are we truly free; our country now owes more money than it can pay, government continues to grow further infringing on personal rights, we have the most inefficient republic in history without any accountability, and most important, politics is now viewed as a career rather than a service to the republic, so rhetorically are we really free?

“Concerned about the language being used”: This is just plain stupid and a clear case of the pot calling the kettle black, (no racial overtones intended), in the very same sentence this quote was put forth Nan stated we are a free country, so if you are concerned about the TONE of the language, LEARN HOW TO COMMUNICATE, in a forthright honest manner, and don’t be surprised when you get called on the carpet for insane comments coming out of your pie hole.

“Rhetoric is frightening”: Read above!

“Curb our enthusiasm”: Why because you don’t care for the reaction your blatant political lies bring about? Suggestion, curb your stupidity, and quit insulting the intelligence of the American public.

“Ears that this is falling on are not as balanced”: Who’s ears, are you implying that anyone who disagrees with you’re politics is unbalanced? Or from your elitist pedestal do you see yourself as above the constituents you serve. The answer to this question is the key to our freedom.

“Take responsibility for any incitement”: I am glad Nan’s is now on public record stating she will take responsibility for the current incitement, does this woman have a clue? The public is Wee Wee’ed, (the now politically correct verbiage for pissed), at 40 years of lies, spending, pandering, waste, and is reacting to the misplaced trust they issued to the government! It is clear now is the time for all politicians to “take responsibility for any incitement”!

Didn’t think there was that much info in a short statement did you? This speaks to the core issues most Americans (as shown by the polls) feel about our politicians, they are detached, elitist demigods, with the primary purpose of gaining and obtaining power. The continued attempts to “hoodwink” the general public are now being called out and they (politicians) are finally being seen for what they are, self serving narcissists. I will leave you with this one note, WE ARE ON TO YOU!

video-pelosi-chokes-up-over-potential-for-political-violence ED MORRISSEY
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obama-panders-to-illegals-tries-end-run-to-provide-public-option-for-illegals-joe-wilson-is-right-you-liar VOTINGFEMALESPEAKS!
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