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Who better than Dickie Durbin, the consigilari of the Chicago body politic to propose “the Senate could make changes to the bill by using the nuclear option, known formally as “reconciliation,” a tactic that would allow Democrats to adjust parts of health care reform with just a 51-vote majority”.

Although this tact has been rumored in the past, floating the balloon today to proceed in such a manner makes two very clear points, first, Coakley being DOA after tonight’s loss, the party seems more focused on who to blame.

Second, if it was not clear before the Brown/Coakley election it is crystal clear now that the health care bills passing, (note I did not say success) is the Democratic keystone in the bridge of sighs of their social engineering platform. Never mind the economy, unemployment, or something simple as “doing the right thing”, ObamaCare is the priority even at the height of the worst recession in recorded history.

After being second fiddle for the most of the last 20 years has the Democrats eager to show how well they can spread the wealth, granted the Bush regime ran up 1.2 trillion in eight years, but the new leader in the pork and waste department is, drum roll please, number one, Barack Obama, number two, Nancy Pelosi, and a close third Harry Reid.

This trilogy of spendocrats have managed to; kill any economic recovery by, not addressing the housing crisis, you can thank Rham, Timmy, Barney, and Chris for leveraging that one, enter Nanny Pelosi and her tyrannical hold on the House, passed the stimulus package, passing health care with a public option, and as of today a new 135 trillion education bill, government is growing the economy isn’t.

With Brown taking the election tonight, prepare for some serious down and dirty Chicago politics from Obama and krew. The style that worked in the past while the country was at the height of the Obama euphoria, has grown callow. The words though delivered well, carry no weight, the leadership behind the man has become much to secret and dark, trust has vanished, and if the trend continues who will pay for these mistakes in judgment?

Tonight just might be the start of a grand cascade of fallen Democrats and liberal Republicans, the country seeking a cause has congregated in the center where their frustration grows waiting for a leader to appear. 2010 just might be, “the new American revolution”, many losses loom on the horizon that will effect the very core of both parties, I have hope for that change.

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Coup d’état, an attempt to change a government by the threat or use of force, usually but not always associated with the military, although the willingness and ability or lack of it on the part of the armed forces to defend a government can be decisive in a coup d’état by others.

One year into the Obama administration the actual rather than the ostensible goal of the administration is becoming McCrystal clear, spread the wealth, and legislate free markets out of existence.

The original election platform was nothing more than a passion play of good versus evil played eloquently by the democrats key bit actor Obama.  Taking in the perfect storm of mistrust of the Bush administration, and the crash of the world financial markets a vociferous call for change was played out in the daily press.  Capturing this moment and exploiting the perceived issues and implementing the best of political opportunism, Obama presided over the pulpit spewing rhetorical minutia after rhetorical minutia in a designed effort to demonize the Republican leadership.

Due to the pinpoint focus on the “ills” of the times coupled with an amazingly organized media team, 53% of the American public bought into the empty promises of the new message.  Like a Billy Mays commercial, there was a respectable amount of skepticism, and general doubt, but the message hit home for moderates as did their vote for the new paramour of perceived change.

Back to today, the voice of the people and the polls have made it abundantly clear, none of the proposals out of the White House team of social engineers has the best interests of the people they serve as priority one.  Given the disdain for the current trilogy of new bills, health care, cap and trade, and lastly the climate bill and the Copenhagen treaty accord, the Obama team continues on, regardless of efficiency, understanding, or empathy for the damage they currently are spearheading at all costs.

Conclusion, as with most politics words and actions rarely meet, our Nation is currently under economic siege, with rampant unemployment, a devalued dollar, two wars, and a designed specific attack by the EU and other leading world economies to replace the United States as the global economic leader.  The question is, are our elected officials gallantly opposing this global power grab, or supporting it with costly legislation and regulation further facilitating an economic meltdown?

Much has been written and said about the motivations of the current party in power, a great deal of the discourse is nothing more than daily talking points given to the perpetrators in power to sell the message, in other words you have to think for yourself, and dismantle the message by stripping away the rhetoric to get to the root motivation of the thought at hand.

The end result of dissecting the message becomes clear when viewed outside the dogma and rhetoric of the moment, the current proposed path will bury us in debt, will allow no capacity or structure to amortize the new debt, and if anyone of the three key pegs in the Obama platform is passed the effect will be to weaken our Nation and its standing in the global economic community, not exactly the hope and change the Obama supporters thought now is it!

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Obama Vacation

If there is one consistency with the current administration it is one of avoidance. Two of the hot topics, health care (Obama’s baby) and Afghanistan are both sorely in need of leadership or a fork, as in stick one in it, its done speaking to health care! How does President Obama choose to handle these two quagmires? Hop on Air Force One, and campaign in Florida, shirking responsibility is his standard operating procedure, when the going gets tough, give an emotional speech further abdicating responsibility to his rasher of spendopotomos minions.

As is the norm with Washington’s power elite, regardless of party, image is of more value than hard work and truth. Where the Democrats and the current administration are living up to their platform is spending money on pet projects, or more importantly, earmarking funds for future campaigns.

Dropping all pretense and emotional political dogma, Obama’s focus is to be king of the world, either financially or by ideology, we are spending our way to a government run state.

Obama’s team is consolidating banking, picking favorites, cutting pay, further controlling the money supply, produced a frontal attack on the first, and second amendment in a controlled effort to dilute any dissenting opinion, and the coup de grace creating a new world order with the kind assistance of Summers and Geithner.

Facts are facts, unemployment is the highest since the great depression, the dollars is being replaced as the primary world currency, devaluing our dollar to historic lows, greatly expanding the role of government by pursuing government sponsored health care running up massive untenable debt, and to insure our once great Nation stays humble and poor, creating additional regulation and proposing both a VAT and Cap and Trade tax!

Simple economics and a dash of common sense should allow even the staunches of blind following advocates of Obama’s bleed the state program to the same conclusion, we cannot afford the debt. By taxing the populace during an extreme financial downturn just does not add up no matter how much you may smile or how cool the persona pulling it off, it is not sound fiscal policy plain and simple.

Even more damaging and potentially life threatening, the administration has attacked the CIA, discontinued the missile shield, (more of a detente than a practical operation), closed Gitmo, or should I say closing Gitmo, and lastly, cannot pull the trigger on Afghanistan where inaction empowers the fringe, and risks soldiers lives who are outside Washington’s political fray.

None of this should baffle the voice of reason, Obama, has no history as a leader, supported no legislation of any value during his minute time in government, maintains and nurtures affiliations with the radical elements of the far left, and in an self gratifying effort continues to berate America to further feed the fools over the free. Those of whom voted for the media image of Obama, now have to reconcile their mistake, and accept responsibility of buying into the slick nebulous portrayal of a driven man with backing, he sold Lincoln you got Mao 2.0.

The question is how long will it take for the fickle public to grow weary of this show, many have, many will, 2010 is around the corner. Obama’s most likely legacy could be the reawakening of the American soul, but in quite the opposite way intended, the people are very weary of politicians, and very wanting of a leader, we will roll the dice on that issue in 2012, but odds are, change is in the game.

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Da House

Flip to C-SPAN on any given day and wait for the camera to pan to the House floor and what do you see, nothing! Once you get over the deafening sound of crickets chirping, or the cleaning staff dusting empty chairs you begin to wonder, hey where is everyone?? They are surely working considering the current state of our economy, two wars, unemployment, the health scare bill, or are they!

It seems now that the Democrats have gained control there is no urgency to address the mountain of issues facing the people, they saunter in a day late after happy hour around 6:30 on Tuesday, not exactly “burning the midnight oil”. The House schedule showed over the last 8 days 7 votes were to take place, of which only 5 were addressed. During that time the House members worked a total of 25 hours and 43 minutes!

Stepping up to the plate Steny Hoyer the number two (literally) member of the house stated when he released the 2009 legislative calendar, “The American people voted decisively for change this November, and we will work hard to make that change a reality”. I take it 25 hours a week is hard work to a politician, it isn’t easy spending all our money, time must be taken for reflection, gain one’s center, meditate, all hell let’s go over to Rangles place and play cards!!

With the current polls trending at 21% approval rating you have to ask what can they be thinking, have the Democratic members of the house lost touch with reality, or do they have an ace up their collective sleeves. The more accurate conclusion to draw is they have been acting this way for the last 40 years and the behavior is ingrained. The House has not been held accountable for decades and as long as the Rangel’s, Pelosi’s and Hoyer’s of the house feed pork down the mouths of their constituents, little change can be expected. All is well, no accountability, endless funds and lastly they have insulated themselves with the most powerful drug in existence, MONEY! There are so many greased palms in Washington, the house is floating the idea of putting a V.A.T on Vaseline!

2010 is right around the corner, then the dance is over, the career politicians of Washington will have to suffer through the golden parachute retirement and comprehensive health care that we the citizens pay for, and I for one will be glad to pay the price for that ticket out of town!

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You can’t make this stuff up, two wars, an economy barely treading water, a congress and senate focused on a health care plan the majority of people do not want, Iran and Israel threatening war, a budget deficit in the trillions, and Obama goes to Copenhagen to pitch the 2016 Olympics? Maybe the two women in his life Michelle and Oprah gave him the ultimatum, “you can forget about that government thing we have to bring the Olympics to Chicago”!

Obama’s presidency has gone from disastrous to sublimely disastrous, Czars, radical associations, stimulus plan, Joe Biden, ACORN, Geithner, bailout plan for the banks and auto industry, name it, ALL Failures of the grandest scale! Who is running this show, the American frustration with politicians is at an all time high, not just the continued gaffes of Obama, but the wasteful, spending and pork barrel ways of the last administration. Obama campaigned as an agent of change, and things have changed, they have gone from bad to worse in less than a year, but now not only are they bad, you have a president that has polarized our national security. Obama’s “I am sorry I am an American” apology tour has galvanized our enemies abroad, his consolidation of power and increase in government threatens our childrens futures, his affinity to labor unions and the radical left decrease our standing as a financial world leader, and lastly his cap and trade bill is nothing more than a payoff to his left of liberal supporters.

And yet, a 52% approval rating because he is likable, and reads well? Patricia Hewitt said it best “50% of the country doesn’t know what 50% is”, well I guess everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some appear to be abusing the privilege! This is all happening right in front of each of us, and yet we stick to our prejudices, not borne of color, but from failing to see the mistakes of our actions. For too long a ruminating acceptance of politics and politicians has been allowed, where the gain has gone to the betterment of the individuals in power, and not to the masses who put them in that position.

Our nation walks a treacherous path, Jefferson knew this when he said, “when governments fear the people there is liberty, when the people fear the government there is tyranny”! President Obama, you continue to exhibit poor judgment, in fact it is difficult to find any issue or policy you have made better in your short stay, but you’re missteps continue to pile up. Lastly I will leave you with this thought “we know the system doesn’t work because we’re living in the ruins”, thanks for nothing!

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Start gathering your stones, the fight has escalated between the liberal left and the righteous right media pundits and news outlets, all hands on deck bloggers! The current numbers on viewership and the telling poll’s on media trust are all pointing in one direction, conservative…ta daaaaaaaa! This being said, and with the previous “major network news”, sinking revenues, and diminished viewers you would think the talking heads would adapt to the changing times! The real news is, why the fringe media has not gone with the flow as its past history has shown?

Two possible reasons, first, and this has been the case for many years, the media is owned by its revenue source, advertisers. When advertising dollars are at risk, a passive, milk toast, don’t offend anyone approach is the model for the day, it is hard to sell Huggies if you are calling the President a socialist, so the byproduct of this fear is left of middle feel good read it off the wire teleprompter news. The same can be said for the print media, who’s struggle is even more dubious due to the rise of the internet.

Second, the major networks growing view that content such as offer by Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, Van Susteren, Levin, Wallace, and the like is below them! The main stream media has become comfortable in it’s role as news reader of the day. They have large staff’s gathering the headlines, clipped into short benign sound bites, elicited with the proper tone, head bob, and look of seriousness, focused on style rather than substance, or to sum up, just plain lazy!

Also apparent is the current administrations goal to shape the news to there advantage, in fairness this is not new, but according to Chris Wallace the Obama administrations efforts have been likened to a “bunch of whining crybaby’s!”

Primarly due to egos, the past popular talking heads are loosing there cool, and have shifted there objectivity so far to the left they have lost site of the voice of the people. Here Chris Matthews, does not even attempt to hide his disdain for the opposing view!

Beck hitting his stride!!

Let it be said I lean to the starboard in this brawl, in all fairness and full disclosure, I have penned numerous articles on the liberal “Fourth Estate, and its methods to control the hearts and minds it’s followers. For the total lack of vision, laziness, ego stroking, and ineptitude by the fringe media to date, they are here by ordained Moonbat of the Day, hey I wonder if this article will get any media attention, naw it makes sense, and how sorely we miss Tim Russert!
the-fringe-media-proof-socialism-fails-the-titanic-had-a-band-not-so-abc-cbs-nbc-cnn VOTINGFEMALESPEAKS!

a-backdoor-way-for-healthcare-for-illegals SISTER TOLJAH

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moonbat-group-of-the-day-acorn MOONBAT OF THE DAY

todays-moonbat-jimmy-carter-welcome-back-jimmy MOONBAT OF THE DAY

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Pelosi Fist

With so much stupidity going on today it was difficult in choosing one individual who has displayed the most moonbattedness over the last 24 hours, in my search I could not help coming back to the queen bee of all moonbats Nancy Pelosi, in fact I could dedicate an entire blog to her exploits. For that reason, Nan beat out, ACORN, Barney Frank, Health Care, and Obama’s media tour.

Nan’s display of emotion yesterday and her continued missteps as leader of the House have lead me to believe that she is most likely experiencing Botox poisoning. Trust me that is being kind, Pelosi has become so far detached from reality she has become a paranoid schizophrenic in eliciting claims of “violence” and “assassination fears”.

Pelosi stated in her weekly news conference “I wish we would all curb our enthusiasm in some of the statements and understand that some of the ears that it is falling on are not as balanced as the person making the statements may assume”. Is it me or do you envision her saying that very phrase in her magic mirror every morning before she starts her day?

“Take responsibility for our actions and our words”, “we are a free country”, “concerns about the language being used”, “rhetoric frightening”, “curb our enthusiasm”, “ears that this is falling on are not as balanced”, “take responsibility for any incitement”, in one minute and sixteen seconds of Nan’s emotional diatribe she managed to sum up the very cause of the ruminating distaste for all politicians, let’s take a closer look and interpret Nan’s comments.

“Take responsibility for our actions and our words”: I actually laughed when I heard this, the first rule of politics is to be skilled at the very opposite of this statement, the current view of Congress as is clearly shown in there approval ratings is that, NO ONE IS TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR THERE ACTIONS! The common theme from both sides of the isle, but being masterfully implemented by the Obama administration is to blame the past, the party, the people, or the process, all this at the expense of truth and accountability!

“We are a free country”: This statement is listed at the top of “Basics for Political Diversion and Comment Making For Elected Officials”, we are a free country is used so often few question its meaning. Yes we still might have our freedom of speech, but that is being threatened by current proposed legislation of which will be covered at a later date. But are we truly free; our country now owes more money than it can pay, government continues to grow further infringing on personal rights, we have the most inefficient republic in history without any accountability, and most important, politics is now viewed as a career rather than a service to the republic, so rhetorically are we really free?

“Concerned about the language being used”: This is just plain stupid and a clear case of the pot calling the kettle black, (no racial overtones intended), in the very same sentence this quote was put forth Nan stated we are a free country, so if you are concerned about the TONE of the language, LEARN HOW TO COMMUNICATE, in a forthright honest manner, and don’t be surprised when you get called on the carpet for insane comments coming out of your pie hole.

“Rhetoric is frightening”: Read above!

“Curb our enthusiasm”: Why because you don’t care for the reaction your blatant political lies bring about? Suggestion, curb your stupidity, and quit insulting the intelligence of the American public.

“Ears that this is falling on are not as balanced”: Who’s ears, are you implying that anyone who disagrees with you’re politics is unbalanced? Or from your elitist pedestal do you see yourself as above the constituents you serve. The answer to this question is the key to our freedom.

“Take responsibility for any incitement”: I am glad Nan’s is now on public record stating she will take responsibility for the current incitement, does this woman have a clue? The public is Wee Wee’ed, (the now politically correct verbiage for pissed), at 40 years of lies, spending, pandering, waste, and is reacting to the misplaced trust they issued to the government! It is clear now is the time for all politicians to “take responsibility for any incitement”!

Didn’t think there was that much info in a short statement did you? This speaks to the core issues most Americans (as shown by the polls) feel about our politicians, they are detached, elitist demigods, with the primary purpose of gaining and obtaining power. The continued attempts to “hoodwink” the general public are now being called out and they (politicians) are finally being seen for what they are, self serving narcissists. I will leave you with this one note, WE ARE ON TO YOU!

video-pelosi-chokes-up-over-potential-for-political-violence ED MORRISSEY
obamas-solution-on-illegals-and-health-care-amnesty ED MORRISSEY
ostrich-award-nancy-pelosi-joins-charlie-gibson MICHELLE MALKIN
pelosis-priorities SLUBLOG
our-paranoid-race-bating-media KARL
acorns-illegal-alien-home-loan-racket MICHELLE MALKIN
whos-suggesting-violence DIARY OF A MAD CONSERVATIVE
conservative-blog-network CONSERVATIVE BLOG NETWORK
obama-panders-to-illegals-tries-end-run-to-provide-public-option-for-illegals-joe-wilson-is-right-you-liar VOTINGFEMALESPEAKS!
moonbat-group-of-the-day-acorn MOONBAT PATROL
todays-moonbat-charlie-rangel MOONBAT PATROL
todays-moonbat-jimmy-carter-welcome-back-jimmy MOONBAT PATROL
acorn-well-help-you-get-away-with-stuff-jay-leno-bill-oreilly-dennis-miller-weigh-in-video FRUGAL CAFE
nancy-pelosi-casts-the-first-stone-obama-blood-on-opposition-hands SAMHENRY


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Say what you will about the quick and decisive action taken on Rep. Jim Wilson and the politics involved, but in six days the House, huddled, wrote and censured Jim Wilson in a quick and efficient manner!! So now when motivated politicaly or otherwise the House can “get er done” when need be, the question is WHAT ABOUT RANGEL!

Rangel, who is chairman on the Ways and Means Committee and Vice chair on the Committee on Taxation, the latter being the ultimate irony, has managed to go unscathed for his egregious actions on tax evasion and general falsehood in his financial filings. Being a founding member of the FOP or as it is commonly know Friend of Pelosi, Chucks faces the following charges.

Controlled four rent-stabilized New York City apartments, one of which he illegally turned into a campaign office

Took a homestead exemption on a Washington D.C. house, which is only available for a primary residence. Under New York law, a rent-controlled apartment must be your primary residence

Solicited donations on congressional letterhead for the Charles B. Rangel Center for Public Service at City College of New York and worked to preserve a tax break for an oil drilling company after its top executive donated $1 million to the center

Failed to report to the IRS and pay taxes on $75,000 in rental income from a beachfront property in the Dominican Republic

Underestimated on his House ethics statement the value of a Florida condo he and his wife owned

Violated House disclosure rules by failing to report the full details of some privately sponsored trips

Also Charlie in an attempt to stave off any further review of his finances filed an amended House financial disclosure form reporting profits on the sale of his Harlem townhouse, added thousands of dollars in his mutual funds and checking accounts valued at $250000-$500000 each.

So in essence we have the following, YOU LIE, YOU LIE, YOU LIE, YOU LIE, YOU LIE, YOU LIE, YOU LIE, YOU LIE, YOU LIE!!! Count them, NINE times Rangel blatantly falsified his financial dealings, seven of which are formal charges with the remaining two a clear effort to cover his tracks!

Why is this important, first, Chuck as stated above is in charge of the purse strings for the Ways and Means Committee which is RESPONSIBLE as the chief tax-writing committee for the US government, under it’s control is: Social Security, Unemployment benefits, Medicare, child support laws, welfare, foster care, and adoptions programs, is Rangel the fox we want watching these hens??

Even of greater importance, and a consistent theme in the Pelosi run House when it comes to Democrat’s, why are such serious charges allowed to go unanswered!! Joe Wilson, “you lie”, Rangel, a consistent foundation of untruth of which the total depth is unknown!

Thirty eight years Rangel has served in the house, his actions and reaction to the charges have been contrite, and have show a total lack of candor. Evermore reason for a total reboot of the political system, including term limits, many of the transgressions over the past two decades have come way of career politicians, who are so entrenched by special interests, they are dug in deeper than an “Alabama tick”! Chuck, do us all a favor, you are loaded, you are 79 years old, time to go lay on the beach in the Dominican Republic and enjoy, retire, that is the best service you can do for your Country!!
acorn-the-unions-and-obama ACORN, The Unions And Obama
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Ahhh how we have missed you Jimmy, so much material, fodder, and just plain stupid comments, many have tried but none have taken your place as the Worst President in US history. Good news, you now have a serious contender for said honor. Maybe this is why you decided to wade in on the racism accusations of late? Or is it that you hope to retain your standing as the most ineffective outsider to ever be voted into the presidency, tough call.

So Jimmy let’s look at your comment, “I think an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward President Barack Obama is based on the fact that he is a black man, that he’s African-American,”. “That racism inclination still exists, and I think it’s bubbled up to the surface because of belief among many white people — not just in the South but around the country — that African-Americans are not qualified to lead this great country”.

Jimmy if you continue with statements like this you will be the top contender for Moonbat of the century!! Maybe I am just naive, or just plain ignorant to the rest of the what the “COUNTRY” thinks, but I just do not see the issues nor the discourse/anger we are currently facing as fostered in racism!!! More than likely Mr. Carter this statement comes from your own personal baggage of growing up in the south (same as the author of this post) and personal guilt of participating in racism when it was common place.

Once again an agent of the left is attempting to “keep the chains of guilt of slavery firmly attached” to this administration. It is also beyond comprehension as to how the statement by Joe Wilson can be deemed as racist!! Quite a jump in logic here Jimmy, it is as if you have been waiting 30 years to blurt out RACISM, I guess no better time than now, and I must say you’re new skills as national mind reader are purely astounding!!

But there are parallels between you and President Obama that cannot be ignored, “what Carter had that his opponents did not was the acceptance and support of elite sectors of the mass communications media. It was their favorable coverage of Carter and his campaign that gave him an edge, propelling him rocket-like to the top of the opinion polls. This helped Carter win key primary election victories, enabling him to rise from an obscure public figure to President-elect in the short space of 9 months”. HMMMM, that is scary!!! So in retrospect Jimmy you and Barack both owe your success to the liberal media, and the mindless youth who wanted change for change’s sake without any recognizable foundation of substance to back up either Presidency, in that we can see consensus!!

It has been said Mr. Carter you have become a better man than president, you have won the Nobel Peace Prize, and you can be credited with the formation of Habitat For Humanity, my humble advice, stick to pounding nails, not worn out baseless accusations, now where was that two by four?

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Hendrik Hertzberg

First let’s look at the definition of the beast, “unlike a genuine academic, a pseudo-intellectual’s main reason for being interested in these topics is because it makes him feel intellectually superior to his peers. He usually despises main stream culture, accuses those who disagree with him as being ignorant, and when his ideas are challenged, he often retaliates with “That’s a straw man argument!”

All to common in today’s debate is the reaction from the liberal left and accusations that anyone who disagrees is an ignorant toothless, mindless, unlettered, witnessed moron! Today’s Moonbat, Hendrik Hertzberg in an article for The New Yorker titled “Lies” states “This sort of lunatic paranoia—touched with populism, nativism, racism, and anti-intellectualism—has long been a feature of the fringe, especially during times of economic bewilderment”.

Hertzberg goes on to say, “Their sneers may be false and hateful—they all routinely liken the President and the “Democrat Party” to murderous totalitarians—but they are employed by large, nominally respectable corporations and supported by national advertisers, lending them a considerable measure of institutional prestige”.

HMM, interesting Mr. Hertzberg, but are you not employed by the New Yorker magazine, and been recognized as one of the “25 Most Influential Liberals in the U.S. Media”? As is rote and appears to be a right of passage to hold the liberal moniker the cannons of journalism are thrown out the proverbial window when objectivity is called for! The consistent message, from the labeled “liberal media” has been to dismiss any form of discourse that disagrees with the staid and true left point of view, which is developed I hear on the Whine and Cheese circuit in the halls of the country clubs across America. Is is beyond perception that real people, the middle class, the workers of our society are capable of forming a congruent opinion? Could it also be that the founding members of the La De Da society now in power in the White House have also underestimated the voice of this classless group of “drones”, I think the answer to that question can be found on the streets of Washington D.C. on 9/12/09.

The people have spoken Mr. Hertzberg, might it be time to step down from that self imposed pedestal and take a look at the grassroots on which it stands, you never know, you might just be surprised at how cogent the movement and it members might be!

Hertzberg Story Link 090921taco_talk_hertzberg

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