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Yep Chuckie There Was Pork In Them There Bills!!

Chuck’s at it again, trying to leverage the death of the 13 soldiers at Fort Hood and grab a little TV spotlight, he is blaming Nidal Hasans actions on the gun, and Hasan is the victim.  Never mind that just about everyone possible had a chance to stop, or at least take a closer look at Hasan, along with full and total knowledge that Hasan purchased his weapon legally.

Not good enough for Charles, he is the lefts top pit puppy, sent to protect all the innocent victims such as Nadal Hasan from the evil lead spitter, in Chucks world Hasan would have never committed such a crime if he did not have access to a gun!!

Chuckie has a long history of making such outlandish claims when it comes to firearms, he and other proponents of gun control believe that the world would be a better place without guns.  In his world people cannot be trusted and must be controlled, and everyone can blame the gun for all the worlds failings.

The specific method of propaganda Chuckie is using here is to be the great protector, gain trust by spewing emotional psychotic paranoid statements, once you have their attention, drag the beast out on stage for everyone to see, then tell the now frightened people you will take care of all there problems.  Sounds good in theory, but like every good Marxist you have to determine the gain, or as Marx said, follow the money.

Chuckie is not seen in the best light by the NRA, who’s deep pockets heavily support the right of center politicians, so in reality Chuckie is a hunter in a sense, he can kill two birds with one shot.  Attack the NRA and guns, neither of which support any part of his platform financially or ideologically, and bird two the politicians the Schumer anti Christ support.  Clear logical attack politics, and just a taste of the goings on in DC these day’s, and given the fact that Chuckie Schumer has a substantial war chest of his own, as of 9/30/09 he sat at $16.634,060.00 in cash in hand in his PAC.

So what is really going on here, could it be that the current and total redistribution of wealth and growth of the United States government insuring the continued employment of career politicians.  Or could it be, guns are Chucks little Blitzkrieg and personal pet project in the overall plan?

Guns do kill, but only when they have someone to pull the trigger, this is a very simple premise, by trying to limit a tool of potential death, (there are many) you take the responsibility away from the person, this process is the core catalyst in the divergent ocean of difference between the two ideologies of Democrat and Republican.  Democrats equal big government and central power, Republicans are for free markets and decentralization, that is the ideologies, one of control, and one of freedom, again a very simple premise.

What does any of this have to do with guns?  Nothing, it is just political opportunism by a career politician who was missing seeing his face on TV, mind you, and  lets remember, the gun killed those 13 innocent and brave men and women at Fort Hood, not Nadal Hasan, come on Chuck do you really think we are that stupid?

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