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Part and parcel of Obama’s initial allure, was his ability to paint the picture that he was different, “not the same old tired wore out ideas”, “change we can believe in”, “hope and change”. Now that we are nine months in to his term it is becoming clear that nothing could be further from the truth.

Obama’s rise to the top parallels a made for TV movie which is all to common in Hollywood and now apparently so in Washington as well. First step in building an image, choose a profile you think you can market, hire a skilled script writer, teach him how to deliver his lines with passion, and stay in front of the critics, all key ingredients to to the success of developing a sell-able image.

Some of overnight sensations make it onto the big screen and some fail miserably, but that is in the world of fantasy, when it comes to Obama’s manufactured success the results of his failures could prove to be both catastrophic and highly dangerous to our national security.

When we weight the “facta non verba” IE; action not words of our sophomore president a troubling pattern has developed, his focus has been on feeding the mouths that fed him in his path to the oval office. Rather than address the numerous needs of our country, he focuses on paying back the agents of his success, or “feeding the beast”.

When Obama has been called on the carpet for his blatant politicizing, and wasteful ways, he hands the ball off to one of his minion attack dogs, being so enamored with the protection of his own image he cannot be seen as lowering himself to the daily political process. This lack of character and failure to stand up for who he really is and represents is proving to be a glaring flaw, when in political reality as seen by his peers Obama is an inexperienced social driven leftist liberal, not the moderate he sold on the campaign trail.

What we have, and are witnessing is an individual lost in equivocation, skilled at distortion, wrapped up and sold as an exaggeration, to say that truth is feigned when Obama opens his mouth is an understatement.

In Chicago terms, Obama is a made man, and deeply over his head within the beltway power elite, in an effort to distract from these obvious shortcomings, Obama has surrounded himself with a plethora of highly skilled lawyers from his past escapades, they are tasked with protecting and building the image of the Obama machine and take on all detractors using their revisionist interpretation of the law.

The goal of this team is to divert or subjugate the glaring weaknesses, character flaws and radical views of the anointed one. There methods are highly organized, very well funded, and headed by the Medusa herself Valarie Jarrett, who’s talking heads spew venom in all directions to protect her pet project President Obama.

Given that a large portion of our Nation bought into this circus, it is no wonder the uninitiated are up in arms, they thought they got a Lincoln but sadly they ended up with Carter 2.0. Obama’s shirking of responsibility and projection of blame at past administrations has lost traction, Obama continues to blame Bush for the current budget expansion and unemployment is pure fabrication.

When Obama took office he was left with a deficit of 459 billion, in his first month two bills were signed, first the stimulus bill for 787 billion, and then the 410 Billion omnibus bill leaving the 2009 deficit at 1.58 trillion, all of which did not include the expense of the Olympian health care program being pushed without support nor clarity. Now the last Republican leadership did not champion fiscal restraint very well either, but Obama’s spending efforts dwarf them in that 2009 budgetary figures have increased the deficit 3.4 times over the 2008 total!

The old saying goes, “liars figure, and figures lie”, President Obama, your speeches do not motivate anymore, your credibility is dismal, the reasons for your spending are transparent and becoming more obvious each day, your associations with radical ideology (sic) radicals is front page news, and lastly your constant visibility will not hide the truth.

Time to reboot Carter 2.0 before the system crashes, and while your at it, add that moral code, I hear it will assist with the accountability problems your apparently experiencing!!

no-chicago-olympics-for-obama-packs-up-snake-oil-and-heads-home-congrats-rio VOTINGFEMALESPEAKS!
why-big-government-doesnt-work DOCTOR ZERO
quotes-of-the-day-166 ALLAHPUNDIT
barack-obama-is-a-loser HOWARD PORTNOY
too-clever-by-half KBANAIAN
capitalist-pig-michael-moore-stiffs.htmlANOTHER BLACK CONSERVATIVE
weekend-open-thread-66 SISTER TOLDJAH
obama-is-not-telling-the-truthCONSERVATIVE CONGRUENCE
a-big-black-eye-for-obamaDIARY OF A MAD CONSERVATIVE
chicago-out-for-2016-olympics-ioc-reportedly-concerned-about-chicago-corruptionFRUGAL CAFE


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What What! A 44 year old man (at the time) gives a 13 year old girl a bottle of champagne and a gorilla biscuit and has her take her top off for a photo shoot, then rapes and sodomizes her, sure sounds like rape rape to me Woop! I guess I should not be surprised that the Hollywood liberal elite see nothing wrong with Polanski’s actions, they live in a dream world, never want for money, and the most difficult decision of the day is what type of purified water to drink. Also where’s Charlie Sheen, to my amazement he has not come to Polanski’s aid with his normal repartee, George Bush was behind Polanski’s arrest!!

Let’s look at the definition of sodomy as seen in the eyes of the law, “any sexual act which does not lead to procreation. It also has a range of similar euphemisms.[1] These acts typically include oral sex, anal sex and bestiality”, the actual act of sodomy which was rumored to be anal sex, initially was not released due to the effort in protecting the victim, and since no pets were found at the scene all signs point to that option. Given the above information it becomes clear that Polanski is just plain demented and his actions have no defense!

Now as Woopie puts it “rape rape”, “is an assault by a person involving sexual intercourse with or without sexual penetration of another person without that person’s consent”. This is a crime regardless of age, and considering a 13 year is basically defenseless, both mentally and physically to the advances of an elder in a position of authority, add to that she was wacked out on a Quaalude and liquor, does the word vulnerable come to mind? Any rationalization that the event was consensual is beyond comprehension when you keep in mind this is a young child, end result, this is perverse, a rape and a crime!!

The irony and madness of this crime was at the time Polanski got off with a 90 day psychiatric incarceration, of which he served 44 days, five other charges were dropped! The reasons Polanski performed the crime where never released, nor was his profile or mental evaluation, both were suppressed by his team of attorneys. Any person with any sense of morality and in their right mind cannot condone Polanski’s behavior, the fact that he ran from the event, and has lived in exile for the last 35 plus years shows a man of weak mental and moral character. 

What Polanski did was immoral and illegal, but the Hollywood dream makers have chose to defend his actions, I singled out Woopie Goldberg due to her ignorance and attempt at humor in a situation where it was totally uncalled for. But she is not alone, there is a petition making its rounds in Hollywood, which as of today 100’s of so called stars have signed with the sole purpose of having Polanski’s charges dropped. One can only wonder if we as a society have reached the decadence of Rome, is that fire I smell, or just a pack of smoldering self righteous narcissist Moonbats crowing?

talking-back-to-hollywood-blowhards MICHELLE MALKIN
conservative-blog-network CONSERVATIVE BLOG NETWORK
more-to-the-point-has-the-conservative-moment-arrived DIARY OF A MAD CONSERVATIVE
polanski-and-the-crux-of-art-and-excess THE NEW LEDGER
hollywoods-statute-of-limitations ED MORRISSEY
name-em-and-shame-em-more-than-100-filmmakers-sign-petition-defending-child-rapist ALLAHPUNDIT
the-backlash-begins-french-government-easing-off-defense-of-polanski ALLAHPUNDIT
wednesday-open-thread-31 SISTER TOLDJAH
bobby-jindal-goes-squishy-tells-gop-to.html ANOTHER BLACK CONSERVATIVE
who-are-the-members-of-the-congressional-black-caucus ARLENEARMY’S
hollywood-to-host-2014-pedophilia-olympics-to-honor-polanski VOTINGFEMALESPEAKS!
shocker-acorn-and-its-planned-oklahoma-takeover-plot-per-released-gop-documents FRUGAL CAFE
acorn-plot-recovered-from-computers-abandoned-by-acorn-workers GOOD TIME POLITICS

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You can’t make this stuff up, two wars, an economy barely treading water, a congress and senate focused on a health care plan the majority of people do not want, Iran and Israel threatening war, a budget deficit in the trillions, and Obama goes to Copenhagen to pitch the 2016 Olympics? Maybe the two women in his life Michelle and Oprah gave him the ultimatum, “you can forget about that government thing we have to bring the Olympics to Chicago”!

Obama’s presidency has gone from disastrous to sublimely disastrous, Czars, radical associations, stimulus plan, Joe Biden, ACORN, Geithner, bailout plan for the banks and auto industry, name it, ALL Failures of the grandest scale! Who is running this show, the American frustration with politicians is at an all time high, not just the continued gaffes of Obama, but the wasteful, spending and pork barrel ways of the last administration. Obama campaigned as an agent of change, and things have changed, they have gone from bad to worse in less than a year, but now not only are they bad, you have a president that has polarized our national security. Obama’s “I am sorry I am an American” apology tour has galvanized our enemies abroad, his consolidation of power and increase in government threatens our childrens futures, his affinity to labor unions and the radical left decrease our standing as a financial world leader, and lastly his cap and trade bill is nothing more than a payoff to his left of liberal supporters.

And yet, a 52% approval rating because he is likable, and reads well? Patricia Hewitt said it best “50% of the country doesn’t know what 50% is”, well I guess everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some appear to be abusing the privilege! This is all happening right in front of each of us, and yet we stick to our prejudices, not borne of color, but from failing to see the mistakes of our actions. For too long a ruminating acceptance of politics and politicians has been allowed, where the gain has gone to the betterment of the individuals in power, and not to the masses who put them in that position.

Our nation walks a treacherous path, Jefferson knew this when he said, “when governments fear the people there is liberty, when the people fear the government there is tyranny”! President Obama, you continue to exhibit poor judgment, in fact it is difficult to find any issue or policy you have made better in your short stay, but you’re missteps continue to pile up. Lastly I will leave you with this thought “we know the system doesn’t work because we’re living in the ruins”, thanks for nothing!

olympics-crony-watch-you-cant-say-that MICHELLE MALKIN
why-has-obama-only-talked-general-mcchrystal-once-in-70-days SISTER TOLDJAH
ron-paul-on-iranian-nuke-site-im-tired-of-all-this-military-industrial-fearmongering ALLAHPUNDIT
obama-aint-no-fdr-hes-chirac VAN DER GALIEN
open-thread-28 NEWSREAL
right-said-fred-fred-thompson-backs.html ANOTHER BLACK CONSERVATIVE
take-finemans-advice-after-9-months-find-the-oval-office DIARY OF A MAD CONSERVATIVE
your-kids-heads-are-full-of-crap-647 ANIMAL FARM
obama-is-sinking-in-the-potomac-river-negative-double-digits GOOD TIME POLITICS
crack-the-books-obama-wants-longer-school-days-shorter-summer-vacation-for-students FRUGAL CAFE
obamacare-will-imprison-you-if-you-do-not-obey VOTINGFEMALESPEAKS!
who-are-the-members-of-the-congressional-black-caucus ARLENEARMY


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Looks like the ACORN tree is about to be trimmed! ACORN along with its redheaded stepchild SIEU, have operated virtually unchallenged since it’s inception in 1970. Billed as a non-partisan community activist group, ACORN has been exclusively supporting the Democratic party for years. The Obama administrations efforts to distance themselves from the current fray is yet another instance of Obama continued policy to throw anyone under the bus regardless of past affiliations.

“I’ve been fighting alongside ACORN on issues you care about my entire career. Even before I was an elected official, when I ran Project Vote voter registration drive in Illinois, ACORN was smack dab in the middle of it, and we appreciate your work.” — Barack Obama, Speech to ACORN, November 2007

ACORN no stranger to lawsuits has sued numerous banks to offer risky loans for the last twenty years, case in point, Wells Fargo Financial, Inc on Monday June 28, 2004. The suit charges the company with a broad range of unfair and deceptive lending practices, including misleading borrowers about the real terms and conditions of their loans, “bait and switch” sales tactics, and routinely failing to inform borrowers with good credit that they can qualify for credit at significantly better rates and fees than those charged them by Wells. The lawsuit will be filed as a representative action in California state court.” This suit took place during the time Sub Prime lending was beginning to hit it’s stride, and lending guidelines were more than loose, so loose in fact that if you had a credit score of 620 you could simply state your income and little if any other documentation was required!

Other law suits pertaining to ACORNS voter registration program have been rife with misrepresentation ACORN stands accused and is currently defending the charge of voter registration fraud, suits in Pennsylvania and Florida are just two of the more prominent suits. The fact that the ACORN’S actions caused an official review and rejection of 400000 voter registrations as duplicate, incomplete or flat out fraudulent is cause for alarm, what is more troublesome is the Obama’s election machine funded ACORN with $800.000.00 of known funds further cementing his election success to ACORN?

Due to the deep penetration of ACORN’S tentacles into the Democratic party all past requests to John Conyers who sits on the committee of the Judiciary, the individual charged with the implementation such investigations have gone unanswered. Representative Conyers was more interested in chasing the ghosts of George Bush and spent a significant amount of the public money on his witch hunt, “Reining in the Imperial Presidency, Lessons and Recommendations Relating to the Presidency of George W. Bush”, a 486-page report detailing alleged abuses of power that occurred during the Bush administration, and a comprehensive set of recommendations to prevent recurrence.” I wonder if he can take the outline for that investigation and plug in the name ACORN?

It is important to note, ACORN has to date received an estimated 56 million dollars of unaudited government assistance, all the while the continued abuse and claims of corruption have gone ignored, now that ACORN is set to hit the “BIG ONE”, with 8.5 BILLION of promised funds from the stimulus package, a proper vetting of this organization is critical. If the events of the past four weeks are any indication of what 56 million dollars of corruption can buy, square that if this ACORN gets it’s hands on the promised 8.5 billion.

To use an old quote “where there is smoke there is fire”, this Moonbat cave (ACORN) of activists needs to be censured, a team of forensic accountants should be turned loose on this Ponzi scheme, and all affiliations and monies floated to career politicians or back room causes need to be publicly brought to light and prosecuted! There is clear cause for such action and any less could be considered treason against the people of the United States, it is time to cut down the ACORN tree and plant a seed of truth!

another-pipeline-closed-off-house-cuts-acorn-funding Michelle Malkin
triple-snort-worthy-white-house-distances-itself-from-acorn Michelle Malkin
abc-cbs-nbc-kamikaze-media-straight-up-not-your-grandfathers-main-stream-media-anymore VotingFemaleSpeaks
beraking-house-votes-to-suspend-payments-to-acorn Ed Morrissey
acorn-videos-san-diego-and-tijuana-dreaming Ed Morrissey
?p=21158 PoliPundit
acorn-prostitution-scandal-san_17.html Another Black Conservative
conservative-blog-network Conservative Blog Network
more-than-57-varieties-to-this-scandal Diary of a Mad Conservative
video-of-jimmy-carter-calls-barack-obama-a-black-boy GoodTimePolitics
mark-lloyd-anti-first-amendment-czar-604 Animal Farm Common Cents

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Hank Johnson a democrat and member of the Black Caucus suggested that a “failure to rebuke the South Carolina Republican is tantamount to supporting the most blatant form of organized racism in American history”. Johnson also went on to say, “people will be putting on “white hoods and white uniforms again and riding through the countryside”! First, Joe Wilson’s outburst, although timed poorly, and issued in the wrong forum, are mild in comparison to Johnson’s assertion of racism.

My question why and how is calling anyone a “liar” racism? Also why is racism even a topic and used as a crutch so often by this administrations followers and politicians. In my opinion it shows the true motive of lack of a better argument when an individual illicit’s such a claim. It also has the byproduct of elevating anger which can lead to violence further widening the divide.

Representative Johnson in his House bio claims he is a Buddhist, a peaceful non violent faith which accepts all individuals as equal, now he might claim to follow this credo, but Mr Johnson’s lack of understanding and inflammatory statements could not be further from the premise of his claimed faith. For this Mr. Johnson you are the Moonbat for the day!! Wear it well, I have a feeling you might so bestowed this honor again!

the-era-of-post-racialism-is-dead Michelle Malkin
house-democrat-if-we-dont-censure-joe-wilson-the-kkk-will-ride-through-the-countryside ALLAHPUNDIT
liberal-pseudo-intellectual-tea-party-response MoonBat Patrol
obama-is-not-telling-the-truth Conservative Congruence
obamacare-a-cost-too-great-socialists-concessions-dont-address-near-1-trillion-costs VotingFemaleSpeaks!
huh-no-free-speech-on-the-house-floor-anymore Diary Of A Mad Conservative
an-official-denial-from-the-white-house StandupforAmerica
foreign-press-up-to-2-million-attended-912-march-on-washington-time-lapse-video-of-march Frugal Cafe

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Hendrik Hertzberg

First let’s look at the definition of the beast, “unlike a genuine academic, a pseudo-intellectual’s main reason for being interested in these topics is because it makes him feel intellectually superior to his peers. He usually despises main stream culture, accuses those who disagree with him as being ignorant, and when his ideas are challenged, he often retaliates with “That’s a straw man argument!”

All to common in today’s debate is the reaction from the liberal left and accusations that anyone who disagrees is an ignorant toothless, mindless, unlettered, witnessed moron! Today’s Moonbat, Hendrik Hertzberg in an article for The New Yorker titled “Lies” states “This sort of lunatic paranoia—touched with populism, nativism, racism, and anti-intellectualism—has long been a feature of the fringe, especially during times of economic bewilderment”.

Hertzberg goes on to say, “Their sneers may be false and hateful—they all routinely liken the President and the “Democrat Party” to murderous totalitarians—but they are employed by large, nominally respectable corporations and supported by national advertisers, lending them a considerable measure of institutional prestige”.

HMM, interesting Mr. Hertzberg, but are you not employed by the New Yorker magazine, and been recognized as one of the “25 Most Influential Liberals in the U.S. Media”? As is rote and appears to be a right of passage to hold the liberal moniker the cannons of journalism are thrown out the proverbial window when objectivity is called for! The consistent message, from the labeled “liberal media” has been to dismiss any form of discourse that disagrees with the staid and true left point of view, which is developed I hear on the Whine and Cheese circuit in the halls of the country clubs across America. Is is beyond perception that real people, the middle class, the workers of our society are capable of forming a congruent opinion? Could it also be that the founding members of the La De Da society now in power in the White House have also underestimated the voice of this classless group of “drones”, I think the answer to that question can be found on the streets of Washington D.C. on 9/12/09.

The people have spoken Mr. Hertzberg, might it be time to step down from that self imposed pedestal and take a look at the grassroots on which it stands, you never know, you might just be surprised at how cogent the movement and it members might be!

Hertzberg Story Link 090921taco_talk_hertzberg

maureen-dowd-joins-raaaaacism.html Maureen Dowd Joins the Raaaacism Industrial Complex
more-do-gooder-tinker-toying More Do-Gooder Tinker Toying
a-million-racists-march-on-dc A Million “Racists” March on DC
obama-administration-us-cities-may-have-to-be-bulldozed-in-order-to-survive Obama administration: US cities may have to be bulldozed in order to survive
tire-wars-another-big-labor-payoff-that-will-cost-american-jobs Tire wars: Another Big Labor payoff that will cost American Jobs
everyone-agrees-the-mainstream-media-is-biased-inaccurate Everyone agrees: the mainstream media is biased, inaccurate
us_news_image Poll: News media’s credibility plunges to new low
kind-of-says-it-all-doesnt-it Kind of says is all, soesn’t it?
mark-lloyd-anti-first-amendment-czar-604 Mark Lloyd-Anit-First Amendment Czar
americans-are-patriots-and-heroes-all-of-us-born-here-and-countless-millions-who-dream-of-america-come-to-her-shores-possess-the-american-spirit Americans are Patriots and Heroes!
#comment-41681 Bomb threat against americans in Washington DC BECK Real Clear Politics
#comments Obama’s Solution, Charm Them!
obamas-feet-of-clay Obama’s Feet Of Clay
obamas-quest-to-control-the-internet Obama’s Quest To Control the Internet.

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axelrod paradoy

“White House senior adviser David Axelrod said Sunday that the protesters, part of the “tea party” movement, do not represent the views of the broader public when it comes to health care reform.”

WHAT!!!!! OK Dave, so what you are saying is the millions of people that took the time to organize and march on Washington DC, and all the town-halls are wrong?? This is the best you can do?? Well aaaa hmmmm daaaaa “your wrong”. Davie sounds like a kid who just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, not the genius his leftie associates label him. For all intent and purpose the new movement of the 912’ers has taken a page from Uncle Saul Alinskys Rules for Radicals, and the movement is growing leaps and bounds, which has taken the suits in the Obama administration who have used this strategy to elect the “chosen one” right between the eyes.

Can you say off balance, can you say clueless, yes you can, just witness some of the language coming from the Tea Party movement, “It’s scary when the government tries to shut down Glenn Beck or others at Fox News…We’re in danger of losing our sources of news, our freedom of speech”, If people get organized, mobilized and politically involved they can take charge of their future…The current administration is putting the economic freedom in jeopardy by running them into debt”. This is just a few quotes, (there are hundreds), so Dave, you better wake up, or you will be sleeping in your Chicago bed real soon, and scanning the want ad’s with the rest of America, this is the change we all hope for!!

Conservative Congruence
Michelle Malkin
Michelle Malkin
Lisa In TX
Another Black Conservative
GoodTime Politics
foreign-press-up-to-2-million-attended-912-march-on-washington-time-lapse-video-of-march Frugal Cafe

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How coincidental that President Obama (the king moonbat) choose to be out of town on the day of the widely successful 912 march. Even more amazing Obama chooses to continue to push health care in the middle of the worse economic downturn since the great depression. It can be assumed that Obama regardless of the dower economic times, is more concerned in feeding the mouths of his PAC contributeors than the public he serves. Way to go Boma, ignore the people, keep spending money, your Keynesian ways will bury this country, which is what you want anyway!!

Your claimed successes from the stimulus plan are just plain false, you deserve no credit for any economic turnaround, nor is can reducing rather than creating jobs be seen as anything more than baseless rhetoric!! More are noticing Mr. Prez, while the nation rots from neglect, your pandoras box is health care, maybe you should listen to what the really smart people are saying.

“The result is the continuation of the economic policy disaster we have suffered since the end of 2007. Mr. Obama promised that his stimulus would prevent unemployment from climbing over 8%. It jumped to 9.7% last month. Some 14.9 million Americans are unemployed, another 9.1 million are stuck in part-time jobs and can’t find full-time work, and another 2.3 million looked for work in the past year and never found it. That’s a total of 26.3 million unemployed or underemployed, for a total jobless rate of 16.8%. Personal income is also down $427 billion from its peak in May 2008.

Rejecting Keynesianism in favor of fiscal restraint, France and Germany saw economic growth return in the second quarter this year. India, Brazil and even communist China are enjoying growth as well. Canada enjoyed job growth last month.

Wake up President Moonbat, time is running out!!!

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