Now that we are in the full throws of the 2012 election with rhetoric flailing about lets recap by answering the below questions.

1. Are we better off than we were 3.5-4 years ago. Obama’s 2008 election was a perfect storm for the Democratic party in that due to the unsustainable run up in housing prices and total lack of oversight or implementation of oversight in the mortgage market a grand bubble was made available for the Obama election team to capitalize on. And capitalize they did, rather than address the aggressive run off in equity the Obama administration leveraged the crisis to implement the holy grail of the progressive leadership, healthcare and political payback in the form of the stimulus package which sole purpose was to reward the individuals who assisted in Obama’s win. Health care was sold as the grand solution to all of our economic woes and a must have if we were to save the tumbling economy. Numerous slight of hand tricks, browbeating and soul selling carried the day and Obamacare passed by the slimmest of margins. Stimulus spending was trumpeted as the only way to assure our nation did not further digress into a depression, grand rhetoric, fear, and coercion were deftly utilized in hammering home the message, “if we don’t create shovel ready jobs chances are our nation will fall into a great depression II”. Fact and actions have proven if the Obama administration had done nothing our economic situation would have in fact recovered by now and done so with 1 trillion less debt. It became apparent the use of the funds initially to be managed by that great economist VP Joe Biden was nothing more than a progressive slush fund in place to reward bundlers and union cronies, little or no bump came from the stimulus program and additionally added to the massive debt our future leaders will have to amortize off.

2. Who are our allies? In 2008 we were involved in two wars with the war in Iraq winding down after the Bush surge policy reducing the war to a police action, Afghanistan was as stable as the country will ever be with little troop buildup and attention being focused on the turn around of the century old feudal society with the anticipated pull out being implemented simultaneously with the draw down in Iraq. Our allies, Britain, France, Australia, and Pakistan were tired but still allies in the joint effort. Obama’s administration choose to increase the troop presence in Afghanistan was increased albeit with a draw down deadline totally emancipating the surge before the start.   The Obama administration also choose to further destabilize the region by backing coup’s in Egypt, Libya, and now Syria fully aware the void in leadership would be filled by the radical Muslim Brotherhood, or seen another way the beginning of the 99% movement started in the petri dish of the Middle East.  While they were at destabilizing the marginal dictatorships they also choose to leave Israel hanging while allowing the build up of the Iranian nuclear program.  Lastly, by standing for the most part on the side and leading from the back, the EU has and continues to deteriorate on a daily basis ignoring the elephant in the room or put in Wonk Speak, kicking the can down the road.

3.  Why the massive increase in welfare and lack of action on entitlements?  First and foremost if it is not clear to most now is should be with the litany of evidence that Obama and his team do not believe in free markets.  This administration came into office with a chip on its shoulder, insomuch that Obama’s now famous comment during an impromptu discussion with Joe the Plumber about “spreading the wealth” was all but ignored by the main stream media and turned out to be one of the three legs of Obama’s strategy.  Increases in regulation, expansion of the EPA, the Dodd Frank bill, Obamacare, call for the end of the Bush tax cuts, Czar’s, blatantly ignoring the constitution by recess appointments, appointing past radicals to key administration positions, and the continued injection of Obama’s core beliefs at the most inappropriate times IE; Travon Martin, Harvard Professor beer summit, Supreme court attacks, impromptu comments about Israel and Russia, need I continue.  The simple fact that entitlements have not been addressed is due to the sheer political risk in doing so, additionally to address these issues Obama would be alienating a large part of his core constituency the “labeled poor and disenfranchised”, all of which has resulted in the parasitic couch dwelling society expanding ten fold under this president.  By choosing to attack any effort on gaining control of the run away entitlements Obama has placed himself as the savior to the lazy and lack of will group while the tab continues to build.

Silver lining?  The way of the universe and thermodynamics have proven to date for every ying there has to be a yang, IE dark side and the force, for all the dark this administration has implemented, the antithesis and counter action has been to galvanize a sub segment of the American public who see Obama’s actions as counterproductive to an free society, the war of words continues through the obvious lies and fabrications of motive by this administration, more individuals are seeing the Forrest thought the trees and taking action.  Sadly if there is not a counterbalance in place after the 2012 election, a lame duck president can further exacerbate the depths from which we will have to ascend, so now more than ever what ever your individual beliefs are it is imperative that each of us answer the call and do our patriotic duty and at the very least vote for what we believe in, for if we don’t no one will be to blame but our self.